All About Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day rally

All About Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day, celebrated on the second Monday of October, is a day to bring honor to and awareness of Indigenous history and culture. In 2021, Indigenous Peoples Day will be observed on October 11. On this day each year, many choose to celebrate by participating in public events in support of the Indigenous, visiting and supporting Native American-run venues, and taking part in cultural and educational events.

Previous Deals for Indigenous Peoples Day

Many retailers each year have sales on Indigenous Peoples Day, which is the last major holiday before Black Friday. During this time, many retailers offer specials and other exclusive savings. Discounts can be found in-person or online.

Williams Sonoma

During Indigenous Peoples Day in the past, Williams Sonoma has offered customers an extra 20% off on clearance merchandise when using a code. Items available at the discounted rate included cookware, appliances, and other kitchen accessories.


During previous Indigenous Peoples Days, Target has offered discounts of up to 25% off home products as well as free books or movies with purchase. Target has also offered $10 off a $50 purchase of Halloween costumes.


In the past, Ulta has offered deep discounts for Indigenous Peoples Day. By using online coupons or promo codes, buyers have saved up to 50% on beauty products at Ulta.

Local Deals

Locally, Indigenous-run businesses offer discounts for the day. Check out your local native gift shops or art venues for specific deals.

Budget-Friendly Things to Do on Indigenous Peoples Day

Are you looking for free and low-key activities to help you recognize this special day? Here are a couple of ideas that will help fill your day with meaning and possibly even keep you fascinated for days to come.

Begin to Learn an Endangered Indigenous Language for Free

There are several apps and online courses that now teach nearly extinct tribal languages. Many have subscription costs, but if you would like to learn for free, go to the non-profit, They now offer free language courses for 20 Indigenous languages, including Cree, Ojibwe, and Dakota.

Enlighten Your Mind With Indigenous Culture and History at an Indigenous Library

In order to protect their own history, many tribes have begun to run their own libraries that are focused primarily on tribal literature, music, arts and traditions. You can visit one of these Indigenous libraries and be immersed in Indigenous culture, all for free. If you can't find one near you, visit your area's public library and check out a few books or other media that is of tribal origin.

DIY Activities for Indigenous Peoples Day


Face-painting is an intricate part of Indigenous heritage. Learn to face paint in solidarity with your local tribes. You can find video tutorials online that teach you the art of tribal face painting. This can also be a project kids will really enjoy.


Get Crafty and Decorate

You can make a variety of Indigenous crafts at home. As an added bonus, your creations can be used to decorate your home. Try making cornhusk dolls produced from the husks of corn, yarn and a couple of other items. Other things you can make include a felt teepee, peace pipe, medicine bag, totem poles, Indian drum and more. Instructions for all these crafts and more can be found online.

What to Do on Indigenous Peoples Day

Need to get out and about and celebrate with a larger group? Then the following ideas are for you.

Join in on the Festivities

Many cities offer festivals or parades on this day. Festivities include times of prayer, drumming, singing, story-telling, dance, and more. Admission is often free. Some local museums have exhibitions of Indigenous art while also hosting other cultural activities in celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Eat at a Restaurant With Authentic Indigenous Cuisine

Experience some Indigenous flavor by eating at a restaurant with authentic Indigenous foods. The menu will vary depending upon the tribe that is involved. Menus feature sweet and savory selections, free-range or grass-fed meat, plant-based ingredients, and even coffee or beer. Food is cooked using herbs and spices unique to a particular tribe, so the flavor is authentic to the specific tribe cooking the food.

What We Like About Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day is a celebration of the diverse Indigenous peoples and their culture. On this day, we enjoy special deals, cultural opportunities, food, and more. We also get to learn more about Indigenous history and traditions.

History of Indigenous Peoples Day

Origin of Indigenous Peoples Day

Columbus Day was observed beginning in the early 1900s. Starting in the mid-1900s, however, many began to increasingly advocate for the celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day on the same day as Columbus Day. In 1992, Berkeley, CA, was one of the first places to observe Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. Since then, more and more cities have followed suit.

Why Did Columbus Day Become Indigenous Peoples Day?

When Christopher Columbus came to the New World, the result was the killing and mistreatment of native, Indigenous people. Natives were stolen from, taken captive, abused, displaced, and killed. When people became increasingly aware of these historical details, they began to push for the observance of Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. The day has now become a commemoration of Indigenous sacrifice and oppression as well as a celebration of Indigenous history and ways of living.


Is there an Indigenous Peoples Day?

Yes. There is an Indigenous Peoples Day that is celebrated annually.

Why is Indigenous Peoples Day important?

Indigenous Peoples Day is important because it brings awareness and special honor to the lives and cultures of the first inhabitants of this land.

Which day is Indigenous Peoples Day celebrated?

Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated on the same date as Columbus Day each year. This year, Indigenous Peoples Day is on October 11.

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