14 Best Coupon Sites For Online Shopping in 2024

In today's consumer-driven world, saving money has never been more important or accessible, thanks to the myriad of coupon websites that cater to savvy shoppers. Whether you're hunting for discounts on everyday essentials, indulging in a bit of online retail therapy, or planning a budget-friendly vacation, the internet offers a treasure trove of opportunities to clip, click, and save.

Here, we'll unveil the 14 best coupon websites that have consistently proven their worth, helping you unlock incredible deals, exclusive offers, and unparalleled savings. Whether you're a seasoned bargain hunter or a newcomer to the world of digital coupons, our list will guide you to the web's most reliable and user-friendly platforms, ensuring your wallet stays a little fuller with every purchase. Discover where to score the best deals, discounts, and steals as we navigate the virtual landscape of savings, one click at a time.

Website# of MerchantsOffers Cash Back?Has Chrome Extension?
CouponFollow3,508YesYes, Cently
Retailmenot19,131YesYes, Deal Finder
Groupon3,687YesYes, Groupon
CouponCabin3,459YesYes, Sidekick
Slickdeals9,384YesYes, Slickdeals
CouponBirds96,171NoYes, SmartCoupon Finder
DealCatcher.com3,816NoYes, DealCatcher
CouponChief16,651YesYes, Scout
Giving Assistant4,280NoNo


CouponFollow, established in 2011, holds the distinction of being one of the earlier players in the online coupon industry. With over a decade of expertise, the platform has honed its ability to help consumers save money effectively. It stands out by maintaining partnerships with over 3,500 merchants across the United States and internationally, ensuring users have access to an extensive array of deals and discounts.

At the heart of CouponFollow's offerings is its cash back program, a feature that empowers users to earn money back on their purchases. This not only facilitates savings during the initial purchase but also rewards shoppers for their loyalty and continued use of the platform. The company doesn’t currently have an app but the website is optimized for a smooth viewing experience on any mobile device.

CouponFollow's Cently Chrome extension is a game-changer for online shoppers looking to streamline their savings. With Cently, users can effortlessly find and apply the best available coupon codes during the checkout process, eliminating the need to manually scour the internet for deals. This time-saving and money-saving tool ensures that users always get the most significant discounts with minimal effort. Cently by CouponFollow not only simplifies the online shopping experience but also enhances it by helping users make the most of their purchases while keeping their wallets happy.

Additionally, CouponFollow extends a complimentary membership program, granting users exclusive access to special deals, promotions, and more cashback opportunities. This membership proves invaluable for individuals seeking to optimize their online shopping savings. Furthermore, CouponFollow's personalized approach tailors promotions to users' preferences and the stores and brands they express interest in. As a result, users receive targeted offers that enhance the relevance and value of their shopping experience.

CouponFollow stands out in a competitive landscape through its impressive collection of exclusive codes for prominent retailers such as Wayfair, Aliexpress, Macy's, and others. This commitment to offering a multitude of exclusive codes underscores CouponFollow's dedication to helping users access the most substantial savings while shopping online.


RetailMeNot, a well-established coupon website, boasts a diverse network of partner stores, offering an extensive selection of deals and coupons across numerous retailers. Though the exact number of stores may fluctuate due to ongoing partnerships, they consistently feature over 19,000 options, ensuring users have ample opportunities to save on their purchases. RetailMeNot also enhances the savings experience by offering a "Cash Back Offers" program, allowing users to earn cashback on qualifying purchases, further bolstering their savings.

For user convenience, RetailMeNot provides a Chrome extension named "Deal Finder," which automatically locates and applies relevant coupon codes during the checkout process. Additionally, the platform offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, enabling on-the-go access to discounts and deals. Having been in the business since its establishment in 2006, RetailMeNot has solidified its reputation as a trusted resource for frugal shoppers seeking to maximize their savings. Notably, in 2017, RetailMeNot was acquired by Harland Clarke Holdings, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey and reaffirming its commitment to delivering innovative coupon and discount solutions to consumers.


Groupon is a well-established coupon site connecting users to deals and discounts from a diverse array of local businesses and online retailers. Groupon currently has over 3,600 collaborations, offering consumers an extensive range of savings opportunities across various categories.

In terms of cash back opportunities, Groupon+ enables users to earn rewards by linking their credit cards to participating local businesses, eliminating the need for physical coupons or vouchers. To access Groupon+ offers, users can look for deals labeled "Cash Back" and claim them on the website or mobile app. Upon claiming a deal and enrolling eligible Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards, users will automatically receive cash back on their credit card statement when making purchases at participating businesses.

