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While the struggle for equal rights for women continues, one way to highlight the contributions of women is by celebrating Women’s Equality Day. In the United States, Women’s Equality Day is observed on August 26, the anniversary of the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vote. This special day is seen as an opportunity to support and recognize women’s roles throughout society, politics, business, the family, education and more. There are plenty of ways to recognize and celebrate this special occasion.

What Deals Can You Expect on Women’s Equality Day?

Although Women’s Equality Day is typically not a large retail holiday, the event is certainly catching on, especially with respect to women-owned businesses and companies. Keep a close eye on social media outlets, local news and media and women’s organizations to find out about any special upcoming sales to recognize Women’s Equality Day and celebrate the roles women have played throughout our country’s history.


Shop Threadless’s Cause sections throughout the site to support charities for women, LGBTQ+, people of color, the disabled, the environment, and other causes near and dear to all of our hearts. Threadless also supports women artists by featuring them in categories of their own, as well as prioritizing artists from underrepresented communities to boost their visibility, voices, and sales. Use code COUPON25 for 25% off your purchase August 26-27 only.

Smartass & Sass

Use code WOMANPWR for 20% off your first time subscription to this unique box from August 20-27 only. Smartass & Sass support women artists in every subscription box; plus, the entire company is run by strong AF women who want to encourage women to be sassy and snarky whenever they feel like it.


In honor of National Women’s Equality Day, save 15% off any purchase up to $1,000 at Gourmet Giftbaskets, a female-owned, family business that celebrates women’s equality with their family-friendly management style and hiring practices. Use code WOMEN to redeem your savings


Enjoy 20% off any purchase at Kindred Bravely with code EQUALITY20! Kindred Bravely is built on being united in motherhood and supporting moms with both comfort and function. Through their social communities, they share encouraging and uplifting messages so that every mother knows they aren't alone in their journey and Kindred Bravely is always in their corner. From donating to nonprofits to helping moms in their own communities, giving back and helping women is always top of mind

Suzanne Somers

For a limited time, get 20% off your purchase at Suzanne Somers! Use code WOMEN20 to redeem your savings! Offer valid 8/26 - 8/27 only

Boll & Branch

Boll and Branch founder, Missy Tannen, is a mother of three daughters, so celebrating the ingenuity and contributions of women is woven into the workplace culture of the Boll & Branch offices. In fact, 80% of the team is female.Boll & Branch also partners with factories (some female-owned, all family-run) that are Fair Trade Certified and maintain sustainable business practices. As a result, Boll & Branch is able to help support and sustain thriving, luxury textile mills where all workers are treated with equality, decency and respect. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with Boll and Branch by enjoying 15% off your first sheet set! Use code EQUALITY to redeem your savings! Valid 8/19 - 9/2

RevitaLash Cosmetics

This beauty brand donates year round to breast cancer research as a part of their Eternally Pink pledge to support important, women-centric causes year-round. The Revitalash eyelash-conditioning serum was inspired by the hope of making all women feel beautiful at all times, no matter what. Use code CF15 to get 15% off your order of $100 or more at RevitaLash.com.


This female-owned company has a woman CEO and COO too. The COO contributions and is a mentor for Girls Who Code and a member of Lincoln Center’s Women’s Leadership Council, providing support for women year round. At Waft, you’ll find bespoke perfume crafted just for you. Use code CF10 for 10% off everything at Waft.com.


Founded and run by women, Alleyoop seeks to empower women as they move forward by making daily tasks in their lives more convenient and efficient.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is probably the most recognizable black-owned brands in the world, as it was founded by superstar Rihanna. This is a woman-owned business that also runs their own nonprofit, the Clara Lionel Foundation, to support education and emergency response for over 20 countries worldwide. Fenty Beauty always offers 15% off your first purchase and free shipping on all orders.

Savage X Fenty

You can’t talk about supporting and honoring women of all shapes and sizes without bringing up Savage X Fenty. They specialize in lingerie for every body and always has coupons and deals to help every woman save.


The Australian-founded brand PrincessPolly is now one of the most popular US brands for womens trendy apparel. They have been working with the Loveland Foundation since 2020, to support the Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, donating $60,000 in 2020 with a pledge to donate an additional $100,000 in 2021. Use code COUPONFOLLOW10 for 10% off orders of $99 or more.


