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Any Christmas Shopping Tips for 2023?

Before, during and after Christmas, retail chains and businesses across the country have special deals and offers to help with your Christmas shopping beforehand, at the last minute, or to prepare for next year's Christmas.

There are many ways to get Christmas deals depending on how you prefer to do your shopping:

  • Online newsletters: Signing up for newsletters is a great way to get immediate notifications of upcoming and current Christmas deals.
  • Visiting websites: Visiting the website of the store or business you're interested in will show you the sales and offers going on for Christmas.
  • Mail: If you prefer snail mail, flyers from your favorite chains or businesses will give details on Christmas sales and may include coupons.
  • In person: Visiting your local chains or businesses will directly show you the signs for sales, discounts and offers you can enjoy for Christmas.

If you are looking specifically for Christmas decorations for next year you should try to buy decorations in-store between December 26th and January 1st. Retailers will significantly mark down holiday decorations and will not want to store them for another 10 months.

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