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All About National Tequila Day

Tequila is a drink with a rich history going back thousands of years. It is produced solely in Mexico, the only source of officially labeled tequila. The agave plant that it derives from is grown in Mexico, but because of its legal protection, it is only labeled from the source of the distillery under the proper circumstances.

Tequila Specials and Deals

Blue Mesa Grill

If you are celebrating on the town, there are deals waiting for you. Blue Mesa Grill offers National Tequila Day specials on dinner. Get a meal for two and drinks for a great deal to celebrate National Tequila Day.

Bonefish Grill

Already know where you want to go? If Bonefish Grill is on your list for the holiday, then look no further for great National Tequila Day deals. Browse their many bundle deals to find the right meal and drink combination for you and your friends.


No matter your options for dining, if you are looking for a big chain restaurant to spend the holiday, Chili’s has you covered. Enjoy their signature margarita drinks and something savory to eat. Celebrate National Tequila Day in the comfort of your favorite big chain restaurant.

Del Taco

Want a freebie? Tacos-to-go is never a bad idea. If you are living a fast-paced day, slow down for a freebie at Del Taco. Grab a quick bite and continue with your celebration.

Alcohol delivered right to you! Now in select states, order alcohol delivery from Drizly. Use code TEQUILADAY10 to save $10 on your purchase of $30 or more!


Save 50% off Don Julio Blanco tequila with code TEQUILAFOLLOW and get your alcohol delivered in30 minutes from your local liquor stores from 7/23-7/25 only.

Spirit Hub

Save 25% off all tequila products with code TEQUILA25 7/18-7/25.


Get free shipping on your first order of $35 or more and get ice cream, drinks, food, and other household staples delivered in just a few hours!

Uber Eats

Celebrate Tequila Day this July 24 with some drinks from your favorite local restaurants with Uber Eats! Customers placing alcohol order must be 21+ and be available to receive the delivery order in person to verify age and show that they are not intoxicated.

Plant Therapy

Take 15% off Pink Himalayan Salt in fine or coarse grain with code MARGARITA15, from July 24-31.

Check the Locals

Local restaurants always have the best deals, plus they are the best choice to support your local environment. Check out your downtown or midtown area. Wherever the party normally is, it is sure to continue with this National Tequila Day celebration. Celebrate and support your local community by getting out on the town and looking for some tequila specials. Find meal and drink combos, or just enjoy a couple of shots to celebrate. No matter what you do for this day, have fun responsibly.

Fun Activities

There can always be something to do, but sometimes you never imagine all of the things you could do on any given day. National Tequila Day is a day to be free and to enjoy the creativity of tequila and the enjoyment of celebration.

Tequila DIY

Learn some tequila history. Similar to wine, tequila is a beverage that can be paired with any meal, given the various types of tequila that exist. National Tequila Day is the perfect day to celebrate with family and friends. Choose your favorite Mexican-inspired dish, and pour the tequila. Whether you choose fajitas, a simple dish, or a more elaborate authentic Mexican dish, pair it with your favorite tequila, or try something new. You can spend the day learning about and sharing in the enjoyment of Mexican culture.

Are you ready to enjoy yourself? Whether you are celebrating on a budget or have something special just for this holiday, worry no more about how to spend your day. Tequila comes in various brands with various prices. If you are on a budget, search for affordable tequilas in the $20-or-less range. If you are looking for something to really get you in the mood, special bottles can range from a couple hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. Grab a bottle, and let the good times roll!

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate National Tequila Day

Party and have fun. Go to the bar. Throw a party. Take a trip. However you choose to celebrate, let it be known that you are celebrating National Tequila Day. Post a picture with your favorite tequila and Mexican-inspired meal. Whether you are an avid drinker or new to the scene, there is a drink for you. Check out your favorite bars or clubs, have a meal at your favorite restaurant, or create a feast worthy of a celebration at your home.

What We Like About National Tequila Day

It’s a day to celebrate tequila! What more can you ask for? Whether you are ready to go out on the town or stay home and throw a party, National Tequila Day is the perfect excuse for fun. Whether you are a big drinker or a margarita mixer, there is something just for you on this day of celebration. Make up a drink any way you like and let the day take you away. Though National Tequila Day is a day of celebration, common sense is always a necessity. Do not drink and drive. Everyone wants to continue their celebration without risk or danger, and it is your responsibility to do your part. Drink responsibly.

History of National Tequila Day

Tequila is a beverage made exclusively in Mexico and is protected by law. It originates from the mezcal that Spanish conquistadors did not like upon their arrival to North America. Fortunately, they brought with them the knowledge to build copper distilleries in which the creation of tequila began. Those distilleries gave way to a production of something like gold. Tequila is only considered tequila when it is made within Jalisco, Mexico, where the capital is now Tequila. Other places could “make” the product, but without the authenticity of the pure blue agave harvested in Jalisco, it will not be labeled tequila. The modern day tequila industry was birthed by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo.


Is there a National Tequila Day?

Yes, there is a day to celebrate the beloved drink.

Why is National Tequila Day celebrated?

This day is a time to pause and share tequila with your favorite people. It was made official in Mexico in 2018.

Which day is National Tequila Day celebrated?

National Tequila Day is July 24.

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