Advanced Coupon Campaign Intelligence


Twitter enthusiasts tend to be influencers who may have disproportionate value to brands. They can spread a worthy offer or viral campaign fast and far.

(source: Econsultancy: How We Shop in 2010)
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    Looking to drive new sales and gain brand recognition? Coupon codes are a great way to encourage new spending and convert potential customers into actual customers. Promote your coupon codes through social-media today!

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    We verify each e-commerce website that lists coupons, and setup a custom profile page on our website for consumers to view. Connect to add new coupons or expire old ones from our system, as well as identify top performing coupon campaigns.

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    Do you know your coupon influencers? Are affiliates spreading the word, or brand followers? Tap into our extensive analytics and reports to start analyzing your coupon code campaigns from a social aspect.

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