About Us

This site indexes coupon coupons for thousands of retail websites that are being mentioned on Twitter. You can use these codes for your own benefit to save cash at those retail websites.  Using Twitter as a platform our site empowers you to show your appreciation for good coupons, by retweeting them. In this manner coupon codes can go viral in a matter of seconds. 

During this beta period we'll need your help in flagging coupons, finding bugs, and giving us ideas for enhancements as we gear up for the holiday shopping season.  Our algorithm isn't perfect yet for matching coupons to websites so please flag them when you see one that is not accurate.  The good news is that with your help and some input from moderators, our algorithm was created to get smarter over time.

Who is this site for?

Everyone can use the site to find coupon codes.  Whether you are an impulsive buyer, a discount junkie and or a recession shopper, you can always save cash using coupon codes.

How do I sign up?

Our site is fully uses Twitter as the underlying platform, and users can easily sign-in to our site with their Twitter account to fully participate.  We do not store or request any passwords here. You can connect your Twitter account and sign in directly through Twitter.

How do I Connect My Twitter Account?

Click the Sign in with Twitter Connect button. You will be brought to Twitter.com where you will be asked to either login or simply allow access to "CouponFollow" application. Unless you have a sudden change of heart, simply click "Allow". See our tutorial for more details.

I don’t have a Twitter account… and I don’t want one.

Our suggestion would be to simply sign up for a Twitter account and only use it only for interaction with our website.

How does this site work?

It's pretty simple really.  By default codes are ranked higher by the number of unique tweets or re-tweets (we count these as votes but only one per Twitter account) that we have found mentioning that particular code.  We let users easily vote up coupons by retweeting right from our site.  In this manner the coupon code becomes much more viral than trying to direct everyone to our site and have them vote there.  This is great for both consumers and retailers.  Here is an example:

USER A has 500 followers on Twitter.com.

USER A visits CouponFollow.com and Retweets a coupon code he/she likes.

20 of USER A's 500 followers see USER A's tweet and decide to retweet it on their own.

That code just gained 20 votes! But now let’s say that 5 followers from each of those 20 people who retweeted USER A's original tweet use the coupon and like it so much they retweet it too!

That's 100 more votes! And so on, and so forth…

Our site will then find these tweets shortly after and the vote count will increase for the code accounting for all the new tweets. Pretty cool huh?

How is your site different from other coupon websites?

We are focused just on tracking "codes." Coupon codes, voucher codes, discount codes, whatever you want to call them. And the major difference is that we are pushing users to Twitter to vote.  All voting is done through tweeting.

How is your site different from direct competitors?

Our site is different than other discount sites like CheapTweet and CouponTweet because we are using Twitter as a platform.  This means we are getting data from Twitter, but also pushing users back to Twitter to send data.  Currently our site membership is through "Twitter Connect", and the only way to vote for codes is through Tweeting.  Note: Users can still vote by tweeting directly at Twitter.com.

How did this site come about?

One day Go Daddy had a really good coupon code.  It was being spread around Twitter like wildfire, and we took notice.  By the time our twitter feed saw it, we had almost missed the bargain.  We soon realized the spreading of this could be much more organized.  We then set out to make this site.

The Code Worked!  Now what?

Great!  If you liked the discount help spread the word by retweeting the code that worked for you.

The Code Didn't Work... Why?

You try coupon codes long enough and you are bound to run into this problem. Coupon codes sometimes fail to work because they are expired, have become invalid or various other reasons.  The only thing we can say is report it so others don't have the same mishap.  See the next section about flagging, and remember that this site will only be as good as its community.

Flagging Coupon Codes

Flagging codes does a lot more than just send an email to us, so it is important to understand the different types of flags and when to use them.

Invalid / Expired

Sometimes codes expire or become invalid for a number of reasons.   This is natural and members are urged to flag coupons that aren't working.  When coupons are flagged a moderator will remove them, or they will be automatically removed after a certain number of consecutive flags.

Wrong Domain Name

The process for us detecting a website that is associated with the coupon code is complex, and thus not 100% accurate.  We need community members to help by flagging these as well.  The system will learn based on the flags over time.

Using The Search Feature
Search will perform a text search on the original tweet content and the current coupon text we have. It is best to use only keywords you are looking for (eg. Shoes, apparel, etc). Omit any additional keywords such as (coupon, deal, bargain, etc.)

Additionally you can enter a website domain name and be taken right to that site's coupon codes page. (eg. amazon.com)