Top 5 Affordable Stanley Cup Alternatives

Viral internet trends used to be limited to memes, challenges, and funny videos.

However, in the last few years, we have also seen various products achieve viral status!

One of the products that has taken the internet by storm over the last two years is the Stanley Cup – a practical and cute alternative to the traditional water bottle.

Not only do users love the usable design and fun colors that the Stanley Cup can be bought in, but the cup is also applauded for its nearly unmatched ability to retain the temperature of the liquid inside whether it’s piping hot or ice cold.

If you’re thinking of buying a Stanley Cup, you have a few options available!

Your first option is to spend a whopping $50 on the cup, which many people consider an excessive price for a water bottle.

However, if you do choose this route, make sure to check out CouponFollow’s Stanley Cup page to get a discount on your purchase!

If you are not comfortable spending that much money on a water bottle, you can purchase a dupe, which is a similar product for a significantly lower price.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 Stanley Cup dupes currently available to help you save some money while still being able to purchase a great product. Let’s take a look!

1. Best Overall: Owala

Our best overall dupe for the Stanley Cup is the Owala 40 oz Tumbler.

This cup features all the fantastic additions that consumers love about the Stanley Cup, including double insulated walls, a cup-holder-friendly base, and a 2-in-1 lid that lets you swig or sip from the bottle!

Plus, the Owala cup is completely splash-resistant, making this the ideal water bottle to take with you on the go.

If you’re looking for a product with the same shape and features as the Stanley Cup for a significantly lower price, then look no further! You can find the Owala cup on Amazon and REI for easy purchasing.

2. Best on Amazon: Skywerx

If you’re a loyal Amazon shopper and want to find a Stanley dupe on the website, you’re in luck!

The Skywerx 40 oz Tumbler With Handle and Straw is one of the best dupes available on Amazon, and it is only a fraction of the price of a Stanley.

The Skywerx Cup is extremely similar to the Stanley Cup, making them almost identical in every way except price.

It can keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, which brings it in line with a genuine Stanley Cup’s insulation abilities.

Furthermore, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you are entitled to free shipping on this item – making it an even more cost-effective choice!

3. Best For Multiple Sizes: HydroFlask Tumbler

Another brand that has become almost equally as viral as Stanley is HydroFlask.

Known for its standard water bottles, the brand also makes fantastic dupes of the popular Stanley Cup.

The Hydro Flask Tumbler has the same design as the Stanley Cup; however, it also features the incredible Hydro Flask technology that customers love.

Your drinks will stay freezing cold or piping hot depending on how you like them!

If you think that HydroFlask is the right product for you, make sure you check CouponFollow before you purchase to see if there is an available coupon to bring the price down further.

4. Best Without Handle: Yeti

If the technology of the Stanley Cup has piqued your interest but are not a big fan of the handle, you may want to consider the Yeti Tumbler.

The Yeti Tumbler is a fantastic alternative to the Stanley Cup and is materially similar! The key difference is that the Yeti cup does not have a handle, meaning the product is more like an oversized coffee or drinks cup.

This makes it much easier to fit into school or handbags. Plus, Yeti are known for their innovative technology – so you can be confident that the tumbler will keep your drink at the right temperature for hours on end!

Before purchasing a Yeti Tumbler, make sure you check CouponFollow for any relevant coupons!

5. Best Color Selection: Brumate

One of the drawbacks of the Stanley Cup is that the colorway options are very limited.

However, if you’re willing to purchase a dupe, you will find that the Brumate Era 40 oz Cup has a much more diverse range of color options.

From bright neons to shiny chrome finishes, there is a cup for every taste!

The best part? The Brumate Cup is a complete dupe for the Stanley Cup, featuring the same doubled-walled insulation, removable lid and straw, and splash-proof handle.

Plus, the Brumate Cup is much cheaper than the Stanley – and if you check out CouponFollow before you purchase your Burmate, you might be able to secure even more savings!

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