How to Shop (& Save) on Dog Beds at Target

Your family dog is more than just a faithful pet – they’re a beloved member of the family. That’s why you want to make sure you do your research when making any big pet supply purchases like dog beds, crates, and houses.

While you may think you can buy any bed, crate, or house for your canine, choosing the right size and style for the type of dog you own is also important. As your friendly neighborhood pet expert at CouponFollow, we’ll walk you through where to shop and save while choosing the right accessories for your pup.

Where to Shop

You don’t need to splurge on a dog bed, crate, or house for your furry friend. If you know where to look, you can find great deals on discount dog beds, crates, and houses.

Our top choice for dog beds, crates, and houses?

The best part about shopping for dog supplies at Target is that is organized by the type of pet you own, which makes choosing the right product a breeze. Simply shop the Pets category page and select “Dog Supplies” to find a wide variety of items, from dog beds to dog pens, dog gates, and everything in between. If you’re looking for something specific at Target for your pup, dive into sub-categories like dog toys, collars, dog food, grooming, and even gifts.

The Best Dog Beds at Target

A dog bed is a place where your pet can safely retreat during the day or night to rest, keep watch, or doze off. Some people think dog beds are just for show, but they can improve your dog’s health by regulating their body temperature and keeping their joints healthy and supported. Above all, many dogs view their bed as a place of security, where they can find a safe haven from other pets or enjoy time alone.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed

There are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for the right bed for your dog.

  • Bed Size: Finding the right size dog bed is important. You’ll want your furry friend to be able to sprawl out comfortably, but you don’t want a bed that will take over your entire room. It’s often recommended to measure the length of your dog and add 5 inches to that number. Look for a cheap dog bed close to this size for the perfect fit, and use Target’s “Breed Size” filter to choose from small (under 25 pounds) to X-Large (over 75 pounds).

  • Bed Style: Matching your decor might be at the top of your list, but you’ll also want to match your dog’s preferences. Does your dog like to burrow in your covers or sit high atop a tower of pillows and blankets? You might even look for a hooded dog bed that offers a roof to simulate the feeling of burrowing. If your dog enjoys using your pillow or armrest as a headrest, look for cheap dog beds with built-in pillows or side cushions to support their head. Target lets you search by “style,” including bolster dog beds, enclosed dog beds, sofa dog beds, and more.

  • Bed Materials: Will you be traveling with your dog bed? Do you want it to function indoors and/or outdoors? Invest in a dog bed made of the kind of durable materials that are also approved for indoor and/or outdoor use and choose the proper bed filling for their comfort like foam, gel, polyester, etc. Finding machine-washable dog beds, odor and stain-resistant dog beds, or beds with covers can also improve the lifespan of your dog bed.

  • Bed Quality: Dog bed prices can range wildly, but you can easily find good quality dog beds without paying a fortune if you shop for them on Target. Target always offers a filter for “deals” and “sales” for dog beds, so you can see which are marked down. You can also find daily discounts on some of your favorite dog beds by searching for available coupons with CouponFollow.

CouponFollow’s Top Target Dog Beds

Want to know our favorite picks for your pooch? Look no further.

For the Cozy Pup

Our top choice for a cozy dog bed is the Petmate Precision Pet SnooZZy Round Cuddler Dog Bed. Perfect for burrowing, rolling, cuddling, and just generally keeping their paws toasty, this dog bed is overstuffed and has raised walls to keep them extra cozy.

Petmate Precision Pet SnooZZy Cuddler Bed - $26.39 on Sale (reg $36.99)

For the Anxious Pup

If you have an anxious dog, you know they love to find nooks to cuddle in. That’s what makes cuddler dog beds the perfect choice for these nervous pups. Our favorite is the PetShop by Fringe Studio Celestial Round Cuddler Dog Bed, which is not only super soft with 100% cotton exterior and ultra-soft polyester fiber filling but there are also overfilled bolsters with tufting for added comfort.

PetShop by Fringe Studio Celestial Round Cuddler Dog Bed - $35.49

For the Terminator

Does your dog tear up any bed in their sight? Does the dog bed need to withstand the elements as well as your pup’s teeth and claws? Our pick for the Terminator comes with a machine washable cover and a heavy-duty waterproof base.

Majestic Pet Chevron Rectangle Dog Bed - $113.99 + Free Shipping

For the King & Queen

Does your pet need a dog bed fit for royalty? Our #1 choice for these high-class pups is the Enchanted Home Ultra Plush Panache Dog Bed, which not only looks like a mini-couch but is upholstered like one too. Includes a back storage pocket for toys, also, which is a great bonus.

Enchanted Home Ultra Plush Panache Pet Bed - $149.99 with Free Shipping

Other Options at Target

Dog beds aren’t always the best choice, depending on your dog’s needs. You may want to consider dog crates or dog houses instead.

Dog Crates

Dog crates are essential for various reasons – they can help train puppies and prevent unexpected messes or damage while you’re away, but they can also provide a safe place for your dog to go when they’re scared, tired, or feeling overwhelmed. Wild dogs often found shelter in dens, a characteristic that modern dogs still retain. They can help your dog while you’re housetraining them or just offer a place for them to hang out, similar to your room or bed.

Dog Houses

If your dog frequently plays outside or needs to be outdoors for an extended period, you’ll want to invest in the right type of dog house or kennel to keep your furry friend safe. Dog houses can provide a haven for pets from the elements and distracting outdoor noises and sights. Typically, dog houses are outdoor structures that offer a roof to protect against rain, snow, or extreme weather. Some pet owners prefer to use indoor/outdoor crates, which is a good option if a traditional dog house isn’t needed.

Save More on Your Dog’s Supplies With Target

You don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to taking care of your dog. Invest in the best dog supplies, like beds, crates, and houses to keep your canine feeling safe, protected, and, most of all, loved.

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Target has multiple offers on affordable dog supplies to help you save money on your next dog bed purchase. Plus, Target sells dog food, toys, treats, and everything else you or your pup can think of and provides Free Shipping on all orders of $35 or more. If you need items for your dog sooner than they can be shipped, shop by your local store and use Target drive up for free, safe, contactless pickup.

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