Saving Money at Target: 11 Tips & Tricks

Target is one of the most popular retailers in America.

And although Target superstores often have good prices, sometimes getting the best deal possible requires knowing some tips and tricks.

If you’re looking to stretch your budget further and grab a great deal at Target, use these 11 tips on how to save money at Target.

How to save money at Target

There are several great ways to save money at Target.

Target savings tips

Some are specific to Target, like taking advantage of the Target RedCard and the Target Circle Rewards Program.

Other strategies are more general, like comparison shopping or timing your shopping to align with sales.

By combining several of these strategies, you can maximize your savings.

1. Use the Target RedCard

The Target RedCard is a financial product that you can sign up for that rewards you for shopping at Target. You’ll get 5% off every purchase you make at Target and as long as you use the RedCard to pay.

You can even get 5% off third-party gift cards (the discount doesn’t apply to Target gift cards, however). That means that you could buy restaurant gift cards at Target, for example, and save 5%.

That’s not the only benefit of the RedCard, though. Here are some of the perks of signing up:

  • 5% off all purchases at Target (online and in-store)
  • 5% off Starbucks locations inside Target stores
  • Free two-day shipping on thousands of items on
  • Extended return time (30 extra days to return most items)
  • RedCard exclusives like special offers and free gifts
  • No annual fee
  • Free to sign up

The RedCard comes in two versions: A credit card and a debit card.

The credit card allows you to make purchases and pay them off immediately or over time. You’ll pay interest if you choose to pay charges off over time. The way you use the credit card may also affect your credit score.

The debit card connects to your existing checking account, allowing you to spend money in your account directly. There’s no interest and no effect on your credit score.

2. Join the Target Circle rewards program

Target Circle is a free rewards program available to anyone who shops at Target. It was originally called Target Cartwheel, and it’s now available in the Target app and at

Target Circle rewards program

Through this program, target offers 1% back on each shopping trip at Target or So if you spend $100, you’ll earn $1 to use later at Target.

There’s also a birthday coupon for your special day, Circle-exclusive deals, and more. It takes just a minute to sign up.

Unfortunately, Target Circle 1% rewards don’t stack with the RedCard 5% discount.

3. Use the Target Price Match Guarantee

If an item you just bought goes on sale after you purchase, Target will match the new price within 14 days.

For example, let’s say you buy an air fryer for $119.99. A week later, Target puts the same model on sale for $99.99. You could go to Customer Service and get a $20 refund, matching the new lower price.

And Target will match certain competitors’, like Walmart’s, pricing as well. So if you spot a lower price on the same model at a different store (or online retailer), you may still be able to get the price adjusted.

Price Match works at the time of purchase as well. If a competing store publishes a sale price on a specific item, but you’d prefer to buy it at Target, you can request Target to match the price.

Check out the full details of Target’s Price Match Guarantee here.

4. Comparison shop + price match

Target is a great place to shop, but better deals are sometimes available elsewhere.

Savvy shoppers are wise to comparison shop at a few different stores. You can do this by physically going to multiple stores or simply checking online prices or weekly ads ahead of time.

If you do find a better deal elsewhere, you can either buy from the retailer who has the better deal or utilize Target’s price matching policy (see hack #3 above).

By price matching, you can get the best price available — without having to drive all around town.

5. Use coupons — and stack them!

Coupons are a great way to save money at most stores, and Target is a particularly good retailer for couponers.

Coupons at Target

This is because Target allows for what is known as “coupon stacking.”

Essentially, this means that you can use multiple coupons on the same item.

There are rules for how this works. Specifically, on each item, you can use:

  • One manufacturer coupon (paper or digital)
  • One Target store coupon (paper or digital)
  • One Target Circle offer (digital)

You can read the full Target coupon policy here.

In theory, you can use up to three coupons for any given item. Of course, you can’t always find multiple coupons for the items you’re looking to buy — but when you do, the savings can be significant.

Even without coupon stacking, coupons can save you a lot of money at Target. Check your Target Circle account for personalized discounts and research manufacturer coupons for brands you love. You can also check the weekly Target ad to see if there are any coupons available.

