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Hobbies are essential as they help you find new ways to pass the time and meet interesting people. Whether you want to pick up an old hobby or start a new one, National Hobby Month is the best time to do it. There are many ways to celebrate this month while also growing as a person. Not only that but there are deals and discounts that make it very affordable.

What Deals Can You Expect for National Hobby Month?

While National Hobby Month isn't a major retail holiday yet, it has been gaining traction because people want to try new hobbies. You will likely find deals at stores that already endorse hobbies or self-exploration. This includes arts and crafts stores, small local art studios, many niche online retailers, and more. The discounts covered here have occurred in the past, so keep that in mind when checking for deals now.

Book stores

Whether your new hobby is reading or you want to do some research, book stores are a great place to go. Some stores have deals for this month in order to encourage you to try new hobbies. Try looking for deals at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or Thrift Books to see what is available.

Hobby stores

There are many hobby stores that sell models, art materials, and other creative items that allow you to explore new hobbies. As you can probably guess, these stores are the most likely to embrace National Hobby Month. Check out Hobby Lobby or HobbyTron to see what deals are available. You can also peruse their selection to see what piques your interest. A major part of this month is finding something new that you might enjoy.

Arts and crafts stores

Just like with hobby stores, arts and crafts stores frequently celebrate this month as it's a time to try new skills like drawing, painting, sculpting and more. Some people are worried about investing the time and money into attempting art, but you can often find deals during this month that make hobbies more affordable. Check to see if there are deals at Michaels, CraftStash or JOANN Fabrics.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Hobby Month

There are many ways to learn a new hobby or pick up an old one, either for free or for little money. It's all about being creative, and that's in the spirit of the holiday. There are many free resources available if you're willing to spend a little more time looking around for them.

Digital hobbies

Many people think of hobbies as collecting or creating something physical. The digital landscape allows you to engage in hobbies right from your computer. This is often free or very low cost. For example, there are free drawing programs and apps that allow you to make art.

Free information

Part of picking up any new hobby is learning about it. While there are books and programs for nearly any hobby, you can usually find free information as well by watching videos or reading hobby blogs. Look online and see what you can find out about your new hobby.

Local classes and activities

Joining in on local classes and activities can be fun and affordable. There are usually many activities going on in your town that celebrate certain hobbies. If there is a town blog or board, then check it out to see what's available for this month. You can also go to hobby stores and see what they have listed.

DIY Activities for National Hobby Month

This entire holiday is geared towards doing new activities on your own. You can start a new hobby right from home. The only things you need are knowledge and supplies. Aside from reading a book, you can also try online courses like those from Udemy. Now all you need to do is visit a local arts and crafts store, like Michaels, CraftStash or JOANN Fabrics, to get the supplies you need.

What to Do in National Hobby Month

The reason this is a whole month rather than just a day is that starting a new hobby is challenging. You can break it down into weekly chunks. The first week can be finding and learning about the hobby. The second week can be about gathering supplies. The other two weeks are best left to experience the hobby and see if you like it. From sports and music to art and collecting, there are endless hobbies that you can try out.

What We Like About National Hobby Month

The best thing about this holiday is that it encourages self-exploration. Many people are curious about trying a new hobby, but they don't know when to actually try it. Having a month dedicated to this ensures that you have a set time to explore a new hobby. Give it a try and see if you truly enjoy the hobby.

History of National Hobby Month

This is a newer holiday that encourages people to try new hobbies. The word hobby comes from "hobyn" in the 1500s. This word refers to a small horse or pony, which led to the phrase "hobby horse." This was seen as a leisurely activity and pastime. While the popularity of hobbies has waxed and waned throughout the years, people will always be curious about learning new activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Hobby Month

Is There a National Hobby Month?

This is a month-long holiday dedicated to celebrating hobbies. You are encouraged to try new hobbies or restart old ones.

Why Is National Hobby Month celebrated?

While it's true that you can start a hobby any day of the year, having a holiday dedicated to this increases the chances of actually trying the hobby. If you're like most people, then you're not sure when to actually try a hobby. This gives you a specific time to see if the new hobby is for you.

Which Month Is National Hobby Month celebrated?

National Hobby Month starts on January 1, and it extends until the end of the month.

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