A Senior's Guide to Budgeting and Couponing

Aging comes with many rewards but many challenges as well. Retirement means that seniors deal with a drop in income and must rely on Social Security, investments, pensions, and savings. Learning to survive and thrive with less money is often difficult for many seniors. Luckily, there are many ways for seniors to minimize their expenditures without causing painful sacrifices or decreasing their overall quality of life. Budgeting is key for seniors so they know exactly where and how they are spending their money and can find places where they can cut back. Couponing is another key component of stretching dollars in retirement.

What to Consider When Budgeting

The right budget looks different for everyone. It also looks different for the same person at different points in their lives. Seniors have needs and concerns that should be taken into account as they craft a budget for this season of their life.

  • Health is a major issue to consider. Those with ongoing health conditions will need to allocate more money toward medical expenses
  • Saving for long-term or end-of-life care is an important goal for many seniors.
  • Think about retirement goals. Some retirees want to travel, while others wish to volunteer. Make sure the budget supports these major goals.
  • Basic expenses like food and transportation are important to consider and track.
  • Seniors who own their own homes need to plan for maintenance issues.

There are many budgeting resources that seniors can consult:

How to Organize Your Budget

Once goals and priorities for spending have been established, it's time to organize the budget. Budgets aren't documents that can just be made and then set aside: They should be interacted with regularly to make sure actual spending is following the guidelines set out in the budget. A budget also will need fine-tuning and editing as circumstances, costs, income, or priorities change. It's a good idea to evaluate the budget monthly at the very least. How the budget is organized depends on the person. Some people like binders, while others prefer spreadsheets or one of the many budgeting apps now available.

Strategies for Ensuring You Have Sufficient Money

Seniors may worry about running out of money, and it's important to strategize to prevent that from happening. The best way to do this is for people to live below their means. Decisions like traveling less or downsizing to a smaller home with cheaper bills can help make money last longer. Paying down debt is another way to protect long-term savings. Seniors also should take advantage of all government-funded programs they qualify for to help them make their money last as long as possible. Couponing is another excellent way to stretch dollars and help money last longer.

Financial Management Tools for Seniors

Additional Resources for Seniors

Hopefully you’ve found these tips and resources helpful in your journey to budgeting and spending responsibly as you or your loved ones grow older.

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