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Redeeming Your Groupon Canada Coupons

  • Head to to shop for various products and services for you to use.
  • Browse the categories or use the search to find your desired products and add to the cart.
  • When you’re ready to checkout, click the cart in the upper right-hand corner.
  • In the order summary to the right, click on “Promo Code”. Enter your discount code in the box and hit “Apply”.
  • If your Groupon discount code is valid, it will automatically be applied to your order.

What To Do if Your Groupon Coupon Isn't Working

  • Check that you have correctly entered your Groupon discount code.
  • Ensure your order meets the minimum purchase amount or any additional requirements.
  • Make certain the coupon you selected is valid and has not yet expired.
  • If you are still having trouble, try a different Groupon coupon code from CouponFollow instead.

Stacking and Combining Groupon Coupon Codes

Using a Groupon coupon code is a simple way to shave off some of the cost of your online deals. When you're ready to check out on Groupon, keep in mind that you can only apply one discount code at a time. To make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck, choose the Groupon discount code that offers the largest savings for the deals in your cart.

For example, if you're eyeing a spa package and a restaurant voucher, opting for a code that cuts 20% off the total price will likely offer more savings than a code that gives $10 off. And with Groupon coupons available for a wide variety of experiences and goods, you're sure to find one that makes your purchase even more worthwhile.

Key Tips for Groupon Canada Shoppers

  • Groupon shoppers can find deals and special discounts off their next purchase with the email newsletter.
  • You can save by getting deals and discounted item offers via social media.
  • There is a trending section to showcase the latest discounted offers that are trending to help you save.
  • Groupon has a local deals section on the homepage with quality discounts.
  • You can get a mobile app to get mobile-only deals, special offers, and more ways to save money.
  • Groupon offers you a blog to learn about the latest deals, find potential discounts, and more.
  • You can get free shipping on your Groupon purchase orders on a rotating basis.

Groupon shoppers can use these tips to save on various products and services such as jewelry, books, and more.

More Tips for Groupon Canada Shoppers

Finding Deals in the Local Deals Section

If you're looking to stretch your dollars a bit further, the local deals section on Groupon is your go-to spot. You can stumble upon a plethora of quality products and services, with some discounts as high as 75% off. Whether it's getting a sweet deal on auto repairs or pampering yourself with spa services, Groupon has got you covered with offers that make indulgence or necessity a lot more affordable.

Saving With Seasonal Sales

Groupon's seasonal sales offer a treasure trove of savings, with special events like Black Friday and Christmas cutting prices by as much as 50% on a variety of products and services, from designer watches to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Imagine snagging that luxury timepiece you've had your eye on for half the price during the Christmas sale. It's all about timing your purchases with these seasonal offers.

And to keep a steady stream of deals coming your way, it's a smart move to subscribe to Groupon's email newsletter. This way, you'll always be in the know about upcoming sales. Plus, for deals that aren't tied to the calendar, grab a Groupon promo code from CouponFollow and enjoy savings all year round.

Other Information for Groupon Canada Shoppers

What is Groupon Canada's Refund Policy?

Groupon has a separate refund policy for each product and service category. With that said, most goods available on have a 14-day return window. The refund and cancellation policy for local services varies by provider, but you usually have until the deal's expiration date to refund your service reservation for a credit back to your customer account.

How Can You Contact Groupon Canada Customer Support?

To contact Groupon's customer support desk about resetting your password, signing up to receive special offers from local service providers, or anything else, click the "Get Help with Guest Orders" button if you do not have an existing Groupon customer account. After you click this button, you will be able to send a message to support and receive a response by email. If you have purchased from Groupon before, then click the "Sign In or Sign Up" button to go to the contact page inside of your dashboard.

About Groupon Canada

From discounts on personal training services at your local gym to special deals on smartphones, signing up for a Groupon account can give you access to some pretty unbelievable discounts. Founded in 2008 by Eric Lefkofsky, Brad Keywell, and Andrew Mason, Groupon first started their operations in Toronto and branched out from there. In 2011, Groupon's parent company went public in one of the largest IPOs of the 21st century. In addition to discounts of up to 90% off tech gadgets from Apple, Samsung, and other top-flight brands, Groupon also works with large travel companies to offer substantial savings on round-trip airfare tickets and all-inclusive vacation packages.

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