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Published on: 03/05/19


Those are the first six digits of pi (often represented by the Greek symbol “π”), a mathematical constant which, by the way, has found its way as a National Day in the US (passed by congress in 2009). If you knew those five decimal places, congrats you’re in the top 25% of Americans who know 5 or more decimals places according to our latest survey all about Pi… and pie.

We surveyed 750 Americans aged 18-65 during February 28, 2019 through March 1st, 2019 asking questions about their knowledge of Pi, taste for pie, various related pi-e topics.

We found out a bunch of goodies, including that 91% of Americans know what Pi is (where have the 9% been hiding?), and 96% of Americans enjoy eating pie! So, yeah, 5% more Americans enjoy eating pie then know what Pi is.

Here’s the rest of the stats (or skip down the page to find deals, coupons and freebies):

  • Of the 91% of Americans that know what Pi is, 78% know about or have heard of Pi Day!

  • 1 in 4 Americans (25%) can recite 5 or more Pi decimal places, while 3 of 4 Americans (75%) can recite less than 5 decimal places of Pi. Here’s the breakdown:

    • 12% can recite 4 decimal places
    • 22% can recite 3 decimal places
    • 18% can recite 2 decimal places
    • 5% can only recite 1 decimal place
    • 13% can’t remember or recite any decimal places
  • The majority of Americans last remember using Pi in high school (40%) compared to 38% who last remember using it in college or afterwards. Only 9% remember using Pi last before high school, and 13% don't recall or have never used it.

  • Many consumers know of Pi Day and over half (57%) have shopped Pi Day deals, freebies, or discounts in the past, or plan to take advantage this year.

  • 96% of Americans enjoy eating pie (the food kind)! Over half of Americans (55%) prefer a dessert pie to a savory pie (18%), while 22% remain split, and just 4% don't eat pie at all.

  • Thanksgiving is the overwhelming favorite holiday to eat pie on with 2 of 3 (66%) Americans stating that is their preferred holiday day to enjoy some pie.

  • When asked to identify themself as either more of a Foodie or more of a Geek, 75% of females identified as a Foodie, compared to 52% of males. While 48% of males identified as more of a Geek, versus just 25% of females.

  • When asked which of the following (all that apply) likely do on Pi Day, here’s how Americans responded:

    • Shop for discounts and deals (47%)
    • Buy a whole pizza pie (43%)
    • Eat a whole Pie (24.5%)
    • Try to recite as many decimal places as possible (15.5%)
    • Throw a pie in someone's face (13%)
  • 1 in 5 Americans prefer Apple Pie for dessert. Here’s the full breakdown of popular pies:

    • Apple Pie (21%)
    • Chocolate Cream Pie (20%)
    • Pecan Pie (14%)
    • Pumpkin Pie (14%)
    • Cherry Pie (12%)
    • Blueberry Pie (6%)
    • Sweet Potato Pie (4%)
    • Other* (9%)

Note: “Other” included various options including Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue, and Peanut Butter Pie.

Ok, enough geeking out on Pi stats… now to the good stuff. Here’s the deals and coupons from pizza chains and various other retailers participating in PI Day!

Online Pi Day Coupons & Deals Roundup

Use these coupon codes and promotional discounts to score big savings when shopping online during Pi Day!

CafePress - Score an extra 31.4% off at CafePress for Pi Day only! Plus check out over 2,500 awesome Pi Day Gifts.

Forever21 - Who said Pi Day isn’t fashionable? Over 314 Styles for just $3.14 and get a Free Gift with $65 using this promo code on your purchase.

KiwiCo - Kiwi offers hands on learning! Save $3.14 per month on 3 months+ with code PIDAY

Papa Johns - Score an extra 30% Off Regular Menu Price Orders at Papa Johns w/ discount code!

Papa Murphys - Save 25% Off on orders of $20 or more on regular priced orders!

SAP Press - Offers 15% off SAP Press BI & BW books and E-Bites for Pi Day!

Sargent Welch - 14% off on labware, classroom science furniture, and supplies for teachers! Use code SW314PiDay

ShoeMall - Grab a 31.4% off discount sitewide on your next shoes purchase using code SMPIDAY at checkout.

