National Best Friend Day Deals to Spoil Your Bestie

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Friends are an important part of people's support network, both for day-to-day life as well as major life events and difficult challenges. Best friends are the greatest, and an ideal way to commemorate this special relationship is by celebrating Best Friend Day. In the United States, Best Friend Day is celebrated on June 8. While many friends have friendship anniversaries, what we like about Best Friend Day is that the holiday makes your time together extra special with national recognition and various ways to enjoy the festivities. Because let’s face it, they are the only ones who put up with our crazy antics, breakup calls at three in the morning, never forget our birthdays, and always have our back no matter what’s going on.

What Deals & Coupons Can You Expect on Best Friend Day?

While not as well-known or popular as some other holidays, Best Friend Day has some really good deals for food and recreation. You can find "buy one, get one free" sweets. Free gym workouts, massages, and facials as well as half-off psychic readings are a few more of the possible savings you can grab for yourself and your best buddy during this time of year. Remember, Best Friend Day deals will be different every year, so while there will always be some offers, they will change depending on business availability and the type of savings available.

The Body Shop

Treat your bestie to some self care at The Body Shop. With a variety of skin care products, body lotions and oils, soaps, candles, fragrances, makeup, and hair care items, your best friend is sure to feel loved! Save 30% off sitewide (excludes gifts) from 6/5 - 6/11 with code BFF30.

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Use code BFF from 6/6 through 6/13 for $22 off a Certificate! You’ll get a $25 certificate for just $3. So take your bestie out to brunch, lunch, drinks, dinner, or anything in between.


Foreo offers a variety of facial cleansing and spa products, including the LUNA and UFO lines, where you can save 17% off with code CFFOREO through June 30 only.

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LXR & Co.

Get your bestie some designer handbags from top brands and save up to 25% off with code BFFDAY from 6/6 to 6/8 only!


Save on event tickets this summer and party it up with your BFFS with 10% off when you spend $250 or more. Just use code DADSDAY10 through 8/1.

Celebrate National Best Friend’s Day by getting matching temporary tattoos with your bestie! Buy one, get one 50% off when you use code BFBOGO-NG!


Surprise your bestie with a sweet treat from Shari’s Berries! Use our exclusive code FOLLOW15 to save on your next purchase!

Edible Arrangements

Is your bestie long distance? Send an Edible Arrangement Take $10 off of any purchase of $59 or more with the use of code COUPFOLLOW10!


Get out of our town with your BFF! Save 5% on select Express Deal and Pay Now Hotels. Use code CFSPRINGHTL5 to save.

Pier 1

Use coupon code COUPON20 to save 20% off any purchase now through June 10 only.

Grocery Stores

Whether you feel like having a party or just chilling at home with your best friend, you'll need some snacks, so check out your local grocery store for deals. You will likely find some sort of opportunity to save money for indulging your sweet or salty tooth with your best pal. In the past, Breyer's has offered a BOGO for ice cream.


A popular activity for best friends is hitting up their local restaurant, pub, or bar to celebrate their good times together and make more memories. Food and drink businesses are the most likely to have deals for entrees and beverages. One example of a deal is "buy one entree, get half off the second." Also, food ordering apps might offer exclusive Best Friend Day deals.


It's not uncommon to make a friend, even a best friend, at a local gym. Having a workout buddy is a great way to stay motivated and have fun company at the same time. Inquire at the gym of your choice or shop around to see if any are offering free workouts for you and your best friend. You might be able to get in some exercise without spending a dime, or perhaps grab a discount on a gym membership.


If you know of a spa that you and your best friend would like to go to, see if it is offering any Best Friend Day deals. Alternatively, check out virtual coupon apps to see if you can get any savings for the two of you.

Other Local Businesses

There are some unique chains and local businesses, including independent franchises, to check for offers, depending on where you live. You never know — you just might be in luck for Best Friend Day deals.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Best Friend Day

Find out more about the different ways people can celebrate Best Friend Day while spending little to no money. Check out how to make your best friend feel special with these cost-effective ideas, all without having to break your wallet.

Catch Up With a Phone Call

Every best friend appreciates a phone call to reminisce about the good old times and find out what's going on in each other's lives lately. It's especially welcome if you are best friends that go for periods without talking, but can easily and immediately reconnect when in touch again. If you talk often, it's a great way to stir excitement while you make plans for getting together on Best Friend Day.

Send a Card or Flowers

Cards are a thoughtful way to show someone you care, and your best friend is as likely to appreciate and keep a card as anyone else. If your best friend likes flowers, many bouquets are available, or you can give a longer-lasting potted plant. It's even better if you know the types of flowers your buddy enjoys.

Give a Gift Card

If you can't be there in person, being able to buy your best friend a morning coffee or a meal from their favorite coffee shop or restaurant is an ideal alternative. You can send a hard copy gift card through the mail or send a virtual gift card by email for instant access.

Post a Photo

Pictures mean the world to people, especially ones of them with their best friends laughing and smiling together. Choose a good, memorable picture you both enjoy and post it on social media to let the world know about your friendship.

Get Them a Small but Special Gift

Sometimes, it's the little keepsakes that many people cherish as some of the most important things they own. And your best friend is sure to appreciate a small gift from the heart. A customized coffee mug, food basket, sling bag, wallet, or phone cover would make an affordable but useful and enjoyable gift.

Take Them Out for Brunch

Restaurants that offer brunch are extremely popular and usually very affordable. Sometimes, they have exclusive foods you can't find anywhere else. They are charming, welcoming places that are perfect for relaxing, socializing, and eating anything from breakfast to pastries with your closest friend.

What Is the History of Best Friend Day?

The U.S. Congress gathered in 1935 and chose to devote a tribute day each year to best friends. They decided on June 8, a day which usually has balmy weather all over the country, creating a perfect setting for outdoor and social activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Friend Day

Is There a Best Friend Day?

Yes, there is a special day every year for cherishing best friends called Best Friend Day.

Why Is Best Friend Day Celebrated?

Best Friend Day is about honoring our closest friends.

On Which Day Is Best Friend Day Celebrated?

It is celebrated on June 8, which falls on a different day of the week every year.

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