Frequently Asked Questions


When will the Military discount reminders appear?

Discount reminders will appear for 4-5 seconds as soon as you enter a website that offers a Military Discount. If you frequent a website and don't need to be reminded, you can turn a reminder off for any website by hitting "Turn OFF for Site".


How do I see a Military discount?

Simply click "View Details" when the reminder appears. You'll be taken to the websites page which contains information about the Military discount.


I saw the reminder, but it disappeared. What do I do?

Simply click the Military discount extension in the top right Chrome toolbar and the reminder notification will reappear.


Who is eligible for these Military discounts?

Military discount benefit opportunities are different for each website. It may be available to those active military, retired military, military families. So also require verification through third-party services or membership like Troop ID or Veterans Advantage. You'll need to check each site's terms to determine eligibility.


Which websites does the Military Discount Reminder work on?

The reminder works across 150+ websites currently. You can browse a list of all the website and offers by viewing our Military Discount Guide. Note that some offers may be only valid online, or may only be valid in-store and may require you to showcase a Military ID.


What if there's a website that offers a Military discount that isn't supported by the Extension?

If you happen across a website and don't find that the Military Discount Reminder shows any notification, please submit one using the "Submit Discount" on the top right of this page.


How do I install the Military Discount Reminder extension?

Browse to our landing page and click "Add to Chrome". You’ll be guided through the rest of the process.


How do I uninstall the Military Discount Reminder extension?

Right click the Military Discount Reminder icon in the top right of the Chrome toolbar. Click "Remove from Chrome…" From there you'll be guided through the rest of the process.


A Military Discount is no longer offered by the retailer or website, who do I contact?

Community feedback is essential to keeping our information up to date! Please submit a ticket via our Support Page so we can update or remove the offer from our system.


I found a bug. Who do I contact?

Please submit a ticket via our Support Page so we can investigate the bug!