Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day with These Tasty Deals

On July 29, we celebrate the unofficial National Chicken Wing Day by enjoying these succulent snacks during every meal. In celebration of this event, we listed some facts about chicken wings. In addition to being a tasty treat, chicken wings have been cited in food-related cultural references. If you're a fan of Buffalo wings, you can visit the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, where the craze began in 1964.

National Chicken Wing Day has brought many incredible things into our lives. These include an endless supply of amazing wings (losing your teeth in the process) and more wing-themed T-shirts than you can count.

Previous National Chicken Wing Day Deals


Last year, you could celebrate at home through the 7-Eleven app and enjoy a BOGO five-count of bone-in wings. You could get 10 classic bone-in wings for the price of five.


In past years, you could get a BOGO for to go or delivery with an online order. No matter what the restaurant offers, you can count on it being another deal that will make your mouth water.

Buffalo’s Café

Previous deals included their new flavor, Pineapple Habanero. In-store customers could purchase boneless wings. This deal extended until the fall. There is no guarantee of another new flavor, but you can still look forward to trying all their current wing varieties.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Like past years, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a Family XL bundle of 20 traditional boneless wings and French fries for $39.99, available for dine-in or phone orders.

Local deals

No matter what your favorite restaurant is, if they serve wings, you might expect a great deal on this well-known dish. Check it out on National Chicken Wing Day.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day

There are many ways to commemorate the day, including:

  • Take the day to enjoy the ultimate snack, chicken wings. Whether you prefer them baked or fried, mild or wild, there is an incredible variety of ways for you to enjoy this dish.
  • Host a party that features chicken wings, and use many different recipes to prepare them.
  • Purchase a large bag of these delicious treats, and eat them at home with your family or friends.
  • Wear a chicken wing-themed T-shirt to celebrate this day. Many different styles of these T-shirts are available for purchase. These T-shirts come in different sizes and designs for women, men, children, and infants.
  • Design a unique cupcake that features the chicken wing in the icing as a way to celebrate this day.
  • Take a trip to your local Buffalo wing restaurant, and sit down for a deliciously messy meal.
  • Host a large gathering where you serve only wings as snacks. The leftovers can also be enjoyed later that evening after the party is over.

DIY Activities for National Chicken Wing Day

You don’t have to spend much to salute this special day. Budget-friendly ideas include:

  • Serve up some Buffalo dip with all the fixings for party guests. This goes great with chips and any vegetables being served at the party.
  • Make chicken wings with your favorite sauce and then dip them in different spices like ranch or blue cheese dressing to try a variety of flavors at once.
  • Make chicken wings out of paper and use them for a craft project by painting them with different colors and hanging them up in the kids' room or playroom. Or let the kids do the crafts while they're waiting for the real deal.

What We Like About National Chicken Wing Day

National Chicken Wing Day is observed nationwide on July 29 to celebrate versatile chicken wings. There are several reasons why this is an ideal day for festivities:

  • National Chicken Wing Day inspires people to gather together and enjoy a delicious feast.
  • Chicken wings have become part of American culture, and this day has created a vast array of celebrations. Since Chicken Wing Day is observed throughout the United States and in other nations like Canada and Australia, many people consider it a national holiday. This day honors the chicken wing's adaptability, which allows it to be prepared in any amount, for any occasion.
  • Chicken wings are often considered one of the most delicious foods ever invented by man.
  • The National Buffalo Wing Festival is a great way to enjoy this holiday. The event recognizes both Buffalo wings and chicken wings in general, and it offers an enormous amount of juicy wings to enjoy.

History of National Chicken Wing Day

Stan Makowski, the former mayor of Buffalo, initially declared July 29 as National Chicken Wing Day in 1977. Buffalo, New York's second-largest city, is the official origin of chicken wings. National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated all year long in Buffalo, not just on July 29.

According to the National Chicken Wing Day website, Teressa Bellissimo invented Buffalo wings one Friday night in 1964 at the Anchor Bar, which she and her husband, Frank, owned and operated in Buffalo, NY. Their son Dominic was tending bar when several of his friends arrived, ravenous. Teressa served up spicy chicken wings with a side of blue cheese dressing and celery because that's what she had on hand.

Previously, chicken wings were hardly used except for chicken stock. The flavorful dish instantly became popular, and its fame spread quickly throughout Western New York and beyond.

The Bellissimos were not the first restaurateurs in Buffalo to see the promise of wings. In 1963, another local, John Young, had opened Wings ’n Things in the city. However, Young's wings were breaded and topped with a tomato sauce.

In 1977, the city of Buffalo established National Chicken Wing Day. Drew Cerza started the National Buffalo Wing Festival in 2002. Cerza, named "Buffalo Citizen of the Year" in 2003, is now renowned as the culinary icon's wing emissary.


Is there a National Chicken Wing Day?

Yes, National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated every year.

Why Is National Chicken Wing Day celebrated?

People celebrate National Chicken Wing Day to pay tribute to one of America’s favorite dishes. Over 1.33 billion are eaten annually in the United States. That's enough to circle the globe three times!

Which day is National Chicken Wing Day celebrated?

National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated on July 29.

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