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More information about Q-Park

How To Redeem Your Q-Park Coupon

  1. Go to and start looking for the kind of parking pass you need. Use the available form to specify your individual needs, then click the "Search" and "Book now" buttons on the option that best suits you. (In cities with only one location, there may not be extra choices.)
  2. While you are in the payment phase of pre-booking, you will find the words “Add discount code” on the right side of the screen and above the total. Click it, and it will be replaced with a text box that says “Discount code (optional).”
  3. Type or paste your Q-park coupon code into the box and click the “Apply” button.
  4. Your total should update automatically. Enjoy your Q-Park savings!

What To Do if Your Q-Park Coupon Isn't Working

  • Check that you have correctly entered your Q-Park promo code.
  • Ensure your order meets the minimum purchase amount or any additional requirements.
  • Make certain the coupon you selected is still valid and has not yet expired.
  • If you are still having trouble, try a different Q-Park coupon from CouponFollow instead.

Stacking Q-Park Promo Codes

You cannot pre-book with a physical Q-Park voucher, and only one voucher can be redeemed at a time. Online bookings can accept coupons, but only one at a time. So make sure you read and review the available discounts in order to secure the best one for your booking.

Key Tips for Q-Park Commuters and Travelers

Q-Park Discount Hacks

  • Purchase a Q-Park Season Ticket to slash your regular parking fees by up to 50% every year. There are eight different levels of Season Ticket arrangements, and all of them provide their own conveniences. The Unlimited level gives you access to 59 Q-Park facilities on both weekends and weekdays, and the Weekday level offers monthly, quarterly, or annual arrangements. To see which Q-Park Season Ticket plan makes the most sense for you, click "Season Tickets" to compare each program.
  • If you're currently driving a hybrid, then take a look at the Electric Vehicle Plan for access to 28 EV-friendly car parks. Ownership of an electric vehicle can also net you 10% off the price.
  • Residents that live half a mile or less from the car park can get 25% off the “Unlimited Resident” pass.
  • Create a Q-Park Rewards account to get 10% cashback on all of your parking fees and rebates from Wilco, Boots,Greggs, and other high-street and online retailers.
  • For as long as you have your Q-Park Rewards account, you can also pre-book your parking and donate your loyalty points to charity if you so choose. Install the Q-Park mobile app to get instant access to the Rewards program.
  • Try a Q-Park Business Travel Card if you have a team of employees that commute to the office every day. The Business Travel Card lets everybody on your team reclaim the VAT for all of their parking expenses, and each person can pay for their parking reservations as they go. You can find out more about the Q-Park Business Travel Card scheme by clicking on "Business & Real Estate" at the top of
  • If you’re comfortable registering your debit card as a payment card in your account, you can upgrade a Season Ticket into a Smart Season Ticket, saving yourself 15% on every standard parking tariff.
  • Give yourself a smooth flight experience and save up to 70% by booking with the Airport Extras system.
  • If you’d like confidence in environmentally conscious options, use the Sustainable Mobility Hub to get around.
  • Check out Q-Park on Facebook and Twitter. On top of regular updates and announcements, sometimes you can find discounts or other deals.
  • Check back regularly for discounts and giveaways. They can coincide with seasonal benchmarks, holidays, and other social events and occasions.

What's Q-Park's Refund Policy?

If you use Q-Park's mobile app to pre-book your parking at one of their facilities, you can cancel your spot up to 24 hours before you are scheduled to use it. Q-Park's cancellation policy doesn't cover spots that are reserved with a discount voucher, but it does cover any reservations that you make with a Season Ticket.

Additional Q-Park Information

Q-Park Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be canceled up to 24 hours before the date of arrival, and Q-Park will subtract a 25% fee from the parking fee paid.

If you purchase a cancellation waiver, you can cancel less than 24 hours before your booking, and the whole fee—minus the cost of the waiver—will be refunded to you.

How Do You Contact Q-Park?

You can chat with Q-Park's customer service team 24 hours per day through the "Live Chat" button whenever you need to or contact them via Facebook, Twitter, or email. To inquire about Q-Park's property management services, complete the Enquiry Form online. To have Q-Park send you a custom quote for an Unlimited Season Ticket package, click the "Request A Quote" button on

Who Is Q-Park?

Q-Park was created to help you eliminate the headache of driving in circles around the lot. Although Q-Park currently has more than 60 facilities under management, there are definitely plans for more. Some facilities offer free umbrella rentals to protect against the rain, and others even have a shoe-shine service to keep your outfit looking as dapper as can be. With a streamlined mobile app that lets you reserve your parking spot in advance and a nationwide network of electric charging stations, saves employees, employers, and property owners thousands of hours per year.

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