Advanced Coupon Campaign Intelligence


"Twitter enthusiasts tend to be influencers who may have disproportionate value to brands. They can spread a worthy offer or viral campaign fast and far." (source: Econsultancy: How We Shop in 2010)

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    Looking to drive new sales and gain brand recognition? Coupon codes are a great way to encourage new spending and convert potential customers into actual customers. Promote your coupon codes through social-media today!

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    We verify each e-commerce website that lists coupons, and setup a custom profile page on our website for consumers to view. Connect to add new coupons or expire old ones from our system, as well as identify top performing coupon campaigns.

  • Analyze

    Do you know your coupon influencers? Are affiliates spreading the word, or brand followers? Tap into our extensive analytics and reports to start analyzing your coupon code campaigns from a social aspect.

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Publish your promotions through Twitter, Facebook or directly through the CouponFollow website.

We’ll index these promotions for a longer period than the social media sites and make it easy for your customers to both find and share your coupon code promotions.


The Coupons and Reporting tab allows you to see which coupons we’ve tracked to your website. You can quickly see how many unique users have tweeted your code as well as the coupons’ social reach. By clicking the “Active?” link you can activate or deactivate a coupon code.

Under Profile Management you can manage and update information about your website and business.


We’ve integrated with Klout, a social influencer tracker, to allow you a deeper look at influencers who are mentioning your coupon codes.

Analyze: Stats

For each coupon code campaign you can quickly analyze its social growth and top influencers.

Analyze: Report

For each coupon code campaign you can run a full report to breakdown the viral growth of the coupon code, identify types of influencers such as brand advocates, heavy social influencers, and affiliates.

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