We’re here to make sure you always get the best deal!

Everyone loves to score a bargain. CouponFollow does the hard work of hunting down, screening and testing coupon codes, to ensure that you always get the best price, at the stores you love, in seconds.

About CouponFollow

CouponFollow was born in 2010 with a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of hustle. Founder and CEO Marc Mezzacca was intrigued by the popular trend of people sharing coupon codes on Twitter and Facebook but found it to be unorganized and overwhelming.

So, he set out to create something that would help sort through the coupons being shared and help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for to help them save money.

At first, CouponFollow’s website utilized Twitter’s API to find popular codes, with those mentioned more often on social media ranking higher on CouponFollow.

Today our algorithm no longer relies solely on social media, but a much larger community (that we'd love you to join)!

How We Save You Money

At CouponFollow our goal is to help find you savings on every purchase. We do this in a variety of ways:

Our Cently browser extension helps test, and apply the best discount at checkout automatically, so you never have to manually paste in dozens of different codes again.

CouponFollow’s Coupon Operations team inspects every new code to verify its authenticity and to provide additional context around how it can be used. Our algorithms optimize the order of coupons on our merchant pages multiple times a day to ensure you always get the best discounts possible.

We have solid direct relationships with the brands themselves. In fact, we have brand partnerships that stretch for more than 10 years! Today we work with major retailers like Uber Eats, Total Wine, eBay, ColourPop, and Instacart.

CouponFollow works hand-in-hand with these brand partners to source exclusive coupons for shoppers that can only be found on CouponFollow. In return, we help merchants drive additional sales volume and discover loyal new customers.

CouponFollow publishes unique research on various topics, from eCommerce to personal finance. CouponFollow also creates useful guides catering to shoppers who want to be better online shoppers, as well as those who simply aspire to save more money for their future. CouponFollow invests deeply in our online learning hub, which millions of shoppers turn to for help with saving money in all aspects of life.

The Savings Add Up!

3 million+
Coupon codes
In savings
Guides & resources

More About Our Partners

We negotiate deals and discounts from over 5,000 merchant partners, while providing them with exposure to a wide range of potential new customers via our targeted email newsletter, browser extension, and website. We also work with top-tier publications and journalists to increase exposure for these partnerships.

CouponFollow makes money by connecting businesses and consumers. Select retailers on our platform pay us a small fee for bringing consumers to their online stores. This alliance works for everyone because the merchants gain new customers, shoppers score great deals, and we continue to invest in our product and team to save our members even more money.