ThinkGeek - Head over to ThinkGeek and use this coupon for 31.4159265359….% (rounded to 31.42%) off your purchase for one day only! Tons of geeky gear!

Ward's Science - 14% off your entire order sitewide on teacher school supplies and resources and more to celebrate Pi Day! Use code W314PIDAY

Wonder Labs - Score an extra 10% off sitewide on vitamins, nutritional supplements, and more health related items using Pi Day coupon code.

NOTE: More coming soon! Last year Dell, Microsoft, Dominos, Lands' End, Delivery.com, Zazzle, Hotwire, Foot Locker, Comp and Save, Diamond.com, Shutterfly and various other brands also participated with online coupons codes and discounts. So check back on this post as it will be continually updated as new online promotions, coupons and deals are released by retailers.

Local Pi Day Deals Roundup

Various pizzaries and bakeries around the US and Canada participate in Pi Day. We’ve added some below, and will continue adding to the list as Pi Day comes closer.

Source: Blaze Pizza App Email

Blaze Pizza (locations) - $3.14 pizza is back on 3/14! Download the Blaze Pizza app before 3/14 to get a special Pi Day reward sent to your account before the Pi Day party starts! (Shown above, one per order, in-restaurant only, at participating locations) (see details)

Boston Market (locations) - Enjoy one free Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie with the purchase of another Pot Pie and drink at any one of the more than 450 U.S. locations. (see details)

California Pizza Kitchen (locations)**** - Grab a slice of Key Lime Pie for just $3.14 on Pi Day (3/14). Valid while supplies last.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen (171 locations) - PIGO! Pie One, Get One deal on 3.14 - when you order one of their Homemade Chicken Pot Pies, you get a second Pot Pie to bake at home!

(see details)

Cici’s (locations) - Purchase of an adult buffet and large drink and get another adult buffet for just $3.14! Requires printed coupon. (see details)

Hungry Howie’s - Grab a 1-topping medium pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of any bread at regular menu price. Carryout orders only starting March 11 through March 14. Participating locations only. Use coupon code when ordering online (see code)

JETS Pizza (various locations) - Buy a large pizza at regular menu price and get a medium, one-topping, hand-tossed round pizza for $3.14

Pie Five Pizza (locations) - Pie Five Pizza will be participating in Pi Day with $3.14 personal signature pizzas! (see details)

Whole Foods - (see details) - Pick up your favorite large bakery pies for $3.14 off the normal sale price, with an additional 10 percent off for Prime members!

Super Localized Offers:


Livin The Pie Life (Arlington, Virginia) - Visit the shop on Pi Day for their “In House” Pi Day Special! Get 3 individual-size pies OR 3 slices of pie for $14 (see details)

Montclair Bread Co (Montclair, New Jersey) - Pre-order nine circular hand pi(e)s for only $31.41 (see details)

Naples Flatbread Kitchen & Bar (Estero, Florida) - Score $5 11" Neapolitan Cheese Pizza ALL DAY on Pi Day! (see details)

Papa Murphy’s (Raleigh, NC) - Purchase a Classic Cheesy Bread or Chocolate Chip Cookie dough at Papa Murphy’s and get a Large Thin Crust or Pepperoni Pizza for ONLY $3.14! In store only, limit 3. Deals may vary at other locations. (see details)

Vin-Chet Bakery (Amherst, NY) - Gluten-free pizza offered at $3.14 off on Pi Day! (see details)

Your Pie (FL, GA - see locations) - $3.14 Pizza all day at participating locations in Florida and Savannah, Georgia (see details)

Midwest / West

LOTSA Stone Fired Pizza (MD,WV,IN,PA,NC,OH,FL) - $3.14 Pizzas on Pi Day (see here)

Marie Callenders (CA,NV,UT) - Free Slice of Pie! Purchase one full price adult entrée and receive a Free Slice of pie! (see here)

Sauce Pizza & Wine (AZ, NM, TX) - $3.14 for cheese pizzas all day on Pi Day (see here)

