Top 7 Alternatives To Retailmenot in 2024

When shopping online, many people know there are thousands of promo codes and discounts offered, but finding and testing the ones that work can take hours of research. That’s why many people turn to the popular coupon site to discover the best available promo codes in less time before they even begin shopping. There are also many top alternative sites to RetailMeNot, which all offer access to thousands of deals, promo codes, and additional shopping features, but with so many options for coupon finder sites out there now, just deciding which one to go with can be a time-consuming task in itself.

Whether you’re searching to save $10 at Walmart online, trim 15% off your Amazon purchases using a promo code, or want to use an extension to apply valid codes automatically as you shop and even earn cashback on your purchases, the guide below compares several coupon sites and their auto-apply features to see which ones can offer the most seamless way to get you the biggest discounts. The RetailMeNot website currently features codes for almost 30,000 online stores and is one of the more recognized names among many coupon code aggregators online. It was also one of the first on the scene (it was founded in 2006), but first may not always mean best.

In addition to using the website to search for coupons, you can also download the RetailMeNot instant coupon finder extension (called “Deal Finder”) to add to your search browser to apply and test coupons as you shop —similar to the extensions from the other coupon sites below. However, the current RetailMeNot Deal Finder browser extension only works on Safari, and there is no Google Chrome browser extension at the time of this reporting.

Below, we review several top RetailMeNot alternative coupon sites and look at the features and types of savings they all can offer, plus any disadvantages or advantages we discovered in our research. We compared all sites chosen against features and services we see at RetailMeNot and considered several factors, including coupon quality, quantity of offers, and cashback offers, for a quick overview to help you save time and - of course- money. We also checked for any Chrome browser extension to auto-apply promo codes while you shop online, as well as each site’s related phone app (if any) and its features.

For the sake of this research, we used searches for coupons and cashback for two popular stores, NIKE and SHEIN, across the websites below.

1. CouponFollow

With CouponFollow, you’ll have access to over four thousand coupons and promo codes. CouponFollow also scrapes thousands of online stores daily for new offers and updates and is regularly checked by staff as well.

The CouponFollow Chrome browser add-on is called “Cently” and is fast and efficient when applying codes at checkout. A top feature of CouponFollow’s Cently browser extension is that it will let you know when you can buy an identical product, cheaper, from an alternative, reputable Amazon seller.

CouponFollow also offers cashback on your purchases, which can vary from store to store (NIKE was 1% as of this reporting, and SHEIN was 7% cashback). If you can layer on cashback rewards with your promo code discount, CouponFollow’s cashback program is an easy way to accumulate savings since your earnings will be applied after you complete your purchases. The cashback offers did vary between CouponFollow and RetailMeNot. For SHEIN, CouponFollow beat out RetaiMeNot with a 7% cashback offer compared to just 1% at RetailMeNot (as of this reporting). RetailMeNot offered 10% cashback at NIKE compared to CouponFollow’s 1%. If cashback is the most important factor in your shopping, you may want to take the extra time to compare offers from several coupon sites that offer cashback.

A convenient feature of CouponFollow is that you can see at a glance what the most popular coupons of the day are for individual stores and how many total coupons are available that day (under “Savings Tips & Hacks"). CouponFollow’s savings and tips section also offers clear “yes/no” answers to questions most shoppers want to know, like: Is there free shipping on orders​? Can I get a student discount? Is there a loyalty program? Having this information readily available without having to click around or search for answers is an advantage over other coupon sites. Another positive feature of CouponFollow is that it will easily direct you to the store's site with the promo code after you have copied it with a quick click.

There’s also a search bar on top of the CouponFollow website to search for store pages and the latest coupons and promo codes available for that store or brand.

  • Coupon Quality: High. CouponFollow shows a daily summary of total coupons offered by the store, and CouponFollow deals are updated daily with the latest and newest deals featured on each store page.
  • Chrome Extension: Yes. The CouponFollow Chrome browser add-on is called “Cently” and has 5 out of 5 stars in reviews in the Google extension store.
  • Cashback: Yes. Cashback earnings will appear in your CouponFollow account after you make a qualifying purchase.
  • App: Coming soon. While no app is available yet for download to phones, the CouponFollow website does load very quickly on phones, and it will still take you easily to your store with the promo code of your choice ready to apply to your purchase.
  • Number of stores: CouponFollow has over 4,000 stores that feature coupons, including retailers like Nike, SHEIN, Kohl's, Amazon, and Walmart, as well as several popular overseas online stores.

2. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is a popular site that relies on the power of its members to crowdsource and find amazing deals. However, if your main goal is to find coupons and promo codes to apply to specific purchases, you will need to sort through the main pages of the website to find coupon codes since the homepage features deals on anything the Slickdeals community has voted on.