For online shopping, find the latest Target promo codes here.

6. Know the Target clearance schedule

Target is known by budget shoppers as a great place to watch out for clearance deals.

Knowing the Target clearance schedule can help you plan ahead and know which sections of the store to browse on which days.

Here are some of the days that Target shoppers have noticed are frequently used for clearance items:

  • Monday: Books, electronics, baby, children’s clothing, and accessories
  • Tuesday: Women’s clothing, pets, and grocery
  • Wednesday: Men’s clothing, diapers, lawn & garden, furniture, and health & beauty products
  • Thursday: Housewares, shoes, sporting goods, and decor
  • Friday: Automotive, cosmetics, jewelry, and hardware

This schedule is not official, so clearance at your local store may vary.

7. Do holiday shopping early — or late

Around the holidays, there’s always a big rush by shoppers to find what they need for gifts and celebrations. Retailers know this, and they tend to raise prices around the holidays.

Target holiday shopping

Some of the best sales are found before the holiday season — like on Black Friday — and after

the holiday season — such as on New Year’s Day.

After Christmas, holiday-themed decor, gifts, and items like wrapping paper are deeply discounted. If you have the time and the budget, stocking up for the next holiday season after this season concludes can help you save big.

8. Use Brickseek to find markdowns

Want to find markdowns/clearance items and confirm whether something is in stock at Target at the same time?

You can use a website called Brickseek to accomplish both goals at once.

Brickseek is primarily a Target inventory checker. This means that it helps you determine whether a specific item is in stock at your local Target. But it also displays discounts and markdowns that are store-specific.

If there are multiple Target stores in your area, it’s worth using Brickseek to check inventory and prices at each location.

9. Shop

In recent years, Target has substantially expanded operations at Today, the website aims to compete with online retailers like Amazon by offering millions of items that can be shipped straight to your door.

The website also has online-only deals from time to time and has a wider selection of items than most Target stores stock.

An online purchase at can either be shipped to your home or picked up in-store at the customer service counter.

10. Use a cash-back credit card

If you don’t use Target RedCard, the next best option is to use a cash-back credit card.

Credit card at Target

Many banks offer credit cards that give you cashback on every purchase you make. For instance, a card may give you 1% back on each purchase or may earn airline miles that you can use for free travel.

The Target RedCard (see hack #1) offers 5% back, so it will save you more than other credit cards will.

11. Know Target’s policies

It’s useful for frequent Target shoppers to be aware of the various Target policies that could potentially save you money. Here are some policies to keep in mind:

Rain check: If Target is running a sale, but the item is out of stock, you can request a “rain check.” This essentially means that you can buy the item later (once it’s back in stock), at the advertised sale price — even if the sale has ended.

2-for-$X pricing: You may see sales at Target stating something like “Buy 2 for $5” or similar. But you don’t have to buy multiple items to get that price. In this case, you can buy 1 of those items for $2.50, which is the same per-unit price as buying 2 for $5.

Coupon stacking: As discussed in tip #5 above, Target allows you to stack coupons for additional savings.

Reusable bag discount: In many Target stores, you can get a $0.05 discount per bag when you bring your own reusable shopping bags to use.

Return policy: For frequent Target shoppers, it’s helpful to understand Target’s return policy. Most Target purchases can be returned within 90 days of purchase, and in some cases, you can even return items without a receipt.

Target Deal Days: Target has a seasonal multi-day sale known as Target Deal Days. This usually takes place over two to three days in the summer or fall and features excellent deals on all sorts of items.

Registry deals: Target allows you to set up a Target gift registry, baby registry, or wedding registry to celebrate your special day. And in many cases, Target will send out a discount code shortly before the day of the event, which you can use to save up to 15% on any remaining items in your registry.


Knowing how to save money at Target is mostly about becoming familiar with Target’s policies.

Store policies like price matching and coupon stacking can save you big bucks, while Target’s RedCard and Target Circle rewards programs can save you money on each and every Target purchase.

To save money on all your purchases, be sure to utilize CouponFollow for the latest coupon codes and savings tips!

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