28 Restaurants That Offer Free Delivery

Everywhere we dine these days, there are more and more extra fees on the receipt on top of the cost of the actual meal. From fees called “compliance” fees to bold requests to tip on counter take-away orders well under $5, it is refreshing to know that if you are ordering in, you can get free delivery of your favorite foods. While free delivery with “no strings attached” can be rare since companies like DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates do need to pay your local friendly drivers to get your food to your doorstep, there are plenty of current trial offers that include unlimited free deliveries just by trying out these food delivery services. After the trial period, you can decide if you want to pay the monthly fee to continue to get free delivery (on minimum orders) and continue to unlock other discounts.

Whether it's wings for the big game, a healthy hot meal for the dinner table, or ordering donuts and coffee to feed a large work crew, here are 28 restaurants you can order from and get free delivery from, with options for free grocery delivery as well.

7 Restaurants Offering Free Delivery via DoorDash’s “Dash Pass”

DoorDash can connect you to local restaurants in your area and also features fast-food and popular chain restaurants to order from. Once you sign up for DoorDash with your phone number and email, you can easily place your order online or use their app, and you can also track your food from the moment the order is placed to the time it arrives at your door. If you sign up for the company’s DashPass free trial, you will receive unlimited free delivery for an entire month on orders over $12 from thousands of participating local restaurants and also take 10% off your orders of $12 or more from select restaurants. Plus, there is no contract, and you have the option to cancel your trial in the app or on the DoorDash website anytime with no hidden or additional fees and with no questions asked. Plus, there are tons of additional DashPass benefits, like rewards to use towards future purchases and reduced service fees for DashPass members. Usually the average delivery fee on DoorDash is around $0.99 per order, so if you order delivery at least twice a week as a DashPass member, you will more than cover the cost of the waived monthly fee since you will also receive other discounts on service fees and on your total food order. Should you decide to stick with DashPass after the first 30 days of your trial, you will have an automatic monthly charge of $9.99 if you want to continue to receive free deliveries on your orders, but their no-hassle cancellation makes it easy to opt out of the charge at any time. Check out some of the free food delivery options using DashPass:

  • McDonald’s: Place your order (min. $12) from your local McDonald’s and get your fast food fast with free 15- to 30-minute delivery, or schedule your meal for a later time and still enjoy free delivery. On DoorDash, you can even order extra-big Mac Sauce on the side or remove salt from your fries.

  • Subway: You just need 2 sandwiches to qualify for a $0 delivery fee on a $12 order minimum. You can even choose your bread and request it to be toasted and double your protein using the drop-down menu choices to make your order uniquely yours.

  • Wendy’s: Order a Frosty and a custom hamburger, or choose a Wendy’s Combo and select from over 10 sides. Depending on your side, your cost may even be lowered and automatically applied at check-out, along with a waived $0.99 delivery fee. You can even swap your bun for a lettuce “bun.”

  • Chick-Fil-A: A $1.99 delivery fee is waived with your DashPass and everyone’s favorite spicy chicken sandwich and waffle fries can be at your doorstep or office in minutes from the time you order.

  • Cheesecake Factory: Ordering a single slice of classic cheese cake? Delivery is still free if you add on just one more item for at least $1 to meet the minimum for free delivery and reduced service fees.

  • Applebee’s: Bring the appetizers and party foods to your home. So long as you are within the delivery area of your nearest Applebee’s, your delivery is still fast and free.

  • Wingstop: Order a ton of wings for game time and get it all delivered to your house for free. Pick from over 10 sauces on the DoorDash drop-down menu to customize your order. You can even choose boneless wings or veggie sticks as a side for no extra fee.

  • Noodles & Co: If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the 26 states with a Noodles & Co (474 restaurants), you can have their World Famous Mac and Cheese dishes, Asian Noodles, or Stuffed Pasta delivered for free for family dinner or catering for the office. Prefer veggies over pasta? You can even select “Zoodles” (zucchini noodles) in the easy-to-use drop-down menus on DoorDash.

7 Restaurants Offering Free Delivery via Uber Eats’ “Eats Pass”

Eats Pass is a membership that gives you discounts on your Uber Eats orders, but with added benefits and available promotions in your area. The best way to access free food delivery is to sign up for the current trial of Uber One, where members get savings and exclusive perks on both Uber ride-sharing services and UberEats.

It is important to note that the trial offer is only for new users and first-time members, but Uber’s site says you can expect to save an average of $27 per month with Uber One. You can try Uber One to enjoy free unlimited deliveries before you commit to the full monthly subscription, and you can cancel at any time before or after your trial ends with no fee. You can also sign up for an annual membership for $99.99 to save even more, and your first month is still free. Check out some of the free food delivery options using Eats Pass as part of Uber One:

  • Jersey Mike’s: Choose your sandwiches and easily customize your toppings and add-ons. Delivery is free with an Eats Pass subscription and with Uber One, and you’ll also save on service fees.

  • Papa John’s: Choose your pizza (or wings) and sauces, and even choose if you want a well-baked crust for your pie. Pizzas are delivered for free right to your door with Uber Eats Pass subscription and Uber One and you’ll also save on any service fees.

  • Dunkin Donuts: Whether it is breakfast or brunch cravings, order donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee for your entire crew quickly and for free with Eats Pass subscription, and with Uber One, you’ll also see extra savings on service fees.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Wings, fries, and even fried dill pickles in under an hour for free with Eats Pass subscription and Uber One, and you’ll also save on service fees.

  • Popeyes: Order Popeyes Louisiana-inspired spicy chicken and even southern-style biscuits with your Uber EatsPass subscription and also save on service fees and your order total if you have Uber One.

