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Couponing for Kids: Consumer Math Games

Published on: 02/16/18
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Consumer math is one of the most important types of math you can learn as a student, and a key aspect of understanding commerce and especially discounts and couponing. What exactly is consumer math you may be wondering? Consumer math means math relating to money and business. Some of the first lessons a student should learn are the names and values of coins and bills. Then, you can learn how to count up money, add and subtract prices, and make change. Once you have mastered these skills, you can work on more advanced math, such as multiplying and dividing prices and learning about how to use fractions and decimals. When it comes to money, it is important to learn how to convert fractions to decimals, and vice versa. It is also important to recognize that regular decimals look different than the way money amounts are usually written. With enough practice, a good consumer will be able to recognize the difference right away.

Money math also comes with its own specific challenges. A consumer math student will need to learn how to use percentages, in order to calculate sales tax, shipping costs, and tips. Percentages also come into play when items have a price markup or a discount. Discounts typically come in the form of a sale or a coupon. Learning to coupon effectively can save you a lot of money at the checkout! Consumer math is not only helpful to learn for the purpose buying things, but selling things too. If you see yourself having a career in business someday, math is very important. Businesspeople need to learn how to balance the costs of running a business and make a profit, and need to use consumer math to do it. Kids can start small: even something as simple as running a lemonade stand involves building consumer math skills.

Games are an excellent way to build consumer math skills in a way that just feels like fun. Students can build on the skills they learned in class by taking interactive math quizzes and playing money and shopping games. Build your skills as a savvy consumer by practicing math and having fun at the same time!

Types of Coins

Start your journey into consumer math with this interactive lesson on the names and values of coins.

Ice Cream Shop Game

Learn the relationship between fractions and money by working at the ice cream shop.

Lemonade Stand Game

Run your own virtual business! This lemonade stand game teaches lots of decision-making skills when it comes to selling a product and making money.

Let's Go Shopping! A Money Lesson

This interactive lesson is all about rounding. Learn to round up or down to the nearest dollar using real-world examples you might see on a shopping trip.

Farm Stand Game

Practice adding and multiplying money at a farmer's produce stand.

Coffee Shop Game

Use math to help you run a coffee shop! This game will teach you about how to set prices, make your customers happy, and earn a profit.

Change Maker

This game teaches an essential skill for any consumer: making change.

Math at the Mall

Using examples, you might see at the mall, practice your math skills and learn about the importance of consumer math in real life.

Learn About Discounts

Read the article and take an interactive quiz to test your knowledge. From a coupon to a sale, discounts are a great way to save those extra dollars!

Coupon Comparison Game

This activity teaches the player to compare coupons and find the better deal.

Taxes, Tips, and Markups

This quiz incorporates sales tax, tips, and markups: three things that require the use of percentages.

Counting Money

Learn to recognize the values of different coins and bills, and count the money as quickly as possible.

Super Grocery Shopper

Become a super shopper! Learn about budgeting and making healthy choices at the grocery store.

Exact Change Game

The game involves making exact change, and doing it quick!

Millionaire Money

Count up the money, and learn the relationship between money and decimals, in this fun game based on the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Create a Coin

Learn all about how coins are made, while designing one of your own.

World of Cents

This game teaches a variety of lessons about money while allowing the player to build their own virtual world.

Money Tic-Tac-Toe

This activity combines the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe with valuable lessons about the value of coins.

Money Master

Are you worthy of the title Money Master? How fast can you make change?

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Finally, if you have any suggestions on additional math games, financial literacy or coupon related resources that your kids might enjoy, feel free to shoot us a message.