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If you're an online shopper who's always looking for the best deals, here's a new way to get coupon codes.
I've been testing out the extension while Christmas shopping, and so far it's saved me a decent chunk of change.
An excellent extension that automatically scours the Internet for coupons while you online shop.
You Can Close Your 10 Browser Tabs: Automated Shopping Has Arrived
Automatically scans the Web to give you a relevant discount code before you make a purchase.
(Cently) automatically finds coupon codes without you needing to search.
Get instant savings when you check out online.
Unlike other add-ons, this extension from CouponFollow only does one thing, but it does it really well.
7 Holiday Shopping Tricks That Beat the Sale Prices
Cently is the perfect browser extension for people who love saving Money.
We love that it covers thousands of sites!
Automatically check for savings in your cart using the Cently add-on from CouponFollow
Auto-magically finds coupon codes during online checkout - Voted #1 hunt on Cyber Monday 2014
How to Score Savings This Holiday Season
A must-have tool to guarantee you get the best price.
Free yourself from the cumbersome trial-and-error method of online couponing.
Cently helps you find the coupon codes you need when you need them—without hours of searching.
Cently saves you from the trouble of visiting RetailMeNot.
There's a new way to save money when you're shopping online that involves no work at all!
Cently is a free to use tool that makes it easier than ever to use coupons.
7 Secret Tips to Score the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
Cently scans the Internet for the best discount codes you can apply right at checkout.
Uncover instant savings at thousands of stores, and snag a deal every time. Boom!
If you shop online a lot and are looking for an easy way to save money, the Cently browser extension is for you.
(Cently) suggests available discounts and promo codes on available online store pages so you don't even have to look them up!
Not sure where to find those codes, or which one(s) might work with your purchase? Cently eliminates all the guesswork.
An easier alternative than searching for coupon codes. You don't have to do anything!

5-star rating. Over $10m saved so far!