What Are BOGO Deals?

Published on: 08/28/23

BOGO deals (Buy One Get One) are a type of shopping promotion offered by retailers in an effort to get consumers to buy higher quantities of goods and increase customer retention

These promotions allow for some serious savings (up to 50% off) — if you know how to take advantage of the deal.

Even if you’re the one running the business, it’s still important to understand BOGO deals as they’re super popular and great for drumming up traffic.

When done correctly, BOGO deals can even end up netting you more profit in the long run.

With so many types of BOGO deals out there, it can be tough to know what the best strategy is for running the promotion.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know about these deals, including:

  • What BOGO stands for

  • All the different types of BOGO deals available

  • The advantages of BOGO deals and how you can leverage them

  • Examples of companies with the most popular BOGO deals

  • Using BOGO promo codes.

Let’s get started!

What Does BOGO Mean?

BOGO is an acronym for a promotion you’ve likely encountered many times before: “Buy One, Get One”!

This simply means that if you purchase one item, you’ll get another one at a reduced price – or even for free!

There are a range of different types of BOGO deals, but they all start with that basic premise.

Although it may appear as if only customers benefit from BOGO, they’re ultimately a win-win for businesses too as the deals drive turnover and incentivize a greater number of purchases.

BOGO promotions are also effective at attracting new customers who are looking to score a great deal (that’s free, or at least heavily discounted) – which is why it’s such a common marketing strategy among businesses.

Aside from that, businesses also love to use BOGO for clearing out their inventory and selling older stock that may no longer be as valuable.

This way, they can create space for newer products while also still earning a small amount from the inventory sold through BOGO.

6 Types of BOGO Deals

So what are the different BOGO deals out there?

The most common ones include deals on identical items, where you either get a freebie or a discount. Some deals, on the other hand, are limited only to certain days or people – incentivizing membership or a sales rush.

Before you decide what BOGO deal to run, make sure you understand it first!

  1. BOGO on Identical Items

This type of BOGO deal is one that gets the most visibility because it allows you to get two identical items for the price of one!

Usually, you’ll get the original item at a fixed (normally full) price while receiving the second one for free.

For example, a business running a BOGO deal on plain tees means you’ll get two t-shirts for the price of one.

This type of deal is often used on consumables (food, drinks, or homecare supplies) or items that people would want to have multiple pieces of (think socks, underwear, or home decor).

  1. BOGO on Paired Items

While BOGO deals on identical items allow you to bring home two pieces of the same item for the price of one, BOGO deals on paired items allow you to receive a complimentary item when you purchase the first item.

The free item is typically related to the item you paid for while also being a lot cheaper.

Stores often run BOGO on paired items, especially when the two match well with each other – for example, getting a free beanie when you purchase a winter jacket.

Another example is if you buy a new computer, and the store throws in accessories such as a mouse or keyboard.

  1. 50% Off BOGO

50% off BOGO means that the second item isn’t totally free, but is offered at a generous discount: half off!

This usually applies to identical items, but there are instances where you’ll get to mix and match different items as well.

As you don’t get the second item for free, this deal is commonly used with more expensive purchases.

For example, when purchasing a plane ticket, some airlines may offer you another ticket for half the price!

  1. BOGO Mix & Match

If you’d like to give your customers more options or are promoting a new product, the BOGO mix-and-match deal may be ideal.

With this type of BOGO deal, customers purchasing an expensive item have the option to select a second (much cheaper) item for free from a range of choices.

For example: if a customer buys new soccer cleats, they can then also choose a freebie from a range of different types of socks.

  1. Member Only BOGO

These exclusive BOGO deals are only offered to those in a store’s loyalty or membership program, which convinces customers to join and enjoy the perks.

For this to work, many businesses often run very attractive BOGO deals (such as on expensive items).

It’s usually free to join a loyalty program, but you’ll receive promotional materials (usually over email), requests for feedback, and notifications on sales or new product launches.

  1. Limited Time BOGO

If you’ve ever shopped around during special holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas, you may have noticed that many stores run attractive, limited-time BOGO deals.

As the name suggests, limited-time BOGO is only available for a certain period – usually just a few days or weeks.

This incentivizes people to visit the store and makes purchases a lot more attractive. At the same time, it also pulls business away from competitors.

What Are the Advantages of BOGO Deals?

It’s easy to see the biggest advantage for customers: getting another item for free (or at least, at a very discounted price)!

Businesses run these deals to get customers to buy in bulk, which clears out any old stocks and generates huge sales during the period.

Aside from cultivating brand loyalty among existing customers, BOGO deals are also very appealing to new customers – expanding the business’s market and paving the way for greater sales in the future.

What Companies Have the Most Popular BOGO Deals?

Many really successful and popular companies offer BOGO deals! Here are three brands you may be familiar with that are known for their Buy One, Get One offers:


Domino’s runs frequent BOGO deals, either as limited-time promotions or through coupons.

The chain’s most frequently run deal involves ordering two pizzas and getting the cheaper one for free, but with the specification that the more expensive pizza has to be from the store’s upper range.

They also run BOGO deals to build customer loyalty, like offering a free pizza after your first purchase using the official app.


Ulta Beauty is known for their great deals, such as their popular 50% off BOGO deal on selected haircare or make-up products.

These are items that customers will usually need more than one of, but won’t expire quickly – so they’re perfect for a BOGO!

Ulta also offers free gift promotions when you spend a certain amount, which is the brand’s version of a paired BOGO deal.


Kohl’s often runs limited-time Buy One Get One Free deals or Buy One Get One for One Dollar. They also occasionally offer BOGO promo codes.

If you’re using this deal online, make sure to check the promotion box before you check out as it’s not applied automatically.

The brand also offers loyalty incentives like discounts for using your Kohl’s card, Friends and Family discounts, and the Kohl’s cash loyalty program.

What Are BOGO Promo Codes?

BOGO promo codes are online coupon codes that allow you to access exclusive deals.

You apply them at checkout when shopping online to get a second item at a reduced rate or for free!

Coupon codes are normally given out to club members or promotion winners, and sometimes as incentives for using a store’s official app or loyalty program.

You can also access dozens of different BOGO promo codes at CouponFollow! Our platform helps consumers save money by giving them coupon codes to all of the most popular online shops.


Why do businesses have BOGO deals?

Typically, businesses run BOGO deals to drive additional sales, promote new products, clear excess inventory, and build customer loyalty.

Since BOGO deals function as a marketing strategy, they are also effective for outselling competitors or attracting new customers.

What are BOGO limits?

BOGO limits are safeguards that the store running the sale imposes, and these aim to restrict the number of times someone can use the deal so that it remains available to other customers.

For example, if the store’s BOGO deal only covers 10 items, someone buying 50 pieces of an item can’t get another 50 free — they’ll be limited to only 10 items.

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