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What Is National Fast Food Day?

Whether you hit the drive-thru or take the time to dine in, National Fast Food Day offers you the opportunity to celebrate a uniquely American favorite: the fast-food eatery. You may favor a juicy burger and fries in a paper bag, a cheesy pizza from a box or spicy foreign cuisine wrapped up in little cardboard containers. However you serve it up, National Fast Food Day is a fun way for friends and family to gather and enjoy an easy, tasty meal together.

What Deals Can You Expect on National Fast Food Day?

Across the country, fast-food restaurants offer unique deals on this special day. One of the best ways to find out about and take advantage of National Fast Food Day events and specials is to sign up for your favorite fast food joint’s mobile app or email newsletter. Here are just a few of the deals featured in years past on National Fast Food Day.


In the past, Arby’s has celebrated National Fast Food Day by offering customers a free soft drink and free fries with the purchase of a signature sandwich. You need to sign up for their mailing list in order to be eligible to take advantage of this special.


If you are craving spicy fried chicken, celebrate National Fast Food Day by ordering a family meal from Popeye’s and you may get a free side item with your purchase.


Participating Subway restaurants have in the past offered a free footlong sub with the purchase of two other footlong subs if you order through their mobile app or online. Be sure to sign up and look for this deal.


Chick-fil-A is big on offering free items and rewards through their mobile app, so be sure to sign up, download the app and watch for specials on various menu items to use on National Fast Food Day.

Little Caesar’s

In years past, Little Caesar’s has offered several unique deals for customers on National Fast Food Day such as a bundle of four slices of pepperoni pizza, eight Italian Cheese Stix and a Crazy Sauce all for only $6 during the special.

Baskin Robbins

Yummy desserts can count as fast food, too. Be sure to download the Baskin Robbins mobile app and look for specials, such as a free scoop of your favorite ice cream, to enjoy on National Fast Food Day.

Local Restaurants

Save $21 off your $25 certificate to local restaurants in your city from 11/15-11/19 only with code FASTFOOD.

Some of your favorite local fast food places may be offering unique deals specific to that location. Be sure to check social media and local news to find out which franchises have the best deals for celebrating National Fast Food Day.

Celebrating National Fast Food Day on a Budget

Even though fast food restaurants are known for inexpensive options, feeding a whole family can still end up putting a pinch on your budget if you are not careful with the selections. There are, however, a few ways to save those pennies while still having a blast on National Fast Food Day.

Check Out the Dollar Menus

Most fast food places offer a deeply discounted portion of their menu featuring some of their most popular, long-standing items. When planning your National Fast Food Day banquet, start with the dollar menu section to see how low you can go with the final total at the window.

Get Take-Out and Get Creative

Why not share some of the supersized items and save a few bucks? Often it is more cost-effective to purchase one large item instead of three small portions of that same item, so consider hitting the drive-thru for those larger portions, bringing them home and getting creative with a sort of fast food charcuterie board for family and friends to share.

DIY and Other Activities for National Fast Food Day

Have some family fun by making a big event out of National Fast Food Day.

Fast Food Tour

Grab your keys and load up in the car for a local fast food tour of your area. Allow each family member to order from their favorite restaurant along the tour, and then land at a local park for a fun, fast food family picnic.

Bring the Restaurant Vibe to Your Home

If you want to bring your fast food items home for the meal, why not transform your dining room into your favorite fast-food eatery? Have the kiddos design some homemade paraphernalia such as menus, restaurant logos, signs and more to decorate your home just like the restaurant.

Fast Food Block Party

This special day might even be the perfect excuse to throw a fast-food-themed party for your neighborhood and friends. Sent out invites hyping National Fast Food Day and encourage your friends and neighbors to brown-bag it over to your backyard with their favorite fast-food fare for a uniquely self-catered event.

What Is the History of National Fast Food Day?

National Fast Food Day is a relatively new holiday, and its beginning dates are a little uncertain, but it is now celebrated annually on November 16. The day is intended to allow families and groups the perfect opportunity to skip the cooking for an evening and enjoy one of America’s favorite past times: devouring quick, easy, delicious meals from popular fast-food restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Fast Food Day

Is There a National Fast Food Day?

Yes! National Fast Food Day is celebrated annually in the United States.

Why Is National Fast Food Day Celebrated?

National Fast Food Day encourages hungry Americans to skip out on cooking for the day and to visit their favorite fast-food restaurants to indulge in some delicious fast-food fare.

Which Day Is National Fast Food Day Celebrated On?

National Fast Food Day is celebrated on November 16 of each year.

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