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The Fourth of July is one of the most iconic federal holidays. When you think of the Fourth of July, you think about barbecues, fireworks, sparklers, parades, American flags and red-white-and-blue decorations. It's one of the few holidays that applies to every single American. Nobody would be here without the events that took place on the Fourth of July—and Americans are dedicated to commemorating that fact.

While it might seem like a modern holiday, Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July since 1777—the year after the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Schools, retailers and offices often take the day off so everyone can celebrate this holiday with their family members. Some people have a conventional celebration with a barbecue and fireworks while others dance, sing or embark on a road trip. Teachers educate their children about this day and encourage them to write essays, learn about history and make patriotic art projects. Everyone commemorates this holiday differently, but here's a few ways you can join in on the festivities.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of the cheapest holidays to celebrate. Many states offer free events, parades and fireworks shows for anyone who wants to attend. Some people spend thousands of dollars on fireworks for private parties, but you can have a lowkey get-together at your house without spending any money. Here are a few budget-friendly ways you can celebrate this national holiday:

  • Attend one of the many free fireworks shows in your area. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and family members without spending any money.

  • Throw some meat on the grill, and have a barbecue at your house. Your friends and neighbors might even invite you to a barbecue of their own.

  • Check out a local event like a Fourth of July parade. If you live in a big city, you can expect large celebrations throughout the day.

  • Take some time to learn about the country's history and why we celebrate the Fourth of July in the first place. It's not just about a single date—a lot of history led up to this point.

  • Listen to patriotic music and learn about its origins. Some classic songs originated back in the 1800s.

  • Host a bonfire and invite people to bring s'mores, hot dogs, burgers and other favorites.

  • Take advantage of the various deals and discounts happening in stores and restaurants throughout your community.

  • If you're a teacher, talk to your kids about this holiday's history. Many people don't truly understand the Fourth of July until they learn about the background and history behind it.

Fourth of July Deals and Discounts

Every year, restaurants and major retailers join in on the festivities. And they're not the only ones—small businesses offer deals and discounts that put everyone in a festive mood. Here's a look at some of the sales that retailers offered in 2024.

Home Depot

In the past, Home Depot offered sales on grills, cookware, appliances and everything else that you need to enjoy the summer. The 2023 sale lasted until July 5.


If you prefer online shopping, Wayfair has offered 55% off clearance appliances. This included small appliances like coffee makers as well as major appliances like washing machines.

IT Cosmetics

In previous years, IT Cosmetics has offered 30% off your order through July 7.

Academy Sports and Outdoors

To commemorate the Fourth of July, Academy Sports and Outdoors has offered 50% off clearance items and 30% off shoes. This sale went on until July 7.

Finish Line

Finish Line has offered $10 off when you spend $100 or more right before the Fourth of July holidays. This is a good time to stock up on summer footwear.


PacSun has offered an impressive 40% off your order with virtually no exceptions.


In the past, Reebok has offered 50% off sale items when you use a coupon code. This sale lasted until July 11, giving you plenty of time to shop.

Saks Fifth Avenue

If you like designer clothes, Saks Fifth Avenue has offered 70% off sale items.

World Market

World Market has offered 10% off your order when you use a promo code. Like other retailers, this sale went on until July 7.

Why Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July is one of the most important dates in American history. Without the events that happened on that date—and the events that led up to it—the United States wouldn't exist. The Fourth of July is one of the oldest holidays, with celebrations dating all the way back to 1777. Today, Americans keep the tradition alive with Fourth of July events and parades across the country.

History of the Fourth of July

On July 4, 1776, the founding fathers officially signed the Declaration of Independence. This marked the birth of the United States of America—a date that Americans have celebrated ever since. Famous Americans like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin celebrated the day in the years after the Declaration of Independence was ratified.

The holiday was so popular that it remained in place over the next few centuries and still has a massive following today. Congress made the Fourth of July a holiday for government employees in 1870, but it didn't become an official federal holiday until 1938. Today, many Americans take the day off to relax, hang out with friends and celebrate the unique history of their country.


Is There a Fourth of July?

Yes! Americans celebrate the Fourth of July every year.

Why Is the Fourth of July celebrated?

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July to commemorate the birth of their country in 1776.

Which Day Is the Fourth of July celebrated on?

The holiday is celebrated each year on the fourth day of July, no matter what day it lands on.

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