Parents Guide to Free Homeschooling Materials

In the words of Bob Dylan, Times they are a'changin. In the days, weeks and months since the Covid-19 virus has taken the world by storm, our lives as we used to know them are completely different. From work to school to daily activities, this virus has disrupted everything.

If your child's school has been closed and moved to an online curriculum, you may be feeling overwhelmed and lost. Getting abruptly thrown into helping your children with their school work can be scary; if you don't know where to start, we're here to help. Below you will find a wide variety of free online lesson plans, educational games and other activities to help you and your children through this difficult time. There are more than 120 resources listed below, and many of these resources link to even more great places to help in the homeschooling process.


No matter what age or skill level your child is at, there's math help for them listed below. From printable graphs and charts, to online lesson plans and games, there are plenty of fun - but educational - websites to choose from!

Language Arts

Are you looking for spelling help? What about the best way to organize your essay or term paper? If you struggle with learning parts of speech, have no fear: All things English and Language Arts are listed below.

Social Studies

Do you know when the Declaration of Independence was signed? What years did WWI take place? Can you name the branches of the US Government? Test out your social studies knowledge below.


Do you know how to read a map? Can you name all the continents and bodies of water? Do you know all 50 US capitals?


From physical science to earth science to chemistry, there are plenty of reference guides and at home science projects to keep you and your family entertained and learning.


Technology is unavoidable these days. If you're looking to improve your typing and keyboarding skills, want to learn how to code or are looking for fun engineering projects, you've come to the right place!

According to national news reports, at the time of this writing, it may be quite some time before schools reopen. In response to this, many teachers and established educational organizations are encouraging parents and guardians to assist in the development process even more than before, and to help kids establish daily routines, and strengthen relationships and resilience.

There are additional resources available to both teachers and parents to aid in accomplishing successful learning at home in this new environment, including local help desks, online support groups and webinars. It’s also important to note that to get through this difficult time everyone must remain diligent about keeping themselves and each other healthy, especially the kids.

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