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According to Bankrate, 51% of Americans cannot cover a full three months of their usual expenses because they do not have savings built up for it. National Savings Day is celebrated to honor those individuals who value saving money and to educate people about personal finance and how it can be easy to incorporate saving money into their daily lives.

However, life is unpredictable and putting aside money in case of an emergency or unexpected bill is crucial for building financial security and avoiding debt. In an effort to educate people about personal finance and how easy it is to incorporate saving money into everyday life, October 12th has been named National Savings Day, and it’s a great time to review your saving habits and get back on track to meet your financial goals. Who’s ready to celebrate?

Advice From the Pros

To help you on your savings journey, we collected a few simple tips from the experts.

Next time you shop online, consider this useful tip from Teresa at MomsWhoSave:

Advice from Teresa of

For Smart Shopping Expert Trae Bodge, timing is everything.

Advice from Trae Bodge

If impulse shopping is something you are guilty of, budgeting expert Andrea Woroch recommends taming these types of purchases by identifying what’s causing you to spend in the first place.

What Deals Can You Expect on National Savings Day?

National Savings Day is about saving your money, so even while you are shopping for what you need, there are ways you can save at your favorite stores and get the most out of your money spent.


Kohl's has an ongoing promotion that, for every $50 you spend, you receive $10 in Kohl's cash to use toward your next purchase. Consider picking up your home goods, clothing, and beauty products from this store so that you always have ongoing rewards you can use. These rewards increase as the holidays come around in November and December.


The retailer offers a JCPenney Rewards program that features points for members every time they shop at the store or online. For every 200 points you earn, JCPenney rewards you with $10 that can be used toward a future purchase. As another bonus, JCPenney will give you a birthday gift each year for continuing to be a member.


When you sign up for Nordstrom's reward program, you earn a variety of perks and bonuses. The points accumulated for shopping at the retailer are called Nordstrom Notes that can be redeemed for store credit. For every 2,000 points you get a $20 note. Every dollar you spend at Nordstrom gets you one point for in-store or online purchases. The program offers several membership levels, each with its own benefits and perks. These perks grow with each level you achieve.


While Walmart does not have a traditional rewards program, the retailer does offer a program called Walmart Savings Catcher. In this plan, you essentially match the price for an item you bought at Walmart by uploading your receipt. Walmart checks to see if a particular product is offered at a lower price at a competitor. If it is, you get the difference in the price credited to you in the form of Walmart Rewards Dollars. You can then redeem these for a Walmart gift card that you can spend on your purchases there.


Target offers a Target REDcard that is a rewards card to earn points and to make purchases with the retailer in-store or online. When you use the card for your purchase, you get 5% off the price of any item and a longer return period for that product.

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Find a local shop to replace or repair your tires and save an extra 5% off with code COUPONFOLLOW5 through 12/31.


Need something done around the house? Grocery shopping? Prescription pickup? TaskRabbit can help with all that and more. Save $10 off your first booking with code CFTASK10.

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Scosche Industries

Save 35% off everything with this one-day only coupon code FLASH35, valid on 10/12.


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Grocery Store Benefits Programs

Many grocery store chains have particular rewards programs that award points for purchases. For many of these, you sign up and often the grocery store has an app that you can download. This typically keeps track of your points earned and informs you of your total. Points earned can usually be redeemed for certain products or for dollar amounts off for a certain total at checkout.

Check Out Restaurant Rewards Programs

Many popular restaurants and fast-food chains have rewards programs you can take advantage of so that you can get the most out of your money. When you eat at your favorite eateries, inquire about any rewards programs or cashback opportunities they might have available.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Savings Day

There are many budget-friendly ways to celebrate National Savings Day. That's what the day is all about anyway! As you continue to find creative ways to save your money and budget your funds strategically, you will be more comfortable with your personal finances in general.

Open a Savings Account

Whether you open a savings account at your local bank or use an online bank, try to find a high-interest yield savings account. The higher the interest yield on your account, the more extra money you will earn by keeping your money in this savings account rather than spending it.

You may already have a savings account tied to your checking account at your local bank. If so, check the interest yield on the savings account with your regular bank. If it is not a very high-interest yield, research banks or credit unions that have a higher interest yield receive the most return on your money.

Check Your Credit Report

All of us can benefit from keeping up with our credit score. Your credit rating is tied to being able to qualify for a loan for a new car or for a mortgage for that house you want to buy. You can sometimes get a free credit report from the various credit reporting agencies. Your bank or financial institution can assist you in knowing what your score is and any changes you need to be aware of.

Debt Counseling

Many people find themselves in debt from loans, mortgages, or other types of financial situations. Rather than remaining in debt and worrying about the potential consequences, you could go to a debt counselor to get advice and recommendations for managing your finances more efficiently.

Unsubscribe From Store Emails and Subscriptions You Are Not Using

To limit your spending habits, unsubscribe from your favorite store emails. Chances are you check your email a few times per day and see the "awesome deals" that your favorite department or clothing stores are hosting. Unsubscribing from these emails will get your mind more focused on saving and less on spending money on the merchandise you may not necessarily need. Doing this action will cut the desire to shop frivolously.

DIY Ideas for Celebrating National Savings Day

If you don't have the money to spend on activities, you might come up with some affordable ways to celebrate National Savings Day with family and friends.

Teach Your Kids the Value of Saving

Teach your kids the value of saving money early in their lives by doing a craft with them. Use a cleaned-out coffee can or large plastic juice jug, and have your kids decorate the container with construction paper, paint, and stickers. They can use it as a piggy bank.

Eat-in Instead of Dining Out

Rather than eat out on National Savings Day, plan a delicious home-cooked meal for you and your family using what you have in your fridge and pantry already.

Find Loose Change

Search your wallets, junk drawers, couch cushions, and the cup holders in your car. Chances are that you have some loose change lying around your home and car from whenever you pay for food and merchandise with cash. Place your loose change in a small coin bank you have at home.

Attend Free Events

When you are planning an outing, take time to find free activities that you can enjoy. There are likely to be a wide variety of options, ranging from cultural happenings to art exhibits and film festivals. You can find many free events online for creative ways to spend your time along with your family.

What We Like About National Savings Day

If you asked people why they liked National Savings Day, their answer may not surprise you. Most individuals enjoy money from what it can buy immediately to what you can purchase if you save your money over time.

National Savings Day is a great opportunity to learn about how to manage their money along with how to set and stick to a budget. While you might not think a lot about your spending, most would probably agree that saving money and financial management are worthy goals that allow us to get and enjoy the things we want. If you stick to a wise financial strategy, you will have more money for those things and you can more easily plan and carry out a retirement strategy that makes sense for you.

What Is the History of National Savings Day?

Did you know that Capital One started National Savings Day in 2017? Capital One started the annual special day to get people more in tune with saving their money regularly for emergencies and to obtain future high-stakes goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Savings Day

Is there a National Savings Day?

Yes, there is a National Savings Day held annually each year.

Why is National Savings Day celebrated?

National Savings Day is celebrated to remind individuals that it's best to have a good relationship with their personal finances. Incorporating monetary savings into your regular lifestyle can be seamless, fun, and easier as you continue to go about your normal life.

Which day is National Savings Day celebrated on?

National Savings Day is celebrated on October 12 each year.

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