While its Chrome extension isn’t as developed as its competitors, Groupon provides a user-friendly website and mobile app for convenient deal browsing and purchases. Having been in operation since 2008, Groupon has made a significant impact on the daily deals market, expanding its offerings beyond local deals to become a trusted platform for consumers seeking discounted experiences, products, and services.


CouponCabin is a prominent coupon website renowned for its extensive network of partner stores, offering users a wide range of discounts and deals across diverse categories. The site collaborates with over 3,400 retailers, ensuring shoppers have a wealth of savings opportunities at their fingertips.

Distinguishing itself from many coupon platforms, CouponCabin not only provides coupons but also offers cashback rewards. Shoppers can earn cashback on qualifying purchases, making CouponCabin a versatile resource for immediate savings and long-term rewards. Furthermore, the company caters to both desktop and mobile users, with a Chrome browser extension called "Sidekick" for convenient coupon code discovery and a mobile app that enables on-the-go access to deals.

Established in 2003, CouponCabin boasts nearly two decades of experience in the coupon and deals industry. Through its "Coupons For Troops" program, the company encourages individuals to donate their expired coupons, which remain usable for up to six months past their expiration date on overseas military bases. This benefits military families living abroad by helping them save on expenses. Whether you're a coupon enthusiast or not, your contribution of eligible coupons can make a significant impact in supporting these families.


Wethrift is a popular coupon website that features over 51,000 merchants, providing users with a wide variety of discounts and deals across numerous categories. The website primarily focuses on offering coupon codes and deals rather than cashback rewards. Shoppers can browse through the platform to find and apply relevant coupon codes, allowing them to save on their purchases. While the company doesn’t offer a chrome extension or mobile app, their website is optimized for mobile browsing, allowing users to easily access deals and discounts on their smartphones or tablets.

Wethrift was founded with a simple but powerful mission: to make the lives of online shoppers easier by ensuring they find real, working coupon codes. Frustrated by expired or ineffective deals themselves, the team behind Wethrift embarked on a journey in 2018 to simplify the coupon-finding process. Beyond assisting major retailers, Wethrift thrives on highlighting the gems among small-to-medium-sized online stores, supporting and promoting unique brands.

In 2021, they expanded their horizons with Deal Town, a hub for discovering fantastic deals and discounts, showcasing their unwavering commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for their users and the businesses they support.


Slickdeals features collaborations extending to over 9,000 stores. This extensive network provides users with a wide range of discounts and savings opportunities across diverse categories. The platform's consistent partnerships with numerous retailers ensure that users have access to a broad spectrum of deals, making it a valuable resource for those seeking discounts on their purchases.

The Slickdeals app and Chrome extension, coupled with its cashback rewards program, collectively empower users to maximize their savings while shopping. The app and extension streamline the process of finding and applying coupon codes and discounts, ensuring that users never miss out on potential savings during online shopping. Furthermore, Slickdeals' Cashback Rewards program allows users to earn money back on their purchases, effectively putting money back in their pockets. This combination of tools not only simplifies the hunt for deals but also provides tangible financial benefits, making Slickdeals a valuable platform for individuals looking to save money on their purchases, whether big or small.

Slickdeals has been in the business of providing coupon and deal services for over two decades, having been founded in 1999. Their platform thrives on the contributions of a distinctive online community and a team of expert editors who are committed to uncovering outstanding products and exploring every avenue of savings. Users actively participate by sharing, confirming, and providing comments on deals, fostering an environment where everyone can reap the rewards of these discoveries.


CouponBirds has established itself as a leading coupon website, excelling in coupon quality with over 96,000 coupon pages and an impressive 95%+ more valid coupon codes than competitors in the industry. While cash back is not currently in their savings repertoire, the company offers a powerful Chrome Extension with their SmartCoupon Finder. In terms of mobile access, you can find the CouponBirds iOS application on the App Store.

Founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2015, their mission was to simplify the process of finding online coupon codes, ultimately providing consumers with a hassle-free and efficient way to access valuable coupons. With a dedicated team of over 100 coupon specialists, CouponBirds consistently gathers, analyzes, and verifies coupon codes, resulting in an exceptional user experience with over 78% of users rating their overall satisfaction at five stars.

Beyond coupon services, CouponBirds demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility through their "savings" scholarship program, funding scholarships at various universities to support students in their educational pursuits, exemplifying their dedication to both online shoppers and society as a whole.


