Partake in a Self-Care Moment on International Mind, Body, Wellness Day

While this might be a newer holiday that is only a few years old, the concepts behind Mind-Body Wellness Day have been around for thousands of years. From yoga and Ayurveda to meditation and spiritual wellness, this is a time to center yourself and ensure you're at your absolute best for the year to come. This day is celebrated on January 3rd, and there are numerous deals that you can find.

What Deals Are There for Mind-Body Wellness Day?

These are deals from the past so it's important to check for the most current deals now, but several businesses celebrate this day. This is a time to cultivate wellness, so you will typically find deals from stores that have products for yoga and mental wellness and relaxation. As this holiday is fairly new, social media and store blogs tend to have the most information about current deals. The deals listed here are from previous years, so be sure to check to see if these deals are still applicable.

Yoga products

Few activities are more centered on mind-body wellness than yoga. You are moving your body in new ways while keeping your mind flexible and disciplined throughout the movement. If you're looking for a new yoga mat, block, comfortable yoga clothes or instructional books and videos, then this might be the best day to get deals. Check out places like YogaOutlet, YogaClub and Lululemon.

Learn about mind-body wellness

While the concept of mind-body wellness has been around for thousands of years, it's still new for many people. Not only that, but there are constantly new advancements of ways to cultivate wellness. If you're curious about learning more, then consider finding books on the subject from Barnes & Noble, Book Depository or Books-A-Million. Many wellness stores also sell a small selection of niche books about wellness.

Relax your body

From soothing candles to a relaxing bath, there are many ways to relax your body on this holiday. Consider checking for deals at Bath and Body Works and Bed Bath & Beyond. You'll find products here aimed at soothing your mind and relaxing your body.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mind-Body Wellness Day

While many products and services can help with your mind-body wellness, there are many budget-friendly and free ways to celebrate the holiday. From learning more to trying something new, here are some ideas for centering yourself in the most affordable way possible.

Support health and wellness organizations

There are many organizations that advocate for health and wellness. Be sure to check your community for organizations to support. There are also national organizations such as the Parity Enforcement Coalition, Bent on Learning and American Meditation Society.

Watch a yoga or meditation video

There are many free videos online with yoga routines, guided meditations, tai chi routines and much more. You can even find videos that match specific themes or time limits. For example, try looking for 10-minute yoga videos or winter meditations. You are sure to find a video that matches your interest.

Visit the library

Reading about mind-body wellness will teach you more about this subject while also giving you skills and routines to center yourself. Visit your local library and see what books it has on the subject. The traditions of internal wellness go back for centuries, so you're sure to find at least a few books on the subject.

Attend a wellness class

Many communities are celebrating wellness both on this holiday and throughout the year. While every community is different, you should check to see if there are any free or low-cost wellness classes that you can participate in. There might be a meditation session, yoga courses or general education about mental wellness.

How to honor the holiday in other ways

If you already have a wellness routine in place, then you can also celebrate this holiday by spreading messages of wellness. You can talk to your friends and family members about wellness. Another great idea is spreading the message over social media so that others can learn about it.

DIY Ideas for Celebrating Mind-Body Wellness Day

There are many ways to celebrate this holiday at home. Aside from stretching and meditation, you can also develop a self-care routine or begin journaling about your journey into wellness. You can find journals, self-care products and other items at Amazon with ease. You can easily improve your wellness right from home.

What to Do on Mind-Body Wellness Day

This day is about celebrating mind-body wellness and starting your own routine. That might mean something spiritual such as meditation or yoga, or even making a self-care routine to help you relax. This is a day where you can contemplate your mind-body wellness to ensure that you're centered.

What We Like About Mind-Body Wellness Day

Everyone can work on their wellness. Whether you have a routine in place or are just starting out, this gives you a specific day to think about how you're treating yourself.

What Is the History of Mind-Body Wellness Day?

This is a newer holiday that is only a few years old, but the traditions behind wellness are ancient. Some of the earliest recorded wellness traditions come from around 3000 B.C. with Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a day where you can explore how your mind and body connect. You can also understand the best way to support your wellness on this day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mind-Body Wellness Day

Is there a Mind-Body Wellness Day?

This is a real holiday that is gaining attraction in the United States and many other countries. While the holiday is fairly new, the traditions behind it are ancient.

Why is Mind-Body Wellness Day celebrated?

This holiday is celebrated as a reminder that you must keep your mind-body connection strong for overall wellness. This day comes at the beginning of the year, so you can focus the rest of the year on full wellness.

Which day is Mind-Body Wellness Day celebrated on?

This day is celebrated every January 3. The holiday is set at the beginning of the year in the hopes that you will continue wellness exercises throughout the coming months.

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