Where 30 Common Groceries Are the Most (and Least) Expensive

Published on: 05/18/18
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How much is a gallon of milk in New York City? How much do groceries cost in some of the least expensive cities in the USA? We’ve done an in-depth cost of living comparison by city to find the highest, lowest, and average food cost of the top 30 most-purchased grocery items.

Price list data tell us that the five top most expensive cities in the US account for many of the highest grocery bills. Meanwhile, the cost of groceries in the USA fluctuates by whole dollars in some of the cheaper areas. Common, no-nonsense food items like ground beef can be more than five dollars in one city and less than three in the next! Average grocery prices can give some indication of a typical budget in America, but that huge variety between outliers shows just how much of a difference there is in the overall cost of living. Food prices in the US look great in low-cost cities like Wichita Falls and Kalamazoo, but often, there’s a much smaller economy to back it up. Also, note that this data is for the continental US; it does not reflect islands like Hawaii or Puerto Rico, where prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Scan the average price of groceries here and see if it resembles the prices in your hometown. Find out where groceries are the most expensive and where you’ll find the cheapest food prices in the US!

* Research based on data compiled by The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) Cost of Living Index 2017

Last Updated: 05/30/2018
First Published: 05/22/2018

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