DealCatcher.com is a coupon website offering a plethora of discounts, coupon codes, and promotional deals from over 3,800 partners. The website does not offer a cash-back program, focusing instead solely on delivering coupons and deals to users. In the realm of Chrome extensions, they do have one but it is relatively new in terms of adoptions. You can get the DealCatcher app on both Google Play and the App Store.

Established in 1999, DealCatcher.com is one of the older players in the coupon industry, boasting over two decades of experience in helping consumers find the best deals. The company prides itself on having a team that manually verifies each coupon and deal, ensuring higher reliability and customer satisfaction. This has contributed to its longstanding reputation as a trusted resource for online shoppers.


Coupons.com primarily focuses on offering printable and digital coupon codes, enhancing users' potential for immediate savings on their purchases. The company’s partnerships are at 1,000 strong with popular brands like Amazon, DoorDash, Kohl’s, and more. The website doesn’t currently offer any cash back incentives and a chrome extension is not something they offer at the moment.

While the company was founded in 1998, they were recently acquired by GSG in late 2022. Global Savings Group (GSG), a Munich-based company, has a track record of helping people shop smarter since 2012. GSG has established itself as a leading shopping rewards company in Europe and expanded to the U.S. in 2018, with its main office located in Atlanta, Georgia. Coupons.com, under GSG's guidance, offers exclusive codes, real-time sales updates, and time-sensitive opportunities to save money on top brands.


Offers.com features over 17,000 stores on their platform spanning various categories from auto parts to travel. The website primarily focuses on offering coupon codes and promotions that allow users to save money on their purchases and does not have a dedicated cashback rewards program at this time. While the site lacks a chrome extension and app, you can still easily browse all the available deals and discounts with the mobile version of the website.

Established in 2009, Offers.com has emerged as a pioneer in the online realm of deals, discounts, and promo codes. Originally a modest team based in Austin, Texas, it has evolved into a global workforce consisting of skilled and motivated deals specialists, web developers, product managers, editors, and more, all dedicated to tirelessly uncovering the finest offers for you.


BrokeScholar offers users coupons and discounts from over 18,000 merchants. Unlike other deal websites, they are more geared towards students and teachers. You can even discover numerous scholarship opportunities on the website.

Unfortunately, the site does not offer a dedicated cash back program, nor is there a Chrome extension or mobile app available. But with the vast selection of coupons and resources, it is a great place for students and educators to go to save money.

BrokeScholar.com is on a mission to support students and frugal shoppers in their efforts to save money. Their platform serves as a valuable resource hub, offering an extensive and user-friendly repository of scholarships, student discounts, and coupon codes. With a leadership team that has been actively involved in the online coupons and personal finance industries since 2012, BrokeScholar.com is deeply committed to helping its users achieve their financial goals.


CouponChief provides users with a wide range of coupon codes, discounts, and promotional deals for over 16,000 stores. CouponChief stands out as the only deal website that distributes a portion of its revenue back to its user community. By signing up for their free Pays-2-Share program and contributing coupons, users can receive 2% of the sales generated through those coupons. The company doesn’t currently have a mobile app but their Chrome extension, Scout, makes it convenient for users to apply discounts directly during the checkout process on online stores.

Founded in 2005, CouponChief has been a major player in the deal industry. Not only do they offer a vast selection of discounts but the site also features great educational resources for individuals and families to save money. The editorial team at CouponChief, comprised of financial experts, provides guidance on the intricacies of personal finance, budgeting, saving money, and couponing. Whether it's uncovering the latest deals at popular stores, outlining a strategy to eliminate debt, or suggesting budget-friendly ways to furnish a patio, they aim to assist users in making informed decisions in all facets of their financial life.

Giving Assistant

Founded in 2011, Giving Assistant is an online platform that goes beyond offering bargains and deals to enhance the shopping experience. The site takes a socially conscious approach, donating a percentage of its profits to various charitable organizations. Giving Assistant primarily focuses on coupons and deals from over 4,000 partners and doesn’t offer a cash back program at this time. While they don’t currently have an app or Chrome extension, the website is well-optimized for mobile viewing so you can browse deals and discounts on-the-go.

Acquired by Upright Data in 2022, it now serves as a flagship property in the Upright Data Network. With direct relationships with brands that span over a decade, Giving Assistant offers valuable insights to its users to further enrich their shopping journeys. Operating under the ethos that shopping should be a force for good, the company aims to transform consumer habits into sustainable sources of giving for social and charitable causes.


Dealspotr is an online platform that offers a variety of coupon codes and deals with over 120,000 pages dedicated to helping people save money. They do not traditionally offer a cash back program but focus on providing a broad range of coupons from multiple sources. Dealspotr doesn’t have a Chrome extension currently nor a mobile app, but their website is optimized for mobile browsing.

