How To Sign Up & Save For Target Gift Registries

When celebrating a major milestone, you have so many options for gift registries. You want to choose a place that offers high-quality products you want and will use, but will also be easy on loved ones’ wallets. Enter: the Target gift registry.

Anyone who shops at Target knows it’s the perfect place to grab anything and everything you could possibly need, from cute clothes and home decor to groceries and household goods. And it’s affordable. So if you’re considering Target for your gift registry, great choice. Here’s how to create a target registry for your wedding, baby or just about any other special occasion.

How to Create a Target Registry

When you’re ready to create your registry, you can visit Guest Services inside a store to get started. However, you might find it’s more convenient to create it online via the Target website (the Target app doesn’t support creating, managing or sharing registries currently).

Start by signing into your account and then visiting the Gift Registry page. Choose the type of registry you want to create (baby, wedding, custom or charity).

Target registry options - baby, wedding, charity or custom

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There will be a few simple prompts to follow; once you’ve shared some basic information, your registry will be live.

A form with questions to help create a custom registry on Target

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Adding items and editing your registry

Once you’ve created a registry, it’s time to add items to it. Again, you can do this at Guest Services or on the website.

When adding items online, sign into your account and visit the registry page to select your registry. Then select “add items” from the navigation bar at the top of the page. There are several ways to find what you need:

  • Browse by category
  • Use Target’s suggested checklist for inspiration
  • Search for items using the search bar

Once you find the item you want, select the “add to registry” button next to it. You can adjust quantities in the “My registry” section (choose this from the top navigation.) Select the item and then click the plus or minus buttons to change the quantity requested. Keep in mind that some items may not be eligible to add to a registry.

If there are certain gifts you consider to be must-haves, there’s a way to let friends and family know. In the “My registry” section, find the item in question and check the “Prioritize as most wanted” box.

To edit your registry, sign into your Target account and visit the Registry page to select your registry. Here, you can update registry details, including date, location, shipping address, privacy settings, etc. by selecting “Edit” under your registry’s name. You can also change or delete items on your registry. Don’t forget to update your address if you move!

Benefits of Target’s Gift Registry

Aside from being able to select from a wide variety of products to add to your gift list, there are several other perks to the Target gift registry. Below is a closer look at some additional benefits.

Universal registry: There may be thousands of items to choose from already, but you’re not stuck with Target products only for your registry. The retailer has a feature known as universal registry, meaning you can add items from other sites to your Target list and eliminate the need for multiple registries. To use the feature, you need to add the universal registry bookmark to your browser. When you’re shopping on another website and come across a product you want to add, select the universal registry bookmark to add it to your Target registry. Note that items from non-Target retailers need to be returned or exchanged through that third party.

Gift tracking: If you want to know which items on your list are headed your way, you can use Target’s gift tracker. The tracker shows you a list of gifts purchased, as well as the quantity, the name of the purchaser and the date they bought it. This can be especially handy for keeping track of thank you notes — simply check the “Thank you sent?” box next to each item.

Group gifting: Sometimes it can feel awkward to ask for expensive gifts on your registry. But Target’s group gift feature makes it easy for loved ones to pool their money toward one big gift so no one person is stuck shouldering the expense. This option is automatically enabled for any registry item that costs $100 or more. One person will need to start an eGift card and indicate when they want the item to be shipped. Then that person has the option to invite others to chip in toward the final cost using their emails or phone numbers. Everyone who contributes can also add personalized notes and photos. Once the full amount is met, the gift card and all associated notes and photos are sent to you (not the physical item itself). You can use that gift card to purchase the gift yourself. Or if you change your mind, you can apply the funds toward any other Target product. Note that group gifts don’t show up in the gift tracker.

A year of free returns: You have up to one year after your event date to return most new, unopened items at your Target store using your return barcode. No need to save receipts.

15% off coupon: If there are a few things left on your registry, you have the opportunity to purchase them at a discount. Get a coupon for 15% off everything left on your registry eight weeks before your baby’s expected arrival or after the date of your event.

Registry checklists: Big events like getting married or having a baby can be overwhelming. So to take the time and stress out of putting together a gift registry, Target offers special checklists to help you avoid forgetting any much-needed items.

In addition to these benefits offered across the board, there are also event-specific perks for certain registries.

Target wedding registry

Are you more interested in enjoying experiences than material items as a married couple? Target’s partnership with Honeyfund allows your loved ones to gift funds toward your honeymoon and other newlywed experiences. The funds can be used toward things like travel, eating out, classes, entertainment and more. The Honeyfund will be created for you automatically when you register with Target, and you can customize a personal Honeyfund page with information like your wedding details and travel plans. Gift givers don’t pay any fees, but a small fee is charged when you withdraw the funds.

Target baby registry

Having a baby involves ongoing expenses long after giving birth. To help new parents save on baby needs, Target provides one year of exclusive deals through the Target Circle loyalty program. Registry owners will also receive a free welcome kit filled with coupons and samples for you and your baby, valued at around $150.

Target Custom Registry

A Target registry can be created for just about any reason, including a birthday, anniversary or even a pet. You can also create a charity registry to send donations or supplies to an organization in need.

How to Find Someone Else’s Registry

If you’re the gift-giver, you can easily locate the recipient’s registry on Target’s website by looking up their first and last name on the registry finder page. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a charity, click on “search for an organization” and then enter the name.

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