International Women's Day

In recent decades, women across the world have made great strides in the fight for representation in government, receiving equal pay, and working in industries that are traditionally male-dominated. However, the battle continues. Millions of women continue to go unnoticed for their contributions to science, art, film, literature, philosophy, and culture. On International Women's Day, people from around the world come together to celebrate the history of women and recognize their incredible accomplishments.

Why Do We Celebrate International Women's Day?

The reasons why people celebrate International Women's Day are almost too numerous to list. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to mark this date on your calendar:

  • To shine a light on the countless women who have made history as well as recognize the women whose accomplishments have quietly gone unnoticed
  • To remind people about women's struggles for equality from across the world and the importance of learning from history
  • To give women a special day to celebrate themselves and men a day to celebrate their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and co-workers in their lives
  • To encourage people to support women's groups, organizations, and sports teams in their area as well as to support their local Girl Scout troops
  • To give educators the chance to incorporate more women's history into their lesson plans
  • To remind people about the importance of donating to women's shelters and charities
  • To encourage people to seek out movies, TV shows, books, paintings, sculptures, and crafts that were made by women
  • To shine a light on the fact that women are still under-represented in culture, politics, certain job fields, and other areas of life
  • To remind people about the importance of supporting women-owned businesses
  • To encourage women around the world to be themselves and realize their full potential

What Is the History of International Women's Day?

The first International Women's Day was celebrated in New York in 1909. After the success of this day, women around the world campaigned to make the day a major holiday. The United Nations officially recognized International Women's Day as a holiday in 1977. For decades, women and men have celebrated the holiday as part of the feminist movement.

International Women's Day Deals and Discounts

International Women's Day deals and discounts change every year, but here's a look at some of the deals that businesses are offering now.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s founder, Dame Anita Roddick, was an activist at heart. It’s what gave The Body Shop their unique purpose and drive for social change. A true feminist and human rights activist, she built the brand on empowering women and girls with every product and every business decision, striving for equality and creating opportunities for women through our Community Fair Trade program. Principles some labeled as "feminine" – inclusivity, collaboration and compassion – are the foundation of The Body Shop brand. Use code IWD2022 for 20% off everything, 3/4-3/12 only!

Princess Polly

Princess Polly believes in supporting women and POC in all areas of their business, from creating clothes that scream confidence to creating business models that uplift and support their communities. As a primarily women’s focused business, their goal is to create fashion, work environments, and online spaces where women feel free to express themselves. They have been working with the Loveland Foundation since 2020, to support the Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, as well as Dress for Success and Change the Record, to name a few. While they continue to work with talented women throughout 2022, they are also in the midst of creating special Princess Polly In Partner Wardrobes with Thread Together, which provides wardrobes to crisis centers and gives essential clothing to women impacted by domestic violence.

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This beauty and skincare brand is all about making women feel beautiful inside and out. In 2014, Tatcha created the Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures fund to keep girls in school and through Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program to help them reach their full potentials. Plus, these programs help to bring diverse books to underserved communities in the United States. To date, these organizations have provided 6M days of school for Girls’ Education Program students and will soon support the printing and distribution of 70,000 diverse books in the Bay Area with the U.S. literacy initiative. Check out Tatcha’s website for more information on how Tatcha gives back.

Tatcha is providing CouponFollow readers an exclusive deal! Get a free travel size Deep Cleanse with any purchase using code CFCLEANSE for a limited time only.


Threadless celebrates the unique diversity that shapes each of us as human beings and is a space for artists to share their designs, no matter their ethnicity, gender, size, or race. With the launch of Threadless Causes, you can make a positive impact on the world by purchasing designs directly supporting critically important initiatives. With every Causes–related product you purchase, the artist who created the design along with Threadless donates a portion of earnings to an organization doing vital work in the world. You can directly support female artists on their site, like Elizabeth Hudy, Aminder Dhwaliwal, Jana Misheve, Mara Thornhincher, and Ira.

Plus, save with free shipping on orders of $45 or more with code IWD22 from 3/4-3/9 only!

MakeUp Eraser

As a woman-founded and woman-run brand, MakeUp Eraser is also focused on sustainability and cutting down on single use wipes. With a MakeUp Eraser, you simply need water to remove even the toughest makeup - from mascara and eyeliner to foundation and blush and even lipstick. Since their launch in 2013, they have saved women endless numbers of wipes - one MakeUp Eraser towel is equal to at least 3,600 makeup wipes. So, good for women, good for the world as well.

Use code CFWOMEN for 40% off your entire purchase.


Minted was founded in 2007 by Mariam Naficy, who wanted a platform to shine a light on hidden creative talents around the world and make their works more accessible to consumers everywhere. Now, Minted's community is made up of talented artists and designers in more than 100 countries and all 50 states in the US. Their crowdsourced platform is unique in that it attempts to eliminate all forms of bias like gender, sexual orientation, race, age, and any other roadblocks - simply put, the best designs, voted on by the Minted community, determine the success of art and design.

Use code IWD for 20% off all purchases 3/7-3/9 for stationery, art, gifts, home, kids and more.

