Learning at Home: Free Online Brain Teasers, Mind Games, Puzzles and More!

Bored or stuck at home? Want to limit mindless screen time? Today we’ve put together a list of free brain teasers, optical illusions, puzzles, mind games and more to stimulate brain activity! These are great free tools to get your kiddos brain going, and give your own a wakeup in the process as well.

Brain Teasers

What are Brain Teasers? Brain Teasers are a clever and fun way of challenging your brain! These problem solving games will keep you on your toes and will force you to think outside of the box! Young and old alike will get a brain work out with these Brain Teasers! Check out these free games below:

Optical Illusions

What are Optical Illusions? Optical Illusions are all about visual perception. Optical Illusions deceive the eye and make you think you're seeing something that does not exist or is other than it appears. Optical Illusions are fun for all ages and can really make you think twice about how you view things. Check out these Optical Illusions below!:


What are Riddles? Riddles are a question or sentence that is purposely phrased in a way that requires thorough thought on the correct answer. Riddles are fun and have been used all throughout literature. Try these fun riddles online:

Puzzles and Other Educational Games

Check out this list of free online puzzles and educational games to keep your brain and memory sharp!

We hope you enjoy this list of activities, we’ve been mindful when putting it together! Feel free to get in touch if you have other suggestions to add to the list.