Tips and Tricks to Land the Best Deals During Wayfair Way Day

Are you a furniture fanatic, deal hunter, or general home items enthusiast?

If you are, Way Day is just the event for you. Way Day is Wayfair's biggest annual shopping event, and you stand a chance to buy some exclusive items at dirt cheap prices.

This two-day sale is not just about regular sales that give 10% or 25% off. These are impressive discounts, but Way Day has amazing deals that go up to 80% off, giving some of the lowest prices in the market.

However, approaching Way Day without any insight could leave you struggling to get the best deals. You should learn all that you can about the event and check out what items will be available in advance.

Read on for everything you need to know about Wayfair’s Way Day, including specific details about the 2022 sales event.

When is the Wayfair Way Day Annual Sale?

Way Day is Wayfair Inc.’s biggest sale of that year. It offers customers thousands of deals on items for two days. It was launched in April 2018 to match Amazon Prime Day.

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Wayfair sells top-quality items at affordable prices all year long, promising savings on popular products like home decor, patio products, and furniture. In addition, all items purchased during this period get free shipping.

The sale promises to offer special deals that are better than Black Friday discounts.

In 2021, Way Day happened on April 28 and 29. The official dates for 2022 have not yet been confirmed, but judging from the previous years, it should happen at the end of April.

Just like Amazon Prime Day, customers enjoy early access sneak peeks into the deals to expect during the sales period. In 2021, the preview was available two weeks before the actual date. This gives you lots of time to assess the deals and settle on what you want to purchase.

The Wayfair platform has a cool feature where you can highlight an item and click “notify me” to have them email you when it is ready for purchase.

The sale is not exclusive to Wayfair only, as it happens across all other brands under its umbrella. They include: is the main site where you will find most of the items sold by the company. The other sites list fewer items and are themed to suit specific customer needs, though not exclusively.

Josh & Main and Birch Lane mainly offer traditional home furnishings. AllModern is all about modern decor, while Perigold sells luxury home furnishings and high-end items.

Way Day deals to watch out for

Way Day is a site-wide sale rather than being tailored for a few select categories. Expect deals on almost everything available at Wayfair, with the difference being the percentage discounts applicable to each.

Like any sales event, popular items with huge discounts tend to run out fast, so you must be proactive. Stock is limited, so a little hesitation can easily make you miss out on something you may have loved.

While the exact discounts are not revealed before the actual Way Day date, here are a few ones you could expect based on deals in previous years:

  • Up to 80% discount on select wall arts and area rugs
  • Up to 70% discount on living room seats and beddings
  • Up to 65% discount on bathroom items, lighting, mattresses, and outdoor furniture
  • Up to 60% discount on kitchen items, pet essentials, children's furniture, and curtains
  • Up to 50% discount on small kitchen appliances
  • Savings on Wayfair exclusive brands like Kelly Clarkson Home

In addition, there are hourly flash deals on assorted surprise items.

How to get the best deals from Wayfair Way Day

Wayfair Way Day can easily be overwhelming if you have no idea of what you’re looking for. Everything appears to be discounted during this period, and it’s hard to know what’s actually a good deal.

Percentage of Customers Who Buy Because of a Discount

The indication of a discount doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting the most bang for your buck, as the original cost may have been higher than what a similar item costs at another store. In addition, you don’t want to get caught up in the sale and end up wasting money on stuff you don’t need.

You have to be strategic when approaching Wayfair Way Day to ensure you get the best deals. Let’s look at four steps you can take to make the most of this event.

1. Do your research

It is easy to be lured into impulse purchases during sale days like Wayfair Way Day. You may make a purchase in the heat of the moment, only for you to find out later on that you didn’t need the item.

Customers Make Impulse Purchases Because of Discounts

As we’re approaching Wayfair Way Day, don’t be a victim of impulse purchases. Instead, dig into their websites to check out a few items you are interested in.

Create a list of the items you’d like. You can do this even before Wayfair lets you preview the official sale. Searching for the types of items you want beforehand and being familiar with what Wayfair offers can help keep you from buying something you don’t necessarily want just because it’s a good deal.

Note down the prices of these items so that you know what they’re originally selling for. Then, go an extra step and check out what other retailers are selling these items or similar ones for. Most of the large appliances and electronics are available in stores like Amazon and Walmart.

With proper insight and a list of items you want to buy, you should be able to quickly identify the best deals for you during Wayfair Way Day.

The fancy marketing and hype surrounding Wayfair Way Day do not guarantee that everything available gives you a great deal. Other retailers also have sales throughout the year, and you may be able to get the items you want at lower prices. With proper research, you’ll know what to buy from Wayfair and what to buy from other retailers.

2. Find coupons

Now is the time to scour the internet for coupons and promo codes you can use to get more savings. A discount coupled with a coupon will save you a lot and allow you to buy more items during the sale.

Coupon Follow is a great resource to find Wayfair coupons. Alternatively, you can install a coupon code aggregator like Cently that automatically applies coupons to your shopping cart.

Cently Coupon Aggregator Page

If you find and collect coupons in the days leading up to the sale, you will make good deals better and get a few items on your list at highly discounted prices.

3. Do not miss the early preview

The early preview is a golden opportunity to check out some of the items on your list and how much they’ll be discounted.

If a few items shown here interest you, click on the notify button to have an alert sent to you when they go live. The competition for the items shown in the early preview is higher since many interested people will also sign up to be notified.

It’s important to know that the early preview doesn’t show everything that’ll be on sale — just a sample of items in different categories.

4. Watch out for quality

Sales are an excellent window for retailers to dispose of slow-moving or badly reviewed items. By pricing them at extremely low prices, people often overlook the low quality and buy them, only to realize later that they got a raw deal.

Ways Retailers Dispose Slow Moving Stock

While buying a low-quality item at a very low price is not necessarily a huge loss, you want to stay focused and score some of the best items available during the sale. Paying attention to quality especially applies to furniture and decor items that you do not have the luxury of inspecting in person.

Leverage consumer feedback on individual items before you buy. You don’t want to be stuck with a large and substandard item like a couch that doesn’t meet your quality expectations because it was available at 70% off.

Finding out what customers say about the items on your list is a great way to learn if they are of good quality or not. Wayfair, like any retailer, has good and not-so-good items, and you should be wary of buying low-quality ones due to sheer excitement.

Next steps

Wayfair Way Day is a huge sales event you do not want to miss. Who doesn’t love a discount anyway?

Don’t rush into this sales event without doing your research beforehand, as you could easily land a raw deal. Many people get stuck with items they don’t need after a sales event, wishing they’d been able to purchase better items.

Coupons are a sure way to garner more savings, as they allow you to spread your money and get more items — or save some extra cash. Remember, Wayfair Way Day only happens once a year, so you should take this opportunity to get that rug or couch you want so badly.

Check out CouponFollow for Wayfair and other coupons you can use to save money on purchases and make the upcoming Way Day even better.

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