How to Participate in World Mental Health Day

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All About World Mental Health Day

Mental health is something very important to consider, but unfortunately, a lot of people do not take it seriously. World Mental Health Day is a day designed to bring awareness to the importance of mental health as well as make progress in supporting those in need. In the past, societies have neglected the true nature in caring for mental health, but the negativity around mental health has begun to slowly diminish. There has become greater concern in acknowledging and evaluating the mental health of individuals and establishing ways to aid people who suffer from various mental issues.

The risk of mental disorder is much higher today than ever before and a pandemic has only heightened the need to protect mental health. Anxiety is one of the largest factors that disturb mental health, and in the United States, the rate of people who suffer is 18%. That only includes people who reportedly have been diagnosed with a condition. Just consider the numbers of people who suffer mental illness in silence. Though stress can play a big role in poor mental health, family history is also to be evaluated with consideration.

World Mental Health Day Advice

Mental health is important and World Mental Health Day is the day to set other things aside and prioritize your mental health as well as your loved ones.

Relief at Work

Many employers offer standard benefits, but some employers go above and beyond with taking care of their staff. Check to see what programs your job may be offering specifically for World Mental Health Day. If there is a workshop or group therapy session, take the time to get involved. Be aware of other offerings from your job that you can take advantage of more frequently involving other health-related activities for your mind and body.

World Mental Health Day Planning

There will be a variety of events across the globe to celebrate and bring awareness to mental health. The World Health Organization publishes a plan for the day’s events just before the date of the event. Their Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan gives a foundation for things to do. The organization's Mental Health Atlas provides resources across the world for anyone in need.

Donations for Better Health

One great way to take part in the celebration of the day is by donating to your local advocate organization. If you are desiring more of a global impact, there are a variety of organizations that prioritize mental health and making a greater impact. There can be times where people do not have the time to make a change, but they can always depend on someone who does make it their mission to make change. The World Federation of Mental Health has a variety of partners and many of them would be more than willing to help you become an advocate for mental health.

World Mental Health Day Activities

How to Protect Yourself in a Budget-Friendly Way

The key to mental health is protecting your own health first. In life, you may prioritize other people and responsibilities before your own, but there comes a time where you must put yourself first. Have a self-care day at home on World Mental Health Day. Pamper yourself with your favorite foods and movies. Treat yourself to an at-home facial or simply soak your feet in the tub. Light your favorite candle, and play some soothing music. Allow just one day to float without worries or obligations. Find your own peace within yourself.

What to Do for Others on World Mental Health Day

Mental health may not affect everyone directly, but there is always the potential to encounter someone who could be suffering from a mental disorder whether it's personally or professionally diagnosed. World Mental Health Day is designed to bring awareness to mental health issues, and it could be a good time to spend time with a friend or family member to ask how they're doing.

What to Like About World Mental Health Day

Increased awareness about mental health has been the catalyst to changing the way mental health disorders are viewed. This international day has created new opportunities in the world of mental health and funding for the proper research on mental disorders and illnesses. With more attention, more effective treatment has been and are being created to help people who battle mental illness.

History of World Mental Health Day

Mental health issues vary across the board. They include social, emotional, and psychological aspects. They affect various areas of life in different ways, and they also affect relationships, education and even careers. The World Federation for Mental Health created the initiative simply to advocate for the totality of mental health. In doing such, there is the goal to help eliminate the harsh criticisms and stigmas around mental health across the world. Themes have varied over the years, from improving service quality to suicide prevention and countries continue to get involved in the mission of better mental health care.


Is there a World Mental Health Day?

There is a specific date set to celebrate and help to eliminate the negative stigma of mental health. It has been celebrated annually since 1992.

Why is World Mental Health Day celebrated?

World Mental Health Day is an international holiday initiated by the World Federation for Mental Health, along with the World Health Organization and additional members of the World Federation for Mental Health. The purpose is to bring awareness to and advocate for positive mental health across the globe.

Which day is World Mental Health Day celebrated on?

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on October 10 .

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