AmazonSmile Extension by CouponFollow

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Amazon Smile? What is Smilematic?

Amazon Smile is an identical website to except that all purchases made through it are donated to a chosen charity. You can learn more about AmazonSmile here or browse the AmazonSmile FAQ.

Smilematic is a simple browser extension to completely automate the process of ensuring all purchases go through AmazonSmile instead of Amazon. Any Amazon link manually typed in, or clicked on a search engine result, blog post, forum, etc. will automatically be redirected to AmazonSmile without having to remember to manually change it!

Charities can include a link on their website to walk their supporters through setting up their charity with Smilematic and Amazon Smile within seconds.


Who pays the donations to the charities?

Amazon pays 0.5% of the shoppers purchase to the charity. The shopper pays nothing. Again, completely free to the shopper.


How does my favorite non-profit benefit from my use of Smilematic?

A majority of users forget to use Amazon Smile or don’t fully understand it. Our goal is to ensure all purchases from Amazon shoppers go to their favorite charity through Amazon Smile.


How will I know that the app is working?

You can tell the app is working if you visit and redirect to Also, when you're on Amazon Smile, the toolbar icon should turn from grey to pink.


What's the catch? Do you track my data or shopping habits?

There's no catch. It's just a free tool. We don't collect any personal information from any of our Smilematic users.


Does this support Amazon Smile in other countries?

Yes, we support both Amazon Gemany (.de) and Amazon United Kingdom ( automatic redirects.


Why are you doing this, do you make money from it?

We don’t make any money from Smilematic. We created it as a free tool to simply help you remember to shop at so you can raise money for your charity while shopping.

The idea for the extension came up during a recent internal discussion about enhancing Amazon Smile for Amazon shoppers.


Is this really free? Will there be ads or popups?

No ads. No popups. Just free.


I found a bug. Who do I contact?

Please contact so we can fix it. Thanks in advance for helping!


I'm a charity or non-profit, how can I get started?

To ensure your cause is supported properly, or for more information please contact