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What Is National Coffee Day?

On National Coffee Day, people celebrate their favorite "cup of Joe" or coffee. There are at least 22 varieties of coffee to choose from, such as espresso, latte, or cappuccino. While coffee is often enjoyed piping hot, many also enjoy it ice cold. With its wide variety of flavors and textures, coffee can be enjoyed with meals, between meals, or even for dessert!

What Deals Can be Found on National Coffee Day?

Save $21 off a gift certificate worth $25! Good at tons of local coffee houses and cafes near you. Use code COFFEE from 10/1-10/6 only.


Save 15% when you purchase 10 packs of espresso pods for Nespresso Original Machines. Use the exclusive CouponFollow x Gourmesso promo code NATCOFF2115 from October 1-31 to celebrate National Coffee Day!

Cafe Britt

Whether you like whole bean, grounds, capsules or cocoa, Cafe Britt's got your coffee needs covered. Save 31% off orders of $100 or more with code COFFEEB3Q or 16% off anything below $100 with code COFFEEB16, September 25-October 1.

Volcanica Coffee

Save 12% off all orders in honor of National Coffee Day with coupon code COFFEEDAY2021! Valid September 7-October 3.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets offers a variety of coffee themed gift baskets! Use code COFFEE to save 15% on coffee gifts! Valid Sept 15 - Oct 15th!


Celebrate Coffee Day with magical mugs from $17.99 including shipping when you use code COFFEEDAYCF. Code valid for 70% off all personalized products, not just mugs!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Improve your coffee game with The Coffee Bean! Take 25% off all coffee products with code CFCOFFEEDAY! Offer valid 9/30 - 10/2 only!

Butter your coffee and get more done with this better-for-you coffee creamer. Bulletproof Original Creamer is a keto coffee creamer made with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. When you combine these quality fats with coffee, you get Bulletproof Coffee: a rich, satisfying drink that kick-starts your day and keeps you going strong. Use our exclusive code CFBPCREAMER to save 20% today!


How about some local coffee from your favorite places around the US? Goldbelly delivers! Right now you can save $15 off your first order of anything on their site when you spend $50 or more with code FEEDYOURBELLY. That’s $15 off coffee, donuts, apple pies, cold brew, and everything in between.

Every year, restaurants and coffee venues offer discounts and special deals to help you celebrate the day with family or friends or even by yourself. Take a look at just a few of the deals that have been offered in the past.

Caribou Coffee

In the past, Caribou Coffee has offered a 50% discount on a bag of take-home coffee beans for those who purchased a large beverage. This deal was available either through the company's app or in-store.

Krispy Kreme

In years past, Krispy Kreme has offered rewards members a cup of coffee plus a free doughnut. Those who were not rewards members were still offered a free cup of coffee. What a sweet deal.

Love's Travel Stops

Love's Travel Stops has offered any size coffee for $1 through its Love's Connect app, with all money being donated to the Children's Miracle Network. Free refills were also offered to rewards members.


Starbucks has also named National Coffee Day "National Starbucks Day." On this day in the past, Starbucks has offered extra deals for those who are rewards members. One deal offered was a free drink credit for reward members who used the mobile app to order a grande or larger-size handcrafted coffee or tea.

What Are Some Budget-Friendly DIY Ideas for National Coffee Day?

Try a New Coffee Drink at Home

To help celebrate the goodness of coffee on National Coffee Day, many places (even grocery stores) offer discounts on coffee beans or grounds and even creamers and sweeteners. You can buy these items at a generous discount rate and take your coffee home to enjoy. Make your own coffee creations in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of going out and getting a cup of Joe. Be creative, and share with a friend.

Go on a Coffee Date

Have you been meaning to take that special someone out for a meaningful conversation over a cup of coffee? Why don't you go to your favorite coffee shop on National Coffee Day and enjoy connecting over a free coffee? Go ahead and add in a cinnamon roll or other baked goodies, too!

Hang Out With Some Friends at a Coffee House

Enjoy your favorite brew with your favorite friends and catch up on lost time. You could all meet at your favorite local coffee house and review books, listen to music, or just sit and chat while sipping your favorite latte.

What Is There to Do on National Coffee Day?

Get Free Coffee and Watch the Sun Rise

Try going to McDonald's to get a free cup of coffee in the early morning. Then, drive to your favorite park or lakefront and watch the sun rise while listening to music.

Get Some Coffee to Cheer up a Friend

You can use the coffee deals to be able to get enough coffee to share with a friend who might need some cheering. Get the coffee grab and go, and then surprise your friend with a free cup of coffee and some quality talk time. She'll be sure to thank you.

Use National Coffee Day to Deal-hop

Perhaps you can use this day to take advantage of as many coffee deals that you can and stock up on coffee and other goodies for the year. Or, you can just make of day of going from restaurant to restaurant and enjoying their sweet coffee-related deals.

Try a Coffee Variety You Haven't Had Before

You can go to your local coffee shop like Starbucks and try a handcrafted coffee you've never tried before. You might find your new favorite drink and share your discovery with a friend.

Pay It Forward

Why don't you pay for someone else's coffee while you're in line to get your own? He will probably thank you, and you're sure to feel great about it and enjoy your own coffee all the more. Best of all, many people who receive gifts that are paid forward will also do a kind act in turn.

Why Do We Like National Coffee Day?

National Coffee Day is so much fun. Coffee has become such an enjoyable part of many people's lives and getting free or discounted coffee-related deals can be exciting. Also, spending extra time with others while enjoying your sweet deals will be extra rewarding. You'll look forward to this day every year.

What Is the History of National Coffee Day?

Coffee used to be used mainly in Arab nations. Eventually, the use of coffee spread to the United States in 1770 and was the perfect substitute for highly taxed tea. Since then, coffee has become more and more popular and has become a mainstay of the economy. International Coffee Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1983. The United States began to celebrate National Coffee Day some time after that.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Coffee Day

Is there a National Coffee Day?

Yes, National Coffee Day is celebrated all across the world each year. It's particularly popular in countries with a large population of coffee drinkers and those with a community awareness of sourcing fair trade items.

Why Is National Coffee Day Important?

Many people celebrate this day in order to raise awareness of fair trade coffee and the plight of growers in different regions of the world. It's a great chance to educate yourself more on the origin of coffee and the work that goes into growing the perfect bean.

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