What are SHEIN Points and How Do I Get Them?

SHEIN is undoubtedly one of the most affordable online clothing stores on the market. It helps you select the style you want and complete your entire ensemble with accessories and shoes.

SHEIN is the leading fast-fashion eCommerce site with 2.86% of desktop traffic. The Chinese brand was also listed as the second most downloaded shopping application on the Apple App Store in the United States after Amazon.

Even though there are other online clothing alternatives, SHEIN gets its edge by offering interactive ways for members to maximize their savings. SHEIN provides free trials where you can get clothes for free, as well as coupons. However, SHEIN’s points program is where the company really stands out because customers get a variety of ways to achieve discounts.

In this article, we’ll explore what these SHEIN points are used for and how to get them for free. We’ll also share different ways to save money on your next purchase on SHEIN.

What are SHEIN points?

SHEIN’s points program provides numerous ways for customers to earn discounts on their purchases. You have to create a SHEIN account and click on “My Points” to keep up with your points balance.

These points are awarded based on the specific actions you take, and every 100 points are equivalent to $1. You can use points to deduct up to 70% from the total price of products, excluding taxes, insurance, and postage.

It’s worth noting that there’s a maximum amount of points you can receive on a daily basis. Here is a table of the daily maximum limits you can expect:

Illustration showing the maximum number of daily points to get at SHEIN

How do you earn SHEIN points?

Here are the different ways you can get SHEIN points for free using the company’s app or on its website.

1. Create an account

When you register a valid email address on SHEIN’s website, you’ll instantly get 100 points that are valid for four months. You’ll also get one point for every dollar spent buying SHEIN products. The more you shop, the more points you earn. In addition, you’ll get some points when you download the SHEIN app on your phone.

2. Check-in on a daily basis

Daily check-ins involve logging into your account and clicking on the “Check-In” section of your app. The daily check-in schedule lasts for seven days, and on some days, you’ll get a free gift or earn extra points.

If you want to make sure that you get these points, consider setting a reminder on your phone so that you never miss a day. If you do miss one, you’ll have to start the daily check-ins all over again.

3. Participate in the outfits contest

SHEIN hosts several weekly themes on its site where you can create a collage of different outfits and pair them up with accessories. The editors of SHEIN evaluate the looks, and once your pick makes it to the top 12, you earn points.

4. Tune into SHEIN live shows

The SHEIN live shows take place on Wednesdays, and the shows are all about pop culture and the latest fashion trends. You can earn points by sharing the link with friends and family or by clicking on the treasure chests that will pop up during the show.

5. Check out SHEIN’s new promotions

SHEIN has new promotions each week, and some of them offer extra points for a set time. So make sure to scour the site when you do your daily check-ins.

6. Participate in SHEIN’s surveys

SHEIN conducts surveys from time to time to determine how users interact with their platforms and products. Some of these surveys offer extra points, so don’t dismiss the “Survey Center” on your mobile app.

7. Write a review

SHEIN also offers points for leaving a comment on its products. You’ll get five points for posting a comment, ten points if your comment includes an image, and two points if you include size information in your comment.

The review can either be positive or negative. To include a review on a product you bought at SHEIN, log in to your profile and click the “Sent Orders” section. You’ll see a “Comments” button or three buttons depending on the operating system you’re using.

Illustration showing the number of points to be earned for posting a review

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Do SHEIN points expire?

SHEIN points have different expiration dates based on categories. Expiration periods range from seven days (daily check-ins) to three months, and some points take longer. If your SHEIN points expire before use, they’ll be deleted from your profile.

Can you transfer your SHEIN points?

You can’t transfer SHEIN points to another account. So, if you experience any problems with your existing account when making a payment, change your payment method or use a different device. When you create a new SHEIN account, you’ll have to start earning points from scratch.

Do SHEIN points get refunded?

If you cancel an unpaid order, the points that have been applied will be returned to your account. If you request a return, the points will be reverted to your account — however, if the return is partial, the points will be returned based on a percentage of the product’s actual price.

Similarly, if the order cancellation or refund takes place outside the validity period of the points, the expired points will not be refunded.

Tips to save money on your next purchase at SHEIN

Let’s look at other ways you can save money at SHEIN by combining it with the points program.

1. Shop at SHEIN’s sale section

SHEIN adds new items to its site every day and phases out older items by selling them at a cheaper price. Consider shopping in the sale section, where you can buy items at almost half the regular price across different categories.

image showing SHEIN's sale section

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The SHEIN VIP membership is limited to one account per person and consists of four tiers. Level 0 is available to registered members, while level S1, level S2, and level S3 are available to purchased members.

Each tier is valid for 12 months from when a member qualifies (apart from level S1). Once you get level S1, you achieve life-long status, and membership entitles you to various offers and rewards.

3. Apply to SHEIN’s free trials

SHEIN has a Free Trial program where customers can apply for free trials three times a week. To select Free Trial items, go through your pull-down menu and click “Free Trial.” Fill out your clothing size as well as your mailing address and submit.

The Free Trial program is an automated system that checks whether you’re a potential buyer, your purchasing history, and your performance with previous Free Trials.

After selecting participants, SHEIN will process the order and ship it to your location. You must submit a review of the items sent to you within ten days of receiving them. You should include the pros and cons of every item and your honest overall opinion — even if it’s negative.

You’ll also be required to take detailed photos of your outfits as well as how you styled your pieces. If your review meets SHEIN’s requirements, you’ll get awarded 20 points. Approved reviews are included on SHEIN’s product review page, but your username and personal information will be hidden.

illustration showing SHEIN's Free Trial section

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4. Get free shipping

SHEIN usually charges $3.00 for standard shipping and $12.90 for express shipping. You’ll get free shipping if you spend $49 or more on your orders. You can expect your order to be delivered within six business days after your purchase.

5. Earn cashback

A cashback is a rewards program that helps you earn back a percentage of the money you spend when shopping.

CouponFollow makes it simple to get cashback when shopping online. You can earn cashback at over 1000 stores, all while browsing for money-saving coupons. Each retailer offers a different cashback amount so simply click on the one you want to purchase from and get shopping!

6. Stack points with coupons

Even though you can’t stack multiple coupons when shopping at SHEIN, it’s possible to stack coupons with available points in your personal account. For example, you can stack a coupon code with your daily check-ins or any other SHEIN points in your account. If you want to learn more about coupon stacking, our comprehensive guide has all you need to know.

7. Follow SHEIN on social media

Following SHEIN on social media helps you to stay on top of new promotions and become aware of any live shows where you can earn some points.

You can also consider becoming a SHEIN influencer if you have a relatively large following on YouTube or Instagram. When you become a #SHEINgal, you’ll try out new styles and share your favorite looks on your channel. All you have to do is reach out to SHEIN by email, and they’ll check out your following to see if you’re eligible.

 Illustration showing #SHEINgal influencer program

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8. Find SHEIN coupons with Cently

Cently is a free browser extension that automatically applies coupons for any site you're on. Instead of scrolling the SHEIN website looking for the coupon code with the most savings, Cently will apply the best discount for you upon checkout.


SHEIN may offer trendy clothes at affordable prices, but you don’t have to stop there. Take advantage of the coupon deals and SHEIN points to maximize your savings. Don’t hold back from the Free Trial programs because you might end up with fashionable clothing for free.

Make sure you make hunting for the best coupon deals as stress-free as you can by installing Cently on your browser. This way, you can always get the best possible discounts for items you buy at SHEIN and on other sites.

Get started today.

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