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From improving the quality of your sleep and lowering stress to delaying the onset of dementia, the advantages of getting lost in the pages of a good book are endless. Often, broadcasting the benefits of reading is key to getting more people involved. That is why days like National Book Lovers Day get observed by organizations around the country.

This celebration provides extra opportunities for book lovers to get more of the texts they desire. Also, it draws the interest of those who do not read as often as they should. With the activities and deals offered this day, more people will feel comfortable putting down their phones and picking up something to read.

What Deals Can You Expect on National Book Lovers Day?

Even though National Book Lovers Day is not generally a retail holiday, the occasion is becoming more popular in many areas. This event is particularly becoming more recognized by online and brick-and-mortar booksellers. By browsing social media sites, popular news stations, and store webpages, you can discover upcoming promotions, discounts, or sales. Any place that sells books, magazines, newspapers, or content profits from this well-recognized day, so they would be the primary organizations to promote it.

Book Stores

National Book Lovers Day is terrific for bookstores and even coffee shops to honor the joy of reading. By checking the calendar of events in your area, you can find all sorts of events that may happen that day. National stores often allow the local branches to carry out their own celebration. That way, the circumstance is more tailored to nearby personalities and interests. The stores may host activities that promote book readings, coloring sessions, and giveaways for kids. Correspondingly, there may be author signings, book club discussions, and discounts for adults. You can also check with the neighborhood bookstores to support the entrepreneurs in your area.

Rewards Programs

Do some online research to find local or regional book publishers and pay them a visit during National Book Lovers Day. Previously, Harlequin books have offered free books for signing up for their emails and newsletters. They even have a My Rewards program that lets you earn points for every Harlequin book you buy. You can also participate in online activities like surveys and polls for further chances to get free books. A love of reading extends throughout the year, so reward programs are great for getting additional perks from your purchases.

Specialty Gifts

Watch for potential sales from companies that sell novelty gifts like apparel, accessories, keychains, mugs, and wine glasses designed for book lovers. These may have funny slogans that celebrate a love for reading that would be good to get for yourself or purchase for others. Websites for companies like Canterbury Classics have formally hosted National Book Lovers Day giveaways for a package that included multiple items and allowed you to choose three of them. These objects included options like a mug, bookmark, pen, or tote bag. Outside of trying for this kind of contest, you can watch for these specialty items at local gift shops or more established chain retail locations like Target or Walmart.

Free Apps

If you prefer to read from your tablet or phone, you can download a free app to help you locate great books to read. With the Goodreads app, you can discover details on millions of titles, including reviews from other readers. To check out library books from the comfort of your home, you can try apps like Libby or Overdrive that make checking out your favorite stories much simpler. When you get these applications added to your electronic device, you can enjoy National Book Lovers Day from anywhere.

Budget-friendly Ideas

If you are an avid reader, there are increased chances that you have friends and family members that love books as much as you do. On this day, you can reach out to them and organize ways to celebrate together. Hosting a book swap can be a festive and budget-friendly way to gain new books and connect with those around you. You can use websites like Canva to create your designs for free. Furthermore, you can host the event as a potluck so that the cost will not become too expensive. Just remember to have an empty table available to hold all of the books during your occasion.

DIY Activities

Even though there will be many ways to get discounted or free books on National Book Lovers Day, you can also flip the day in the opposite direction. Instead of honoring your own love of reading, you can promote that interest in others by giving away complimentary books. You can partner with a local non-profit or bookstore to gather free books and pass them out on this day.

History of National Book Lovers Day

While the origins of National Book Lovers Day may not be known, an understanding of how books started most certainly is. The oldest writings in history are recognized as paintings in caves and carvings on stone tablets. Much later in time, books were papyrus scrolls used by ancient Egyptians and looked remarkably different from the books we are used to today. It was not until a time between the second and fourth centuries that the Romans began stitching folded pieces of papyrus or parchment together and securing them with wooden covers. This method is called the codex and is the most comparable to the books today. From there, changes occurred until the modern printing systems evolved. Today, you have technological advances that allow you to read on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Book Lovers Day

Is there a National Book Lovers Day?

Yes, an unofficial holiday known as National Book Lovers Day gets celebrated every year.

Why Is National Book Lovers Day Celebrated?

National Book Lovers Day gets promoted so that bibliophiles can honor the pleasure they get from reading and literature. Across the nation, people get advised to put away any other activities and lose themselves by reading on any topic they wish to investigate further.

On Which Day Is National Book Lovers Day Celebrated?

Every August 9, people recognize all that literature offers by celebrating National Book Lovers Day.

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