Everything you need to know about Macy's price match policy

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time considering a big purchase — and then, as soon as you finally buy the item, you realize it was actually cheaper somewhere else.

Fortunately, Macy’s thinks that’s a rotten deal, too. That’s why the iconic department store offers a Price Adjustment Policy, which allows customers to ask Macy’s to refund the amount they’ve overpaid on an item. It’s a great way to make sure you never spend more than you need to at Macy’s — but as always, there are a few rules and eligibility requirements involved in getting refunds.

This guide explains Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy, how to ask for price adjustments online, how to request furniture or mattress price adjustments, and how to request price adjustments in-store at various Macy’s locations.

Does Macy’s price match?

The short answer here is: yes and no. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll break this down a bit more so that it makes sense.

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Here’s the deal; Macy’s doesn’t price match items from other retailers at the point of sale. Instead of a price match policy, Macy’s has what’s called a “Price Adjustment Policy.” This policy dictates that if you buy an item at a Macy’s store and find out it’s cheaper at one of Macy’s top online competitors, you can then go back to Macy’s and request to have the difference refunded.

It’s important to note that Macy’s won’t adjust prices because you found an item cheaper on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. There’s a core set of competitors that Macy’s is known to price-adjust its products for.

This generally includes retailers like:

If you buy an item at Macy’s and find out later that it’s actually cheaper at one of these stores, you’ll be able to request a retrospective price adjustment. But to get it, you’ll need to prove that the eligible item you bought is selling for a lower price at one of Macy’s competitors.

But as you’d expect, there are quite a few terms and conditions that go with Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy that you’ll need to bear in mind. Let’s walk through it.

How does Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy work?

We’ve discussed what Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy is. Now we’ll explain how it actually works in practice.

Let’s say you buy a lavish product at Macy’s. But then a couple of hours later, you get an ad showing that the same product is $25 cheaper at JCPenney. You then have ten days after your purchase to request a partial refund from Macy’s.

To ask for a price adjustment, you have a few different options.

But just for the purpose of explaining how the policy works in practice, let’s talk about submitting a request online.

To submit a request online, the most popular option is to use Macy’s live chat on its online Price Adjustment Request page.

You’ll need to include your receipt or Macy’s order number to have your request considered. Without one of those, your price adjustment request is probably going to get denied.

Macy’s also offers price adjustments when its products prices drop.

For example, let’s say you buy a king-sized bed set for $150. But a few hours after you’ve paid for that set, Macys.com drops the price of that product down to $100. Fortunately for you, Macy's Price Adjustment Policy covers this.

The policy states that if an item is reduced in price within ten days of your purchase, Macy’s will refund the price difference — but only as long as you didn’t use any promo codes on your original purchase.

How do you ask for a Macy’s price match?

We’ve mentioned briefly how to ask for a Macy’s Price Adjustment online. But there are actually a few different ways you can request a price match — and each option has its own set of protocols.

To help you get started, we’ll break down all of the different ways you can request a price match for Macy’s products.

Request a Macy’s price match online

To request a Price Adjustment online, you’ll need to start a live chat on Macy’s website.

Request a Macy’s Price Adjustment online

To do so, you can click the "Chat Online" button that’s located on the Macys.com website. This link is pretty prominent on the Macys.com homepage and should be visible most days of the week from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. The live chat function is also manned during most holidays (although the hours may be slightly different).

Again: it’s important to remember you can only make price adjustments within ten days of your original purchase. Likewise, you can only request a price match if the original purchase was made without using a promotional code.

Once your request for a price adjustment has been approved, you’ll then get refunded the difference. This will go straight to the card or account you used to make the original purchase.

To make the request process faster, it will help if you’ve got certain pieces of information ready to share in the live chat. This includes your:

  • Order number
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Shipping address
  • Items that need to be adjusted
  • Sale event (if relevant) or date of purchase
  • Promotion code (if relevant)
  • Reason for inquiry (either a price or promotion adjustment)

But one piece of information Macy’s doesn’t want is your account number. The store recommends that you don’t share your account number in any chat correspondence to protect your online details.

It’s also important to note that to protect customer privacy and security, Macy's doesn’t accept any price adjustment requests submitted through other apps or third parties. That means if you see an app claiming to facilitate Macy’s price adjustments, that app isn’t legitimate. Just stick with Macys.com.

Request a Macy’s Price Adjustment for furniture

For price adjustments on big-ticket items like furniture and mattresses, things work a little bit differently. You won’t be able to set things up using a live chat. Instead, you’ll need to email FurnitureandBedding@macys.com directly rather than complete an online form.

 Illustration of furniture store with Macy’s logo

To qualify for a price adjustment for an item that’s now on sale, the sale price adjustment needs to be submitted no later than ten days from the point of purchase for any White Glove, In-Home, and Room of Choice products.

If you’ve received a package from the warehouse, you must request a price adjustment within ten days of shipment from the warehouse. The same rules apply to purchases made from a vendor. Once purchased, you’ll have ten days from the point of shipment to request a price adjustment.

In order to qualify for your price adjustment, you’ll need to include certain pieces of information with your request. This includes your:

  • Sales check number
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Shipping address
  • Items to adjust
  • Sale event (if relevant) or date of purchase
  • Promotion code (if relevant)
  • Reason for inquiry (either a price or promotion adjustment)

If your request for a price adjustment ends up getting approved, you’ll then be refunded the difference straight to the card or account you used for the original purchase.

Request a Macy’s Price Adjustment in-store

Although Macy’s has a pretty well-oiled price adjustment policy in place online, it’s possible to request a price adjustment in a brick-and-mortar Macy’s store, too.

To request a price match at a Macy’s store, you’ll need to talk to that store’s customer service team.

Just like an online price adjustment request, you’ll need to provide your local store’s customer service team with key information about your order. Then, you’ll need to show the team a link to a key competitor’s website in order to prove that your claim is true.

If you’re able to show the Macy's team that the exact same item you’ve just bought is cheaper someplace else, your request will likely be approved.

Just remember that in order to get approved, the customer service team will often require a manager’s approval. That means you may need to wait for the customer service staff to complete any internal protocols to approve the adjustment.

You’ll then normally receive store credit or a refund for the difference. Just like online price adjustments, refunds given for in-store price adjustments are made to the same form of payment you used to make your original purchase.


At the end of the day, nobody wants to pay full price. And if you can take advantage of Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy, you’re benefiting from the product you wanted to buy plus a partial refund of your money.

You’ve just got to make sure you understand Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy, follow the procedure correctly, and provide all the necessary information to get your refund or credit.

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