National Pizza Study: US Consumer Purchasing Behavior [REPORT]

We surveyed 1,026 Americans during National Pizza Week (in January) to understand their pizza behaviors. We got answers to understand how they eat pizza, order pizza, even spending and savings habits on pizza. And perhaps most interesting of all, the “right way” to eat pizza.

How Often Do You Eat Pizza?

  • Almost all Americans eat pizza, in fact, only 1% never eat pizza.

  • 70% of Americans eat pizza at least a few times a month, with 31% admitting to eating it once a week or more.

  • Americans with children are only slightly more likely to eat pizza then Americans with no children each month (73% compared to 69%)

  • However, 26% of Americans with children said they eat pizza about once a week, compared to 17% of Americans with no children.

How Do You Like Your Pizza?

  • When asked if they had to choose only one topping which would it be the overwhelming majority picked Pepperoni. Here’s the breakdown: Pepperoni (40%), Sausage (13%), Mushrooms (10%), Extra Cheese (10%), Pineapple (6%), Bacon (5%), Olives (3%), Onions (3%), Peppers (3%), Other (5%)
  • 16% of men prefer Sausage as their favorite pizza topping, compared to just 10.5% of women.
  • 11.5% of women prefer Mushrooms as their favorite pizza topping, compared to just 7.75% of men.

What’s the Right Way To Eat Pizza?

  • 60% say they eat pizza using the Pinch and Hold method (finger in the middle of the crust, other fingers beneath the slice for support), compared to just 20% who prefer to fold it in half (sorry New Yorkers!), 10% who use a fork and knife, 5% who eat it crust first, and 5% who it eat some “other” way.
  • Only 41% of Americans were confident that the way they eat pizza is the “right way”, versus 26% who were sure their way is not the “right way”, and 33% who just weren’t sure.

How Do You Order Your Pizza?

Older generations still prefer to order pizza by phone, while younger generations prefer the Internet, specifically Mobile Apps.

  • 43% of Americans 54 and older prefer to order pizza by phone, compared to just 30% of the generation who prefer to order online.
  • 66% off Gen-Z and young Millennials (up to age 28) prefer to order pizza using the Internet, compared to just 15% who prefer by phone.
  • 53% of Millennials prefer to order pizza using a mobile device compared to a computer, phone or in-person.
  • Millennials prefer mobile apps the most when ordering pizza via the Internet; When Millennials order using the Internet 77% prefer to use a mobile device; The breakdown as follows: 50% prefer to order on a mobile app, 27% prefer mobile web and 23% prefer to order on a desktop or notebook computer.
  • When ordering a pizza, most Americans usually order a Large size pizza. In fact, 57% usually order a large pizza, compared to 26.5% who order a medium sized pizza.

Where Do You Order Your Pizza From?

  • 59% said they prefer a local pizza place versus 41% who said they prefer a pizza chain
  • When choosing a national pizza chain to order from 10 popular chains, over half of Amiercans would choose either Dominos (26%) or Pizza Hut (25%). Other picks include Papa Johns (16%), Little Caesars (9%), California Pizza Kitchen (7%), and Papa Murphy's (5%).
  • Dominos is significantly more popular among Gen-Zers (35%) compared to older generations; Only 21% of Generation Xers and 17.5% Baby Boomers said their favorite pizza joint was Dominos, compared to 35% of Gen-Zers.

How Much Do You Spend On Pizza?

  • Almost all consumers have some monthly budget for pizza; only about 3% spend nothing on pizza in a given month.

  • 57% of Americans spend more than $20 a month on pizza

  • Most Americans (60%) spend between $11 and $30 per month on pizza.

  • Close to 1 out of 3 Americans (31%) spend between $21 and $30 per month on pizza, while 10% spend in the $1 - $10 range, 29% spend in the $11 - $20 range, 19% spend in the $41 - $50 range, 8% spend $51 or more.

Americans love discounts on their pizza.

  • 90% of Americans have used a coupon or coupon when ordering their pizza. Only 10% of Americans state they never use a coupon or coupon code when ordering their pizza.
  • 3 out of 4 Americans at least sometimes use a coupon or coupon code when ordering their pizza. In fact, 40% always or almost always use coupons when ordering!
  • Americans prefer dollars off deductions on their pizza order.
  • 48% stated they prefer to receive a Dollars Off type discount, compared to 23% stating a percentage off, 16% who prefer free sides or drinks and 11% who prefer free toppings.
  • Older generations like to save those Washingtons! Dollars off coupons are more popular among older generations, while younger generations are more open to percentage off and free sides or drinks. While only 1 of 3 (33%) Gen-Zers preferred dollars off discount, over half (59%) of Baby Boomers preferred dollars off as their favorite type of discount.


CouponFollow conducted a survey using the SurveyMonkey platform on January 12-13, 2020 to collect responses from 1,026 adults in the U.S. about their pizza habits and preferences.

Sneak Peak at National Pizza Day Deals

Each year pizza chains large and small have special promotions to show their appreciation for National Pizza Day, which falls on February 9th. The CouponFollow team tracks all of these coupons, promotions and sales. You can see a preview of what's coming below. The list will be continually updated as more pizzerias release their deals.

Pizza Hut: $5 'N Up Lineup; buy 2 or more select items starting at $5 OR get a $10 Large Meat Lover's Pizza

Domino's: Take home any two medium pizzas, bread twists, salads, pasta, stuffed cheesy bread and more for just $5.99 each.

Papa John's: For just $10, get their brand new Alfredo garlic parmesan crust pizza.

Marco’s Pizza: For National Pizza day, buy any large pizza and get a medium cheese for free with the promo code BOGOCHZ at checkout. Additionally, customers can get a medium pizza for just $6.99 with the code MED699 through Feb. 23.

BJ's Restaurant: Use code 10OFF40 for $10 off any orders of $40 or more through Feb 9.

UNO's Pizzeria: Buy 1 pizza at regular price, get 1 for $7 - takeout only.

Blackjack Pizza & Salads has several promo codes running as follows:

Get the Blackjack Trio for $21 with code TRIO

Get a Triple-Topper for $13.99 with code TT

Large two-topping pizza and regular salad for $17.99 with code PSAL

The All-In, which includes a large specialty pizza, large one-topping pizza, Cheesebread plus two-liter soda for just $29.99 with code ALLIN

Shakey's: Get a medium pizza along with a 1/2 pound of their famous Mojo potatoes for just $16.

PsychsoftPC: Need a new gaming system? On National Pizza day, get a free pizza with purchase of a gaming computer and workstation using the coupon code WWLCD (meaning “What would Lara Croft do?”)