Sigma Beauty

As a global brand led by an impassioned over 90% female team and co-founded by Dr. Simone Xavier, Sigma celebrates these amazing customers, partners and employees every day. Through partnerships with organizations like Miss Amazing and The Pink Fund, Sigma is able to support women from all walks of life.

Use code IWD for 1 free black 3DHD Blender with any order of $30 or more from 3/4-3/9 only!

AUrate New York

For a limited time, get 20% off your purchase with code COUPONFOLLOW20! Plus, For every purchase made during their Humankind Sale Event, AUrate New York will donate 10% of proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union to support the fight for gender equity & equality in honor of International Women's Day.


Missguided offers free period supplies in their offices for all co-workers and are partners of the Prince's Trust Charity, which leads a project called "change a girl's life" based on supporting young women across the UK to receive life-changing support and guidance. The Prince’s Trust enables and empowers them to move forward with renewed confidence into a job, training, further education, or to start a business. Additionally, Missguided supports Every Month, which is a registered charity tackling period poverty across Greater Manchester. They create and distribute packs of menstrual products to food banks and other services for people living in poverty. Ue the code NGEN20 for an extra 20% off on top of any sitewide savings, which are usually 50-60%.


Celebrate International Women’s Day with savings from top female owned or female inspired brands at! Shop the boutique today with brands such as Chloe, Rebecca Taylor and more! Learn more about how Chloe works to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Smartass & Sass

Smartass & Sass is women owned and supports women by partnering with other women-owned businesses. You can learn more about the causes they are supporting and the businesses supporting them by visiting their Stronger Together page. Smartass & Sass will be donating $2 of every Mystery Box sold and 5% of specific shop sales. The causes they will be supporting include Girls, Inc., National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Use code WOMEN25 for 25% off your first subscription from 3/6-3/9 only!

SiO Beauty

SiO was founded by Gigi Howard with the mission of helping women to feel confident and beautiful at any age. SiO also donates 20% of Pink ChestLift sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support the fight against breast cancer.

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To celebrate International Women's Day this year, boohoo has launched a special competition for one female-owned business to win £50,000 worth of marketing support to help them realize their dreams and aspirations. As well as this, boohoo has pledged to provide the winner with mentoring from some of the key players in the business.

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Pixi Beauty

This female-founded beauty brand celebrates the diversity of women everywhere. Led by Petra Strand, for the past 20 years, they’ve been showcasing the beauty of women inside and out.

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Founded by Elaine Binder, this female owned company, in celebration of Women’s Day, is offering CouponFollow members a generous 30% off sitewide coupon; just use code COUPONFOLLOW30 for your savings! Find your favorite fragrances, creams, sponges, even diffuser oils and bath accessories. Pamper yourself or the woman in your life. She deserves it!


In the past, Lancome had offered extra samples with your order when you made a purchase on International Women's Day.


Puma has offered a free pair of laces with every purchase made on International Women's Day.


In previous years, UGG has offered a free bag for anyone who placed an order of $140 or more on International Women's Day.


In previous years, WAFT has offered 10% off their perfumes to celebrate women on International Women's Day.

New Chic

To celebrate International Women's Day, New Chic has offered 40% off women's clothes.

How to Celebrate International Women's Day

Whether you're a teacher, a parent, or an individual who wants to celebrate this special day, here are just a few ways you can celebrate on a budget.

Teach Your Kids About Women's History

International Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to teach your children and students about women's history. Even if you only have boys, they need to learn about women's history just as much as girls do. Talk about famous female scientists, inventors, artists, writers, politicians, activists, and other historical figures that have helped contribute and shape modern society as you know it.

Shop at Women-Owned Businesses

Do some research to find women-owned businesses in your area and buy products from them instead of shopping from chain stores. When you shop at women-owned businesses, you are supporting diversity and your local economy. Even if you only stop in once a week to grab a cup of coffee, you contribute to your local economy. This is also a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood and explore some shops and restaurants that you've never visited before.

Donate to Women's Charities

From global organizations to local women's shelters, you can find hundreds of organizations online that support impoverished women. Consider donating some money or volunteering at a local charity drive.

What Are Some Women's Charities You Can Support?

Helping impoverished women is one of the best ways you can celebrate International Women's Day. Here are just a few of the charities that deserve your time and money.


CARE is a global organization that works to end poverty around the world. This charity puts a special focus on women because they're more likely to be abused and disenfranchised. You can donate to CARE to help them end poverty and promote equal rights in various countries.

Step Up

Step Up helps female high school students in impoverished areas seek a college education. They offer programs that help girls seek higher education, learn about leadership and gain the skills that they need to succeed in the workforce.

Running Start

While more women are involved in U.S. politics than ever before, women are still under-represented in various areas of the government. Running Start gives women the tools that they need to run for office and become leaders in their communities. Their programs have helped more than 20,000 women across the country.


Is there an International Women's Day?

Yes! Countries around the world celebrate International Women's Day every year.

Why is International Women's Day celebrated?

Countries celebrate International Women's Day to honor women's history, shine a light on their unique struggles and honor their accomplishments throughout history.

Which day is International Women's Day celebrated on?

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8.

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