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This is the Privacy Policy of the Coupons at Checkout browser extension and CouponFollow, LLC ("us", or "we").  By using the Coupons at Checkout browser extension (herein "Browser Extension"), you agree that you have read and understand the following privacy policy, which describes how we use your personal information, and what options you have to make changes to or request the deletion of information submitted to us.  

Please read the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy carefully. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be modified by us from time to time, and will become effective immediately upon being published. It is your responsibility to regularly check our policies to determine if there have been changes. If you do not agree with either the Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy, do not install or use the Browser Extension.

Collected Data

When you use your browser to navigate the web, the Browser Extension attempts to save you time and money during your checkout process by showing you relevant coupons.  In order to provide this service the Browser Extension may analyze and collect certain information related to your browsing activities, specifically the webpages you visit. No personally identifiable information is sent, however certain browsing information may be sent to to determine which coupons to show you. The following information may be sent: the current ecommerce webpage url, other referring webpage urls or domain names, and other anonymous technical data such as your current IP address. This information may be stored or logged in aggregate manner. No information is stored for other browsing activity, such as non-ecommerce webpage urls you visit.

The Browser Extension may also send coupon and shopping cart related data back our servers. This could include information such as coupons you've attempted, successfully or not, to apply to your purchase, time it took to apply coupons to your purchase, as well as other general information about your shopping cart, such pricing and cost (eg. sub-total, total, tax, or discount) information. Specific product information will not be sent; And no personally identifiable information will be sent, however current IP Address may be sent. Information regarding any technical issues encountered by the Browser Extension may also be sent back to our servers. This information could include the website url you were shopping at, error message data, the type of Web Browser you are using, the version of the Browser Extension, and your current IP Address. This information will help to create the best user experience for all extension users.

Other aggregate information may be collected by Google's Analytics software ("Google Analytics"). This includes Demographic information (such as age, gender and interests) which may be used to help breakdown and understand related Google Analytics data. When this Demographic information is collected, it will be used only in aggregate form to help improve our website and products, as well as support whitepapers or other related industry case studies which we may take part in from time to time.


The Browser Extension utilizes "cookies", an industry standard technology, to collect information about how the Browser Extension is used. Data collected may include your browser type, operating system, ISP, the date / time of visits, pages viewed, and the referring site to and any third party site the Browser Extension links to. This data is collected on an aggregate basis without any association to your personal information so that you remain anonymous.

Cookies are also used to store certain user-to-extension interactions including which coupons you have clicked or voted on. Thus, when you use a coupon with the Extension, we may track, using cookies, which coupon you have used. You may be asked to provide feedback on the usefulness of the coupon. If you do so, we may also use cookies to store this information to help improve your future experience using such coupons.

If you do not wish to transmit cookie information, you may choose at any time to turn off the cookie function in your web browser.  However, turning cookies of may affect certain parts of the Extension from performing properly.

Links to Third Party Websites

You may be transferred to other online e-commerce websites through interaction with the Browser Extension. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those sites, and our Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by those sites. Before using third party sites, you should read and understand those sites' privacy policie


Last Updated: November 15, 2015

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