7 Ways To Save Money On Clothing Purchases

Did you know that the average American family spends approximately $2,000 per year on clothing?

Not only that, but online surveys also indicate that women spend an average of up to $571 each year on clothes while men spend close to $323!

Purchasing clothes can be a ton of fun, but it is ultimately a necessity because it protects us from the elements and allows us to make a good impression on others.

Since fashion gives us the opportunity to express our personal style, shopping for clothing is a favorite activity for many people.

Clothes directly impact our self-esteem and how we feel in our bodies. However, without the right approach, buying clothes can really add up and easily get out of hand.

The good news is that you don’t need to compromise on looking good to save a significant amount on clothing!

By applying strategies such as timing your purchase, using coupons, and picking the right stores, you can cut your expenditures by over 50%.

Are you looking for practical and effective ways to save money on clothes?

This comprehensive guide will provide the top tips and tricks for reducing your clothing expenses throughout the year.

It will break down everything you need to know about key money-saving techniques when shopping for clothes and share valuable insights into the following topics:

  • Shopping during the off-season
  • Utilizing thrift stores and secondhand shops
  • Taking advantage of sales, discounts, and coupons
  • Repairing clothes on your own
  • How to create a clothing budget
  • Investing in durable clothes
  • Shopping at outlet centers.

Let’s get into it!

1. Shop For Clothes in The Off Season

Some of the biggest discounts on clothing are typically offered off-season because retailers put these items on clearance to clear their stock.

In many cases, searching for these types of deals online is usually better than what's in store since retailers take down clothing that is not in season from the shelves!

However, shopping for clothes a season ahead takes patience as you need to wait to get the best deals.

Knowing yourself well enough to anticipate what you will need to wear seasons ahead from now can give you some gigantic savings.

While avoiding seasonal trends can be difficult, opting for off-season clothing provides incredible value because you'll be able to acquire quality goods at a fraction of the cost.

For example, instead of getting the latest spring pieces once they hit the stores in February, you can wait until Memorial Day to purchase them!

Buying a winter coat in the spring or picking up summer workout clothes in the winter can land you some unbelievable deals on the items you really want.

2. Shop At Thrift Stores & Second Hand Stores

While maintaining and preserving your wardrobe is a good way to save money, cutting yourself off completely from buying new clothing is virtually impossible.

However, just because you need new threads doesn’t mean that you need to purchase something straight from manufacturing.

One of the best ways to gain instant savings on clothes is to change where you shop. Online reports show that the number of Americans who choose to buy and sell used goods is at a record high of 82%.

Going to thrift stores or second-hand stores is a more sustainable habit that will save you plenty of cash by purchasing used clothing.

Other places where you can come across bargains include consignment shops, stoop sales, yard sales, and garage sales.

If you do not have access to a nearby thrift store or if the idea of picking through old clothing just isn’t your thing, there are tons of reliable sites where you can get used clothing online.

Some of these include Ebay, Poshmark, Tradesy, Swap, Refashioner, and more.

3. Wait To Shop For Sales & Discounts

Everybody is familiar with the sale racks at the front of the store – but what most people aren’t aware of is that these typically don’t offer any meaningful discounts!

When shopping for clothes in person, remember to skip past the promoted sales and head to the back of the store where you’ll find deep discounts.

Moreover, retailers offer sales very frequently, and signing up for email updates from your go-to stores will let you know exactly when those sales are going to be held.

Not only that: if you sign up for an email subscription from one of your favorite brands, it’ll most likely only take a few hours before you receive a discount in your inbox.

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, having the diligence to find upcoming sales or coupons can take you a long way when saving money on clothing.

You can even ask the salesperson for insider info on exactly when certain items are going to be on sale.

Holidays are another thing to look out for when trying to save more on clothing. You’ll immediately notice a pattern as to when stores host their biggest sales of the year.

Major retailers offer excellent buys during shopping periods that fall on Black Friday, Christmas, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day also feature amazing deals when it comes to online shopping.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of Christmas and Black Friday clothing sales:

  • Stay Informed - Keep up-to-date with your favorite retailers by following them on their social media platforms or using browser extensions that run all the available discount codes for you

  • Use credit card offers to receive store discounts - Credit card issuers usually offer discounts for purchases at many retailers during the holiday season.

