The Best Deals for National CBD Day

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cbdMD is one of the top companies in the nation that sells CBD tinctures, gummies, Delta 8 and 9 THC products, and more.

The company started National CBD Day on August 8, 2018, to show people nationwide that CBD is safe and easy to use while bringing a host of health benefits to different groups of people. The psychoactive compound in cannabis is known as THC; CBD, or cannabidiol, is a related compound, but it lacks the intoxicating effect of THC while still conferring benefits to consumers.

What Deals Can You Expect on National CBD Day?

National CBD Day is largely a retail holiday. People are looking for the best CBD product deals and looking for ways to enjoy it themselves or with family and friends who use it, too.

Whether you shop online or go to a local CBD store, there will be some kind of deal going on for people who use CBD products.

Check online CBD shops, local shops, news media, and social media to find out the National CBD Day deals that will be happening this year. Here are some possible deals that could be happening this year, based on previous years' celebrations.


In 2020, prominent online retailer Green Dragon CBD hosted a one-day sale for National CBD Day. The deal saved customers 30% off CBD oil, supplements, tinctures, and capsules. In 2021, the one-day sale from August 8-9 was 25% off all CBD products.

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As the official founder of National CBD Day, cbdMD hosted a giveaway in 2019 for its Facebook followers. You had to tag three friends in a comment on the post, share it on your Facebook story with a specific tag, and like and follow cbdMD on Facebook. The winner of the giveaway received cbdMD products, clothing swag, and other goodies from the company.

Whether cbdMD does a giveaway again or it falls to another company to do so, check your favorite online retailers to see if any giveaways will be available for this year on National CBD Day.

Free Products with Purchase

You may be able to get free products with your purchase of CBD products at certain online CBD retailers. For instance, during 2021's National CBD Day, Half Day CBD gave out two free CBD prerolls to every customer when they typed in a promo code at checkout.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National CBD Day

If you are already stocked on your CBD products and would rather not hunt for deals that day, here are some cost-effective ways to celebrate National CBD Day instead.

Watch CBD Documentaries

You can always learn something new by watching a documentary about it. Go on YouTube, type in CBD documentaries, and see what you find. "Run From the Cure: the Rick Stimpson Story" is a popular CBD oil documentary on YouTube. There are also other clips from USA Today, Business Insider, and other authorities on the subject.

If you have streaming services, you can watch CBD Nation on Roku, Pluto TV, or Tubi for free to learn about the growing body of medical research into cannabis.

Grab a Book From Your Local Library About CBD

If you prefer to read rather than watch television, this is a great option for you! Go to your local library, and check out a book about CBD to learn more about it. Libraries only require that you prove you're a local citizen, so you don't have to pay for a library card to check out books (Just make sure to return them on time!).

Try a New CBD Product or Try One for the First Time

You may have never tried CBD before. If you are interested in trying it, this would be the day to do it! CBD users say to start out with the gummies because they have low doses, and you will not be judged for taking them if you are around judgmental people. Those people may just think you are taking a vitamin gummy!

DIY Ideas for Celebrating National CBD Day

For these DIY ideas, you don't have to leave home.

Have a CBD Party

Host a National CBD Day party with your friends. They can gather at your home, order some pizza or other favorite takeout, and enjoy the chill vibes of consuming CBD products. Whether it's gummies, tinctures, capsules, or prerolls, you and your friends will have a great time being in each other's company while using your favorite CBD product.

Make Your Own CBD Edibles

Find a recipe online for CBD brownies. If you have CBD hemp flowers in a bag to make your own cigars, you can place a tiny bit of the flowers in a brownie or cookie recipe. Enjoy all the cookies yourself for a relaxing night in. Invite family and friends for a chill experience. If you have children, just be sure to keep the CBD cookies separate from the kid-friendly treats. (Though CBD doesn't have psychoactive effects, its impact on children is still relatively unknown.)

Post Yourself Celebrating National CBD Day

If you are comfortable with sharing that you use CBD, you can post a picture of yourself using a CBD product such as oil, gummies, or prerolls. Be sure to tag it as #NationalCBDDay to spread awareness about the product and the holiday.

FAQs About National CBD Day

Is there a National CBD Day?

Yes, there is a National CBD Day celebrated nationwide each year.

Why is National CBD Day celebrated?

National CBD Day is celebrated to raise awareness about CBD and how it can benefit people's health and wellness in moderation.

On which day is National CBD Day celebrated?

National CBD Day is celebrated annually on August 8th.

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