How to Combine and Consolidate AMEX Gift Card Balances

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A common gift in the US is gift cards, unfortunately they are a big pain to spend the exact amount. This trick allows you to combine and consolidate small balances left on your AMEX gift cards (it works for Visa and Mastercard too). It also requires you to have an Amazon account and spend the remainder of your balance on Amazon. The upside is it's quick and easy. Note that there is no way to combine AMEX gift cards directly and it’s difficult to split payment and usually not possible to use the exact amount on a retail purchase.

The Quick Method: Reload Amazon Gift Balance

  1. Check the balance on your AMEX Gift Card to confirm available funds. This is important that you know the exact amount.
  2. Head to the Amazon Reload Balance page
  3. Enter the EXACT gift card amount
  4. Click “Add Card” toggle link, and then enter the Gift Card credit card information and hit the “Add Card” button
  5. Select any of your addresses and click "Use this Address" button
  6. Click "Add Card" so it shows in the list above and is selected
  7. You should get a "Thank you, your reload order is placed" with information.
  8. To continue to add more select "Reload your balance again"
  9. Repeat with another AMEX Gift Card

You’ll want to cleanup by removing the cards which is noted at the bottom of this article.

The Slightly Longer Method: Buy an eGift Card

Below is slightly longer but you can send to anyone (or yourself). This trick again requires you to have an Amazon account. In this example I have $33.04 left remaining on an AMEX gift card. Note that any AMEX, Visa or Mastercard gift card should work

Head to the Amazon Gift Card webpage

First head to the Amazon e-Gift Card webpage.

Next enter the exact amount of your AMEX gift card

Enter the EXACT amount of the AMEX gift card balance as well as the email address (of yourself or the person you want to send to). You can check your AMEX gift card balance here.

Head to checkout and click the “Add a credit or debit card” link

Ensure the Gift Card is selected

Double check everything and click Click Place your order

If you already have an Amazon Gift Card balance, there will be a note that Your gift card balance can’t be applied to orders that contain or Visa or Mastercard gift cards, or collectible coins.

Head to Your Email and click the “Apply to your Amazon Account”

You may need to wait 5 minutes, but when you see the email appear, you can simply click the email link. Alternatively you can find the Claim Code in the and enter it here.

That’s it! Your AMEX Gift Card is now added to Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

Once you follow the email, and apply the Amazon Gift Card to your account, you should be all set.

Cleaning Up

After the order is completed you’ll want to head to your Amazon Payment Options area and remove the original gift card from your payment options. This will avoid future issues so you don’t accidentally select it and have your Amazon order denied.

Click “Your Account”.

**Click the “Payment options” link.**

Select the Gift Card payment method you want to delete.

Click Remove to start the removal process.

Click Confirm remove to fully remove the card.

For more details see:

If you want to check your AMEX Gift Card balance again it should be zero


Repeat the process with other gift cards that you have to combine and consolidate them all to your Amazon Gift Balance.

If you are combining small amounts off of various gift cards chances are the credit you transferred to Amazon is a relatively small amount. If you want to save more on your Amazon purchases check out CouponFollow’s full list of Amazon coupons. We have the best deals, discounts and promo codes for Amazon updated daily.