The Small Business Resource Guide for Accounting, Finance and More!

Published on: 02/16/18

Startup Business Ideas

Business Plans

  • Write a Business Plan: This helpful page will walk you through writing your own business plan, even if you don't have a bachelor's in accounting or business.
  • Business Plan Help and Guidelines (PDF): Discover more about why business plans are important, how to write one, and more with this informative document.
  • How to Write a Business Plan: This website will walk you through the aspects of writing your business plan from the executive summary all the way to financial projections.
  • Business Planning for Nonprofits: If you're considering starting a nonprofit, this page offers helpful information about how to write a business plan and an abundance of tools and resources to help you along.
  • Why You Need to Write a Business Plan: Explore the many important reasons why small business owners should write and develop an effective plan.

Communication and Outreach

  • Strategic Communications: Click here to discover what strategic communications entail and how you can help your business with community outreach, marketing, and better overall communication.
  • Business Writing Tips: As a business owner, communication is key. This article discusses important tips to ensure that your business-related writing is done professionally and effectively.
  • Five Tips for More Effective Business Communication: These tips will help you improve communication between coworkers, fellow business owners, and your customers.
  • Successful Networking Tips: This helpful article contains several important tips that will help you improve your networking skills no matter what your goals are, from changing careers to starting a business.
  • Five Effective Community Outreach Ideas for Small Businesses: Not only is community outreach important for those who need it, but it's also an excellent way to spread awareness of your small business to those living around you. This article offers five simple, effective ways to participate.

Marketing Plans

  • Opening and Marketing: This website offers a checklist to help you before you start your business as well as information about effective marketing strategies.
  • Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan (PDF): Find a detailed outline that showcases the basic, yet important elements to help you develop your own marketing plan in this document.
  • Developing a Marketing Plan: This brief article covers why a marketing plan is important for your small business and what it can do for you.
  • Marketing Plan Outline: Read here to explore why a marketing plan is important, what you should do before developing a plan, and the important sections that should be included in your plan.
  • Does Your Business Have a Marketing Plan? Learn more about the important reasons why you should have a business marketing plan in place and how one can help your business grow.
  • Marketing Tactics for Appealing to Generation Z: Today's generation presents new challenges for business owners. Read here to learn about some tactics you can use to effectively market to Generation Z.

Accounting and Finance

Other Resources

  • Start With Security: This page from the Federal Trade Commission discusses the importance of proper security that can help keep your business protected.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Directory: Find your local chamber of commerce here so you can connect with local assistance, marketing partners, and other small businesses in your area.
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise: Should you start a franchise of someone else's business instead of creating your own from the ground up?
  • Best Safety Practices: When it comes to making and selling a product, safety is important. Read here to find out about the best practices for your business in regard to safety.
  • Hiring Tips for Small Businesses: The EEOC offers ten helpful tips when it comes to hiring employees and creating a positive work environment.
  • Types of Business Taxes: Read about the important classifications of business taxes from the IRS.
  • Trademark Basics: This website offers essential information for businesses about trademarks.
  • OSHA Answers for Small Business Employers: If you have employees, read here for some important questions and answers from OSHA about health and safety at the workplace.
  • FAQs for Small Businesses: These frequently asked questions cover everything from starting your business to marketing, plans, finances, and legal implications for your business.