Check your card issuer’s website or app to find out if you can avail of any special offers

  • Prioritize the Clothes You Need - Make sure to memorize your current wardrobe before purchasing!

You need to know your existing wardrobe inside and out when browsing through discounts. Identify what clothes you are missing and list down what you truly need.

If you have to make a purchase before one of these holidays, you should check out CouponFollow.

Those who love scoring bargains will be delighted to know that CouponFollow does all the hard work for you!

In a matter of seconds, CouponFollow can hunt down, screen, and test coupon codes to give you the best price from your favorite stores. It works hand-in-hand with thousands of popular clothing brands like Nike to source exclusive coupons that work.

4. Learn How To Repair Clothing

When it comes to saving money on clothes, repairing is often better for your budget as opposed to replacing.

If your damaged clothes and shoes still fit, remember to search for repair solutions before immediately replacing them because it will cost you much less otherwise.

Basic mending is relatively simple and does not require you to have several tools. All you need are a thread, needle, scissors, and a learner’s mindset to get the job done!

When you notice items in your closet that you no longer wear because they need repair due to a small hole or a missing button, try fixing it by yourself instead of getting it tailored.

Don’t be quick to just throw out a shirt the second it gets a tear. There are tons of helpful tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube that can teach you how to do a few simple stitches.

Looking up possible solutions online is your best bet if you want your most beloved pieces of clothing to stay in your closet for much longer.

You can even exercise your creative muscles by going from basic repairs to turning your clothes into unique items!

Lastly, keep in mind that one of the primary reasons why we end up buying new clothes is because our older garments are no longer up to par.

As such, the best preventative measure is to take better care of everything in your wardrobe to help take away the need to keep buying new stuff.

5. Create a Clothing Budget

No matter what stage of life you are in, budgeting for clothing purchases is a crucial aspect of your overall finances!

While it can be a challenge at times, it is entirely possible to enjoy guilt-free clothes shopping with a little planning.

Whether you like to shop online or in-store, buying clothes is a necessity that can easily be influenced by certain emotional factors. These include weight fluctuations, quality vs. quantity, financial priorities, and lifestyle.

The first step to creating a realistic and sustainable budget for clothes is to add some room for flexibility. This will ensure you do not succumb to impulse purchases or overspending.

People either shop for clothes seasonally or buy items right there on the spot.

Personalizing your spending plan for clothes each month can benefit you by carrying over unspent funds, allowing you to have a bigger amount set aside for when you need it.

6. Purchase Durable Clothing

Have you ever found yourself constantly switching out items in your wardrobe because they get worn out so quickly?

By going with high-quality clothes, you end up reaping a myriad of benefits such as comfort and timeless style!

Durable clothes may come with a higher price upfront but they are an investment that can lead you to spend less in the long run.

Let’s take a look at a few iconic brands that offer some of the most top-notch clothing options in the market today:

  • Patagonia - When it comes to durable clothing, Patagonia has an extensive history of building products that are versatile, long-lasting, and repairable. Their dedication to integrity and environmentalism is reflected in the clothes that they offer

  • Carhartt - Carhartt has been delivering innovative and rugged construction apparel for over 132 years. They continue to offer a wide array of signature fabrics and comfortable-fitting attire that is fully functional for any endeavor

  • L.L.Bean - Founded in 1912, L.L.Bean is a legendary name in outdoor clothing and classic styles. Their products are widely recognized all around the globe for their high-quality designs and rigid standards.

7. Shop At Outlets

Outlet stores were originally created as a place for retailers to dispose of their unpopular items at low prices.

Today, outlets are able to continue selling clothes at reduced prices compared to regular stores because of closeouts, factory excess, or lesser-quality versions of products.

Some major retailers even have online stores that are specifically for their outlets. Here are some of the most notable names that you may have encountered in the past:

  • REI Outlet - All year round, REI Outlet is the best place to get outstanding deals on outdoor clothing. You’ll find nothing short of a pleasant shopping experience and retail expertise

  • DSW - DSW, or Designer Shoe Warehouse, operates under Designer Brands, which is one of the biggest retailers in North America. They are best known as industry leaders in product sourcing, development, and production

  • Nordstrom Rack - Almost all of the brands sold at Nordstrom Rack are the same that you’ll find at Nordstrom itself. From clothes and shoes to accessories, Nordstrom Rack consistently offers new trends and staples each week.

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