Cold Stone Creamery (Omaha, NE) - Get $3.14 off on any Ice Cream Pie! We haven’t seen any national announcement yet, other locations may have various other deals (see details)

Grand Traverse Pie (MI, ID) - Free slice of Michigan ABC Crumb Pie with any purchase all day on Thursday, March 14th. (see details)

Lou Malnati's Pizza (IL, AZ) - Get chocolate chip cookie pizza "pi"s for only $3.14 (see details)

Bakers Square (Midwest) - $2 off on Pies from 3/13 - 3/14 (see here)

Fresh Brothers (Los Angeles & the Valley) - Personal pizza with toppings for just $3.14. Must use coupon code PIDAY to redeem the offer when ordering online. Valid for pick up, delivery or dine in orders. Excludes orders from GrubHub, Postmates, Uber Eats or other services. (see details)

Fired Pie (Phoenix metro) - $3.14 Pizza Pies for Pi Day! 2 PM to close at all locations (see details)

Fire Slice Pizzeria (Amarillo, TX) - Celebrate Pi Day with $3.14 Glasses of House Wine and $3.14 off all small and large pies (see here)

Mici Italian restaurants (Denver) - Will give away 3.14 10-inch pizzas to the first four people in line at 3:14 p.m. on March 14, 2019. That’s right, the fourth person in line will get .14 of a pizza pie.

Rocky Rococo (WI) - $3.14 off any regular priced whole pizza pie (see details)

Toppt! (New Albany IN, Elizabethtown KY) - Get a full size pizza with any three toppings for only $3.14 on Pi Day!

Zazza Pizza Cafe (Conroe, TX) - $3.14 off on Large and XL pizza orders on Pi Day (see details)

Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe (Green Bay, WI) - When you buy a Pie you get to spin the wheel for another FREE item! You could win a KRINGLE, donuts, a TORTE, cookies and more. On 3/14 only (see details)

Various dining spots in Chicago will be offering $3.14 slices of pie on 3/14 (see more details on Chicago Food Magazine)

TIP: CouponFollow tracks coupons and deals posted to social media automatically, but you can also keep an eye on social media yourself. We suggest using the advanced search feature of Twitter to reduce noise and pull out the good stuff.

Pi Day Freebies, Cheap Stuff, and Fun Activities

Source: WeAreTeachers.com

NASA (online) - Celebrate Pi Day with NASA during their online events Friday, March 8 - Saturday, March 16. (see details)

Mental Floss has a bunch of fun Pi Day math problems… can you solve them? (see here)

Runpee lists the top 16.5 movies to enjoy in honor of Pi Day… including Life of Pi, of course! (see here)

PiDay.org lists 36 surprising facts about Pi Day (see here)

Texas Instruments has a list of ideas how to celebrate Pi Day in the classroom for teachers (see here)

WeAreTeachers also has 31 mathtastic Pi Day activities for the classroom (see here)

Local Freebies:

Philadelphia Runner (Philadelphia, PA) - Will be hosting a Pi Day run that ends with free pie from The Bakeshop On 20th. Participants will run 3.14 miles in honor of Pi Day. (see here)

Pi Day Trivia Night (Chicago, IL) - Eat some delicious pie and maybe even win $100! a Sci-fi and fantasy-themed bar that's perfect for a night of showing off your nerd knowledge. Costs $5 bucks. (see here)

Microsoft Azure Workshop (Indianapolis, IN) - Microsoft will be hosting a Pi Day Azure Workshop in Indianapolis to help developers get hands-on with Azure. Event is 9 AM - 5 PM on 3/14. There will be free pie. (see details)

Pi Day Surprise?

Perhaps some of the biggest Pi Day buzz so far this year on social media has been that the Model Y is being revealed on 3/14. That’s right, Elon Musk has announced the Model Y will be unveiled on on March 14th and quite a few have been asking Elon if he planned it this way on purpose... because, well.. Pi.

Whether you’re a fan of pizza pie, dessert pie, solving complex mathematical equations, or just love fun holidays, Pi Day has something to offer you!

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