Millennial Shopping Habits: Trend Report 2022

Marc Mezzacca
Founder and CEO, CouponFollow
Published on: 09/13/22

Since late 2019, millennials — those born between 1982 and 1996 — have been the most populous generation in the United States, with 73.2 million people in 2022.

Having long been a dominant cultural force, millennials also have a considerable annual spending power of $2.5 trillion. How do millennials (sometimes referred to as Gen Y) spend their money? What influences their purchasing decisions? What trends shape their shopping, spending, and saving habits?

In this report, we examine millennial shopping trends in the U.S., explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these trends, and how millennials, as America’s largest generation, continue to shape retail and e-commerce.


  • Learn which shopping trends with reign supreme in 2022
  • Uncover how methods of shopping are changing, such that millennials are increasingly going fully digital
  • Discover the social media platforms in which millennial consumers are most willing to engage with brands
  • Understand how millennials are saving money and which discount types are preferred

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Marc Mezzacca
Founder and CEO, CouponFollow
As the Founder and CEO of CouponFollow, Marc has a passion for helping consumers save time and money while shopping online. He’s been a bargain and deal hunter since the early 2000s.