To find available coupons, you’ll need to find the store you want to shop on the Slickdeals website to view any current coupons or promo codes available. Search results for coupons can vary depending on the store. For instance, NIKE was represented in their store list, but SHEIN was missing (as of this reporting).

Alternatively, you can click on the “Coupons” section of the Slickdeals website to be taken to the Coupon section of the Slickdeals website. There, a SHEIN offer was featured at the top of the coupon page, but a direct search for SHEIN in the search bar offers yielded no results.

To find and apply promo codes faster, you can download the Slickdeals Chrome browser extension, which will test different coupon codes as you shop across the internet to help you save.

Slickdeals also has cashback offers with potential earnings varying from store to store. After you make a qualifying purchase, the Slickdeals browser extension will also keep track of and store your earned points in your user account.

  • Coupon Quality: Moderate. Limited offers and codes to choose from.
  • Chrome Extension: Yes. The Slickdeals extension will search for coupons and codes as you shop online. Ratings are similar to RetaiMeNot, with a 4.8 out of 5 stars average.
  • Cashback: Yes. Slickdeals has a cashback offer with potential earnings varying from store to store.
  • App: The Slickdeals app is easy to use and features deals uploaded by the Slickdeals community.
  • Number of stores: 1,000-3,000 (estimate). Look for your store in the daily “Top Coupons & Promo Codes” list to see if it is included.

3. Honey

Honey started in 2012 as a new browser extension that would automatically apply coupon codes at checkout (and still does) and won legions of fans with its clear communication on what it does and ease of installation. They have since expanded to offer cashback rewards. Honey is still primarily used as a browser extension. This means that Honey's main website does not summarize top available coupons at a glance on its homepage – a feature that both RetailMeNot and CouponFollow do have.

The Honey browser extension is available for Chrome and will test many coupons during your checkout to see if there is a match to what you want to buy, and it will also record and track your Honey cashback awards. The extension can also compare sellers for you, track prices, and show you an item’s price history.

Honey cashback is redeemed as points based on qualifying purchases through Honey. However, Honey points earned can expire if either your Honey or PayPal account is inactive for 12 months, or if you fail to earn 10 points during a 12-month period (according to the current Honey Terms of Use).

If you are looking to shop for seasonal deals on the Honey website and app, you must first locate the store to see a list of all currently available seasonal sales or promo codes. In comparison, both CouponFollow or RetailMeNot websites will show seasonal sales offers or coupons on their homepages.

  • Coupon Quality: High. The Honey extension and app will apply and test multiple coupon codes quickly at check-out.
  • Chrome Extension: Yes. Millions of people have downloaded the Honey Chrome extension, and it has a current 5-star rating similar to CouponFollow’s Cently rating of 5 stars.
  • Cashback: Yes. Honey cashback is redeemed as points based on qualifying purchases through Honey.
  • App: Yes. PayPal Honey is the app to download to your phone and is designed to work optimally with a Safari browser.
  • Number of stores: Honey boasts more than 30,000 stores to shop.

4. Coupon Cabin

Founded in 2003, CouponCabin features promo codes for more than 6,000 online stores. Also, it has some of the most competitive cashback offers out of all the sites, paying its members up to 20% to shop online. There is no charge for being a CouponCabin member or to join to earn cashback, but there is a $3.50 monthly maintenance fee if you do not make a cash-back-eligible purchase every 12 months through CouponCabin.

The CouponCabin Chrome extension is called “Sidekick,” and once you have it installed, it will automatically apply promo codes to your items before you finalize your purchases. The extension will also log any cashback points in your account on qualifying purchases for you to redeem in the future.

  • Coupon Quality: High. Lots of featured promo codes to choose from, with a lot of variety.
  • Chrome Extension: Yes. The CouponCabin extension is called “Sidekick” and has a 5 out of 5 stars rating.
  • Cashback: Yes. Sign up via an email account on CouponCabin’s main website to start earning cashback.
  • App: Yes. The CouponCabin app is a simpler, more streamlined version of the website, making it easier to shop from your phone.
  • Number of stores: Over 6,000 stores to shop.

5. Wethrift

Wethrift relies on a community to submit coupons, which means the site may not capture everything out there or be able to show you the most current promo code gems. Also, according to its website, 50% of its visitors are not from the US, which means a lot of the deals featured could be better suited for overseas or UK audiences. There are many UK and Japanese stores on the site, which may indicate Wethirft may skew towards serving non-US users. Since each Wethrift store page only highlights a few codes to review at a time, you will need to click “see all'' to view all current codes and offers. You can shop by category from the WeThrist homepage to get inspired or find store deals that are not already on your radar.

