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While the United States honors Mother's Day and Father's Day, children often wonder why they don't have a day of their own. National Daughter's Day gives parents a special day to show their daughters how much they mean to them. The holiday also builds awareness for the oppression that women and girls face around the world. If you have daughters, take this opportunity to spend quality time with them. And if you don't, learn about the struggles that women face and how you can help.

History of National Daughter's Day

National Daughter's Day originated in India, where men typically prefer their sons over their daughters. National Daughter's Day draws attention to the struggles that women face and encourages parents to value their children. Over time, National Daughter's Day spread across the world and became a holiday in countries like the United States. While it's not a federal holiday, people take the opportunity to spend time with their daughters, write them letters or give them gifts so that they know how special they are.

National Daughter's Day Deals

National Daughter's Day deals are hard to find since it's not a federal holiday. However, you might find local deals if you look around in your area. Local stores and restaurants might offer a discount, especially if you bring your daughter with you.

Go online to see if any online retailers are offering special deals to celebrate the day. Small retailers are more likely to offer deals than national chains. Plus, online stores might offer sales and coupon codes exclusively for the holiday. This is a great opportunity to buy a gift for your daughter and, possibly, support a woman-owned store at the same time.

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Celebrating National Daughter's Day on a Budget

National Daughter's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to spend time with your daughters. Here are a few ways you could celebrate with your girls:

  • Treat your daughter to a day out with their parent. Go to the movies, visit their favorite restaurant or visit the city for a day. This is especially important for adult daughters who might not get a lot of time off.

  • Write a letter to your daughter. You can talk about her childhood and discuss everything that you love about her. She'll keep the letter and reread it every time she's going through a hard time.

  • Learn about your family history and your female ancestors. You could work on this project together or present the knowledge to her as a gift.

  • Donate to a charity that supports women throughout the world. You could make this donation in your daughter's name.

  • Send your daughter flowers or a small gift in the mail. If she's not expecting it, the gift will be even more special.

  • If your daughter has daughters of her own, get everyone together for a family outing. You can go to the park or find other free activities that fit your budget.

  • Write a post about your daughter on social media. This draws attention to the holiday and makes your daughter feel loved and valued. Plus, her friends and relatives will probably chime in with their own affectionate comments.

If you don't have a daughter, here are a few ways you could pay tribute to daughters around the world:

  • Learn about women's rights movements throughout the world, and see how you can help. Many countries don't offer women the same freedom that they enjoy in the United States.

  • Educate yourself about women's rights issues in the United States — women have come far, but there's still a long way to go.

  • Donate money to a women's shelter in your area.

  • Watch a movie or TV show directed by a woman or heavily featuring female characters. Notice how women are often portrayed in comparison to men.

  • Buy a book written by a female author.

  • Visit a woman-owned business, or buy an item from a woman-owned online store.

  • Spend time with another female relative — they're somebody's daughter, too.

  • Share a post about the day on social media to let everyone know about this holiday. Many people have no idea that National Daughter's Day exists, and they'd love to get the chance to have fun with their daughters.

Charities to Support on National Daughter's Day

During National Daughter's Day, you can donate to charities across the world that give women access to shelter, food, counseling, education, menstrual products and other necessities. Here are a few charities that you can donate to any time of the year.

Helping Women Period

Women living in poverty often lack access to menstrual products like pads and tampons. Helping Women Period donates menstrual products to women in need, particularly women who suffer from poverty and racial disparity. You can donate money or donate products at their nearest drop-off location.

Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. has hundreds of locations in cities throughout the United States. Each location aims to mentor and educate girls and help them build positive relationships with other women in their community. You can donate to them directly or take part in one of their events.

Women's Funding Network

Women's Funding Network works with dozens of women's charities to help them advance their causes. You can donate to the Women's Funding Network through their website and choose a one-time gift or a recurring donation.


Is there a National Daughter's Day?

Yes! Americans celebrate National Daughter's Day to cherish their daughters and talk about their accomplishments.

Why is National Daughter's Day celebrated?

National Daughter's Day gives people the chance to honor women and girls and advance feminist causes around the world. Parents also get the chance to celebrate their own daughters and spend time with them.

Which day is National Daughter's Day celebrated on?

Americans celebrate National Daughter's Day on September 25.

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