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National Cat Day is a great opportunity to pause and show (more!) love to your favorite furry friend. In the United States, National Cat Day is observed on October 29. It was established by pet and family lifestyle experts. Its original intent was to raise awareness of the need to commit to adopting cats and other pets. However, it has evolved into a celebration of the joy and fun cats bring into so many lives. It's a great excuse to celebrate your kitty!

What Deals Can You Expect on National Cat Day?

Although National Cat Day is not one of the major retail holidays in the U.S. or around the world, cat owners certainly note it with a growing number of social media posts and an increase in pet care purchases. Keep watch on the social media accounts of your favorite pet food and pet care brands as well as posts by shelters and other animals rights groups highlighting special upcoming sales to note National Cat Day.

Merchandising Companies

Every cat lover enjoys cat merchandise, such as T-shirts, totes and mugs. You may want to keep an eye on your favorite merchandise sellers to see if they will be celebrating the holiday by offering a discount on cat-themed merchandise. You can also watch the big box stores and major retailers for flash discounts on National Cat Day-friendly merch.

Shop Local

Don't forget to check local pet-friendly stores for National Cat Day sales and items. Groomers may offer a discount, and vets may have special cat treatments, like nail clipping, on sale in honor of the day. It's worth checking around in your area to see how local businesses are celebrating Kitty's special day.

Budget-friendly Ideas for National Cat Day

Cat Videos

It wouldn't be a celebration of cats without cat videos! Absolutely free and guaranteed to lift your spirits, cat videos are what make the internet go 'round for one good reason: They're fantastic. From the funny ones of cats jumping in odd ways to felines being grumpy, to heartwarming kitten videos, take some time to watch a new cat video or rewatch some of your old standbys on National Cat Day, and be reminded all over again of why you're celebrating your furry friend.

Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Get back to the spirit of why people started commemorating National Cat Day in the first place: to raise awareness of cats in shelters. Get in touch with your local shelter well in advance of the day and ask how you can help out. Even if they have all the volunteers they need, you can still help out. Most shelters, for example, are always in need of clean, used towels. Ask your local shelter if they can use yours, and donate those. Also check in with cat rescue organizations in your area. Since those are often run by volunteers who are fostering cats in their own homes, they can always use donations and help.

Give Your Kitty Their Special Treat

It could be as simple as a nibble of tuna or your cat's favorite canned food. If you're a cat lover, this is probably something you do on a regular basis already, but it doesn't hurt to make it extra special on National Cat Day.

If you don't want to only buy tasty treats for your kitty, buy your cat something else she'll really love. Some great ideas include a toy with flashing lights, one stuffed full of catnip (for cats who love it, it never gets old!), or even a self-cleaning kitty litter box. If your cat is a stickler for cleanliness, as so many cats are, this could be one of the best ways you could make National Cat Day special for her.

Ideas for Deals/DIY Activities

Photo shoot!

No guarantees that your kitty will love this activity, but there's no denying that cute cat pictures are a must on National Cat Day. Make a little paper crown from construction paper. Those who have tried this recommend putting it on your cat's head while they're napping to avoid crumpled crowns. Since this holiday falls near Oct. 31, find your cat's Halloween costume from last year, and snap new pictures with it on. You can also make a "wig" with loops or yarn, or pose your cat with tiny plastic pumpkins. The possibilities are endless!

Make a Homemade Cat Button and Wear it to Work

If you work in a cat-friendly, laid-back place, proclaim your support of National Cat Day with a homemade button. Print out your favorite picture of your cat, and write around it, "Support Shelter Cats - Adopt!" to remind your co-workers that National Cat Day exists for the reason of encouraging cat adoptions.

Organizations to Support on National Cat Day

The best place to start is at your local shelter and cat rescue organizations. They can always use donations and volunteer help. Once you've done what you can there, you can look to national organizations like The National Cat Protection Society, the Winn Feline Foundation and Alley Cat Allies.


Is There a National Cat Day?

There sure is! Cats are among the most-loved pets in the world, so of course there is a day that celebrates their awesomeness.

Why Is National Cat Day Celebrated?

The day began as a way to raise awareness of the plight of cats in shelters and to encourage more cat adoptions. It has since evolved into a celebration of everything that makes cats wonderful pets and companions.

On Which Day Is National Cat Day Celebrated?

In the United States, National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29.

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