  • Mcalister’s: Bring the deli to your dinner table with hand-crafted sandwiches, soups, or stuffed spuds if you live in one of the 29 states with a Mcalister’s Deli near you. No delivery fee with your Eats Pass subscription.

  • Global Quesadilla Company: If you’re lucky enough to live in Missouri, you can satisfy your craving for quesadillas inspired by flavors from around the world. You can even order frozen foods to heat up at your convenience, and delivery is free with your Eats Pass subscription.

7 Restaurants Offering Free Delivery Via GrubHub "GrubHub +"

GrubHub+ is a membership service to tap into free deliveries from GrubHub, and the free 30-day trial unlocks unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders of $12 and up from restaurants in your area as well as lower service fees and 5% back on pickup orders. The best deal for GrubHub+ is for Amazon Prime members who receive a free full-year GrubHub+ membership (normally $9.99/month) with their Prime membership and can enjoy free unlimited delivery for a full 12 months.

Check out some of the free food delivery options using GrubHub+:

  • Qboda: Select from your choice of Mexican-inspired bowls, burritos, quesadillas, and more and get your order quickly and for free with a GrubHub+ subscription. Check out extra savings on service fees as well.
  • Chili’s: Bring the party home and get it all with no delivery fee when you order from GrubHub+ with your trial subscription.
  • Chipotle: Craving a high-protein bowl and prefer to have all your toppings on the side? The GrubHub+ menu allows you to easily customize your bowl or burrito to your liking and skip any delivery fees.
  • Five Guys: Easily place burgers, dogs, and even milkshakes in your cart and have them delivered to your home or office without paying any delivery fees when you order via your GrubHub+ account.
  • Crushed Red: Give back to the planet and feed your appetite for delicious and healthy foods delivered quickly and with no extra delivery fee via GrubHub+. You can choose from chopped salads with organic ingredients or pizzas that feature crispy whole-grain crusts and organic tomato sauce.
  • Panera Bread: Everyone's favorite cafe now has free delivery if you use your trial GrubHub+ membership to bring the best sandwiches, salads, soups, and pastries to your door.

7 Restaurants Offering Free Delivery Via Postmates's "Postmates Unlimited"

You probably have already used PostMates at least once to order food on your phone and track your order from the moment it’s prepared, so why not try a 30-day trial of Postmates Unlimited to unlock 5% off restaurant orders over $15 on your order along with unlimited free delivery.

If you are eligible for a free trial, you can cancel anytime with no penalties or fees, but be careful to cancel any free offer at least 48 hours before your current billing cycle ends if you decide not to continue with PostMates Unlimited to avoid the $9.99 membership fee via UberOne, which acquired PostMates. The good news is that the previous 7-day trial could be converted into a full month of free delivery if you choose to try out PostMates Unlimited via UberOne. Just enter your phone number when prompted during sign-up to see if you are eligible for a month of free delivery.

Check out some of the free food delivery options using PostMates Unlimited:

  • Potbelly: Select stacked sandwiches, 3-cheese macs, and chicken pot pie soup from the PostMates menu and get free delivery during your PostMates Unlimited trial period.
  • Blaze: Easily build your custom large pizza in the PostMates app by choosing from 5 different doughs and over 8 cheese choices. The combos are limitless, and the delivery will be free no matter how many times you order during the trial.
  • Del Taco: Satisfy your cravings for Tex Mex, Del Taco’s famous tacos, and also hamburgers (with crinkle fries) or egg scramble wraps, and never worry about being charged a delivery fee when you sign up for a PostMates Unlimited trial.
  • Jet’s Pizza: It’s never been easier to order deep-dish Detroit-style corner pizza and your own bottle of ranch (literally, you can order your own squeeze bottle of ranch dressing from the PostMates app) and get it all delivered for free.
  • Sonic: Get free delivery on your order of corn dogs, tater tots, and Sonic Blast shakes, or add a cheeseburger with fresh lettuce and tomatoes to get your veggies in and make sure to add Sonic’s classic cherry limeade to your cart.
  • Panda Express: Satisfy your craving for that famous orange chicken with Panda Express’ secret sweet and spicy sauce as many times as you want and never pay a delivery fee with your PostMates Unlimited trial membership.
  • Sweet Green: Order your favorite custom seasonal salad made with local ingredients to get farm-to-table food delivered to your office daily, and never worry about paying a delivery fee during your PostMates Unlimited trial period.

How To Get Free Grocery Delivery

If you don’t plan to max out your free delivery with daily orders from local fast-food restaurants, you can also enjoy free delivery on groceries with several deals and promotions to round out your weekly meals and keep your pantry stocked. Amazon Prime Members have one of the best offers since they can get ultrafast 2-hour grocery delivery for free and choose from items from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and other local and specialty stores on Amazon as part of their Prime perks. Amazon Fresh is made up of both online and actual grocery stores, and because of the size of Amazon, they can offer competitively low prices on your favorite food brands on top of same-day free delivery. Instacart is another great option to get your first three grocery deliveries for free during their “3 Free Delivery Promotion.” Orders must be a minimum of $10, and your first order must be placed within 14 days of signing up. Free delivery on qualifying orders will be automatically applied at checkout. (Note: orders must be from a single participating retailer or store for the delivery fee to be waived.) If you are a Costco member, you may already have access to free deliveries from Instacart. Costco members who are new to Instacart+ can receive two full free months of Instacart+ membership. But if you have used Instacart before, you can still save as a Costco member and receive a reduced annual Instacart+ membership for $79 (which is about $7 per month) to tap into free grocery deliveries.

In addition, DashPass, UberOne, GrubHub+, and Postmates Unlimited all allow you to order groceries and still enjoy free delivery as part of your membership, even during any trial sessions.

How To Save More Money When Buying Food or With Delivery

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