Established in 2015, Dealspotr is relatively new compared to some other coupon sites but has quickly garnered attention for its innovative approach to crowdsourcing deals. The company emphasizes community involvement, allowing users to validate, add, and share deals, thus promoting a more interactive and reliable couponing experience.

How much money can I save by using coupons?

Using coupons, specifically online and mobile coupon codes, can lead to substantial annual savings. According to a study conducted by CouponFollow, the average American household can save as much as $1,465 per year by taking advantage of these digital discounts. This equates to a monthly savings of $122, reducing household costs by 6.4%.

The study revealed that around 40% of online purchases can successfully be matched with an online coupon, resulting in an average savings of $30 at checkout. Grocery and at-home food purchases, along with household items, offer the highest annual savings potential at $316 and $272, respectively. Travel coupons, in particular, provide the most significant savings per purchase, with an average of $41 saved.

CouponFollow also highlighted that personal care and beauty coupons offer the highest percentage discounts at 19.4%, making them an attractive option for savvy shoppers. To maximize savings with coupon codes, shoppers can capitalize on seasonal retail trends, utilize browser extensions like CouponFollow's Cently, and target categories that offer higher coupon success rates and larger discounts.

Why do I need a Chrome extension for shopping?

Having a Chrome extension for finding deals and discounts can greatly enhance the online shopping experience by adding a layer of convenience and automation. Instead of manually searching for promo codes or special offers, the extension can automatically apply the best available coupon codes at checkout. This not only saves time but also ensures that you are getting the most advantageous deal possible. For example, during busy shopping seasons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where every minute counts, having an extension can give you a competitive edge by quickly securing discounts before they expire or go out of stock.

Many of these Chrome extensions often come with additional features like price tracking, cash-back options, and personalized suggestions based on your shopping history. These features provide a comprehensive approach to saving money. With price tracking, you can be notified when an item you're interested in drops in price, allowing you to make a purchase at the optimal time. Cash-back options may offer you a percentage of your purchase back, effectively reducing the overall cost. And personalized deal suggestions can help you discover discounts on products that you are likely to purchase. All these features combined make a Chrome extension an indispensable tool for savvy online shoppers.

Cently by CouponFollow stands out as one of the best Chrome extensions for saving money for the reason detailed above. Once installed, the extension automatically scours the internet for the best available coupon codes and applies them directly at checkout, eliminating the need for manual searches and ensuring you get the most cost-effective deal. Additionally, Cently often provides exclusive codes that aren't readily available on other platforms, giving users an edge in savings. Its additional features, such as real-time notifications and price tracking, make it a multifaceted tool that goes beyond just applying discounts, offering a rounded approach to economical online shopping.

With over 100,000 users and a 5 star rating, it is a surefire way for you to get the best deals and cash back at thousands of stores throughout the year. On average, users save about $15 every time they use Cently and get up to 20% cash back.

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What types of companies offer the biggest discounts?

When it comes to offering substantial discounts, software companies, particularly VPN providers, often lead the pack by providing discounts of over 50%. VPN providers frequently run promotions and deals that significantly reduce the cost of their services, making online security and privacy more accessible to a broader audience. These discounts are especially enticing for those looking to safeguard their online activities without breaking the bank.

Following closely behind are travel companies, including hotels and airlines. In the highly competitive travel industry, companies frequently offer discounts to attract travelers and fill vacant seats or rooms. Travelers can benefit from significant savings on accommodation and airfare, particularly when booking during promotional periods, off-peak seasons, or through loyalty programs. These discounts can make travel more affordable and encourage individuals to explore new destinations or enjoy well-deserved getaways without straining their budgets.

What should I do with the money I saved from using coupon codes?

The money you save by using coupon codes can be a valuable resource that offers various financial opportunities. Whether you choose to allocate it towards paying off existing debts, making smart investments, or treating yourself to a well-deserved indulgence, these savings can have a significant impact on your financial well-being. Here are some specific ways you can consider spending the money saved from using coupons:

  • Pay off debt: Reduce and eliminate various forms of debt, such as your home loan, car loan, student loan, or credit card debt, to improve your financial security and reduce interest payments.

  • Invest: Consider contributing to financial instruments like your 401(k) retirement plan, Health Savings Account (HSA), or a 529 plan for education expenses, which can grow your wealth over time.

  • Fun purchases: Treat yourself to enjoyable items or experiences like electronics, concert tickets, travel adventures, or other entertainment options, enhancing your quality of life while still being financially responsible.

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