Get the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and just because with photo gifts from PrinterPix. PrinterPix also enables a donation button during the holidays allowing customers to make purchases that will result in Printerpix donating 20% of the revenue to a handful of organizations such as YWMCA USA. Use code EQUALITYPRINTERPIX to save 70% off all personalized products now through August 26.

Silver Jeans

Since 1991, Silver Jeans’ mission has been to design a jean that fits every body, regardless of shape or size. In addition, each year on Giving Tuesday, Silver Jeans donates to the IEFTZ (Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania) to sponsor a student at the Orkeeswa School named Grace, who has dreams of becoming a doctor. The IEFTZ provides education to children in the under-served part of rural Tanzania, giving these children the opportunity to learn beyond the primary level of education and gain the skills necessary to start a professional career. Use code FUTUREISFEMALE for 25% off al women’s and plus size styles, valid 8/26 only!

Specialty T-Shirt Companies

Watch for potential sales from various specialty t-shirt companies offering deals on shirts with slogans of female empowerment and positive messages during the time around Women’s Equality Day. Activist apparel stores such as The Outrage may be a good place to begin your search for deals. You can also watch your favorite chain retail stores such as Target or Walmart for special merchandise and apparel focusing on the message of the day at temporarily discounted prices during this special time.

Book Stores

Visit your favorite bookstores for potential savings events on books by women authors and other books chronicling the lives of famous women leaders during the period around Women’s Equality Day. Places like Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Half-Price Books may be featuring some of their favorite female authors at special holiday savings. Smaller local bookstores may also be a great place to snag unique savings during this time.

Women-Owned Businesses

Do some online research to find local or regional women-owned stores and pay them a visit during Women’s Equality Day. Some of these establishments may be using this special time to highlight their products or services with additional discounts in the hopes of shining the spotlight on exceptional women doing big things in the community.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Learning more about the plight of women in our country and celebrating the dynamic women in your own life is a very important endeavor and does not have to cost an arm and leg. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with some of these cost-effective ideas.

Visit the Local Library

Take a trip to your local library to read up on some of the most prominent women in the history of our country. Many libraries may take this opportunity to feature books unique to this topic or books by favorite female authors such as Maya Angelou. Spending a little time learning from and about great women leaders and the fight for women’s suffrage is a perfect way to celebrate the day.

Write a Letter

For the cost of a stamp, you can send a letter of gratitude and encouragement to some of the most important women in your life. Is there a special teacher who had an impact on you or a female family member you look up to? Send them a note recognizing their positive contribution to your life. You could do the same for a local female business, activist or political leader in your community.

Attend a Speech or Public Assembly

Check your local news for the opportunity to take part in a rally, special event or assembly commemorating the Nineteenth Amendment and Women’s Equality Day. Often these events feature prominent women leaders, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and others in the community. This is a great way to lend your voice to support women in your area and learn more about how women are leading throughout your city.

DIY Ideas for Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Getting your family and kids involved in recognizing Women’s Equality Day is a great way to celebrate. If you have small children, read some books focusing on the topic and then make some simple crafts to commemorate the event. Or you could host a lunch or tea in honor of some of the special women in your life and toast them with a word of gratitude. There are plenty of creative and easy ways to celebrate the great women around you and affirm their value.

What is the History of Women’s Equality Day?

Women’s Equality Day began as “Women’s Rights Day” when President Nixon issued a proclamation setting the day apart for special recognition. The holiday falls on August 26 each year on the anniversary of the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment which secured the right to vote for women throughout the United States. Over the years, Women’s Equality Day has served to celebrate women’s contributions and focus on ensuring equal rights and privileges for both genders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Equality Day

Is there a Women’s Equality Day?

Yes, the United States celebrates a special day known as Women’s Equality Day each year.

Why Is Women’s Equality Day Celebrated?

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated in commemoration of the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment that gave women the right to vote in the United States. The yearly event is intended to recognize women’s contributions to all areas of society and work toward equality for women across the societal spectrum.

On Which Day Is Women’s Equality Day Celebrated?

Women’s Equality Day is recognized each year on August 26, the anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment which secured women the right to vote.

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