Wethrift’s website boasts an impressive “100,000 online stores” to shop from, which are made up of overseas or international brands and/or smaller retail sites that WeThrift users have submitted. The site does not offer an app or Chrome extension to automatically test and apply multiple promo codes to your basket at checkout.

  • Coupon Quality: Moderate. Coupons and codes are from around the world.
  • Chrome Extension: None.
  • Cashback: None.
  • App: None.
  • Number of stores: Over 100,000 online stores, according to the Wethrift website.

6. Giving Assistant

The Giving Assistant site is easy to navigate and search for codes for specific stores and brands. The site does not currently offer an app or Chrome extension to apply codes automatically, but you can use the website to look for codes and search thousands of stores. However, when grabbing codes to test for both NIKE and SHEIN, in all instances, we received an error each time Giving Assistant tried to redirect to the stores’ websites to apply promo codes. Getting an error code and not completing a purchase could make Giving Assistant a challenging shopping experience at times.

  • Coupon Quality: Good. The selection of promo codes offered and stores to shop are similar to RetailMeNot and CouponFollow, with some issues navigating to store pages.
  • Chrome Extension: None.
  • Cashback: None.
  • App: None.
  • Number of stores: Online coupon codes for 3,000+ brands, according to the Giving Assistant website.

7. Groupon

Groupon is the gargantuan deal site that debuted in 2008 and had everyone signing up for discount local services like massages and fun activities and outings in their own town. While the site and app are still widely popular for deal hunters, their main focus and businesses are still primarily local. When you visit the website or open the app, Groupon will recognize your location and only show you deals in your immediate area. You’ll have to click a little more to find the “Coupons” section to see any promo codes and online sales for larger big box stores and brands.

Groupon does not have a Chrome extension to apply codes at checkout, but there is a phone app that is excellent for scoring local deals quickly. The phone app mimics the original Groupon model of offering deals for local services and community businesses or single items sold at a discounted price.

Coupons are available from Groupon, but may not appear automatically if you search with your default city (which populates instantly for most Groupon users). However, Groupon offers several hundred “exclusive coupons” from many national retailers and brands you will recognize, an extra perk for savvy deal-hunters. For the purposes of this article, a search for “SHEIN” deals yielded no coupons, and a “NIKE” search gave limited coupon results and mostly listings for single NIKE items to purchase for less than retail.

  • Coupon Quality: Excellent for local deals. Fair for top stores and brands.
  • Chrome Extension: None.
  • Cashback: None.
  • App: Yes. The Groupon phone app offers deals for local services and community businesses, or single items sold at a discounted price.
  • Number of stores: Hard to determine, but estimate several thousand nationally recognized brands and stores, plus “exclusive coupons” from recognized stores and brands.

Other Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Stacking savings is one of the most rewarding experiences for true deal hunters and anyone who wants to get a great deal and be rewarded for shopping. From loyalty programs to combining 20% off your first purchase with free shipping, if you can apply all the offers from stores onto a single purchase and earn points or cashback to shop later, you’ll really be winning on the deals front. Consider some of the following ways you can reduce the price of items in your checkout basket, or get rewarded for shopping:

  • Sign up for email newsletters: Almost every major brand and store online would love to add you to their email list in exchange for a one-use-only promo code and future email offers. Often, email discounts can be combined with free shipping with a minimum qualifying purchase.
  • Register for a store credit card: Store credit cards are a good way to earn special discounts not offered to the public. As long as you can pay off your balances so you don’t accrue some hefty interest charges, this is an excellent option to shop flash sales or amazing seasonal discounts and give yourself an extra few weeks to pay for your purchases in full. Consider using your store credit card for big-ticket items to maximize points or rewards offered.
  • Follow the brand on social media: Get alerted to an upcoming sale, sample sales, or an amazing deal offer from your favorite brands and designers by following them on their various social media platforms. You’ll get the jump on any savings they offer directly to their brand’s superfans.
  • Spend enough to get free shipping: Always check the free shipping minimum requirement before you check out. Even adding a pair of $5 socks, for example, to get you to a free shipping minimum, could save you $20 in mailing fees.
  • Get texts for instant savings: Most brands today will immediately ask your permission to receive texts for an instant discount code before you finalize your first purchase with them. The good news is that you may continue to get offers via text, so they never get buried in your inbox. Plus, you can just type “STOP” once you’ve made your purchase to end texts after you’ve applied your discount code.
  • Join Loyalty Clubs: If you find yourself shopping for a specific brand or store often, it may be worth checking out their Loyalty program to earn points to save money on future purchases. Some programs even offered tiered levels, so as you moved up a level, you could unlock exclusive members-only deals or even get invited to special events.

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